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It's the Glass Door effect. Think of it as another variation of those surveys firms send out to see how staffers feel about them. They are looking to monitor e-mail, texts, social media exchanges and our movements to gauge happiness, says Kropp. They also look for trends, such as when employees log in and log out, to get a read on their time management.

Are they spending too many hours at night responding to e-mails? The firm, Three Square Market, said it was to make it easier for employees to get in and out, without having to scan their badges, and instead just wave their hands.

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But the concept hasn't caught on. Kropp says the most popular form of tracking now is simply monitoring badge swipes in and out of the building, followed by when you log in and out to your work computer and analyzing your calendar and e-mail activity. In our personal lives, when we go into a store, everything is being tracked by marketing firms to better understand the customer experience," Kropp says. But there are simple ways to see whether your employer or school is monitoring your iPhone.

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These files are accessible from absolutely anywhere in the world — as long as you have an internet connection. That means any device that is signed into your personal Gmail or Google account can access the library of your deepest, darkest secrets. Apple also keeps your Siri voice recordnigns, but it says it anonymises it after 18 months. Picture: istock. Recordings last around seconds on average, and a text version of the conversation is saved. Audio snippets are used by Google to improve the quality of speech recognition across Search.

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Mundane voice recordings from the general public will help its artificial intelligence that runs Google Home, by teaching it how humans naturally communicate. But Google is, first and foremost, an advertising company and its largest product is a targeted advert service, which it sells to the biggest brands in the world.

How to Monitor a Google Device Remotely

Google now makes hundreds of products used by billions of people across the globe, from YouTube and Android to Smartbox and Google Search. Source:Getty Images. Unlike Apple, who does not publicise any of the voice data it stores through Siri, Google is pretty transparent — giving you full access to your audio.

Visit history. Picture: Google. You can check for your web activity by clicking here.

You can switch this off, but be warned.