How to locate phone calls Samsung Galaxy A8

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Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+ - Block / Unblock Numbers

Step 1 of 6 Press Phone. Step 2 of 6 Press the menu icon. Step 3 of 6 Press Settings. Step 4 of 6 Press More settings.

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Step 5 of 6 Press Call waiting to activate or deactivate the function. Step 6 of 6 Press the home icon to end the session and return to the Home screen. Find "More settings". Activate or deactivate call waiting. Return to the Home screen.

How To Change Incoming Call Screen On Samsung S10

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I did not understand the solution. Hold down for a few seconds until you see a selection on the screen.

How do I switch WiFi Calling on?

If you want to create a list of spam numbers on your Samsung Galaxy A8 , you need to do the following:. You can dial a phone number again or select a contact. The call barring service group consists of five independent services, most probably available on your Samsung Galaxy A8 A mobile subscriber can be individually registered or deleted in each of these services individually.

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Call barring allows the user to block incoming, outgoing, or both types of call. The BIC-Roam service allows the subscriber to prohibit all incoming calls when roaming outside the country.

How to block calls or SMS on Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018)

This could be available from your Samsung Galaxy A8 , but please contact your provider to do so. The subscriber may decide to use the BIC-Roam service if it does not want to receive incoming calls during roaming, thus reducing roaming charges. We hope to have helped you to block a call or text message from an undesired number on your Samsung Galaxy A8 You need more?

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Oct Click the contact you want to block. Redirecting blocked calls to your mailbox If you still want to know if the contact you blocked tried to call you, you can simply redirect the call to the mailbox. To disable the function, type