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Taking a significant leap in the smartphone industry, HONOR 9X , a budget-friendly device, is a fusion of the most desired software and hardware features and functionality, offering the ultimate user experience through advancement in photography, design and performance. Devised with a 3. The HONOR MagicWatch 2 redefines healthcare tracking with Kirin A1 chipset and by incorporating industry leading technologies, helping users live a healthier and improved quality of life in various aspects.

The 8MP Super Wide Angle Camera degree on the device will help users capture a broad and extensive view, while the 2MP depth-assist lens will enable the depth of field recognition technology to create multi-dimensional photos. The Super Slow Motion mode facilitates to shoot videos at fps with up to 16x slow motion. It can recognize 22 different categories in different scenarios. Armed with AI Video Stabilization features, the device enhances the traditional concept of Electronic Image Stabilization to remove unwanted hand-shakes and restore video quality.

Thanks to the intelligent features that enable quick retraction of the pop upon fall detection, protection against external pressure or unwanted push and, anti-dust and splash mechanism, the consumers will be able to explore the full-potential of the device without worrying about such mishaps.

Honor 9X Review: The most affordable pop-up selfie camera phone

For the consumers to enjoy its maximum potential, HONOR has packed the product with Dynamic Range Enhancer, a video enhancement technology normally limited to premium smartphones. The back of the device features a unique X-shaped texture, which gives an elegant appeal to its design. Equipped with the GPU Turbo 3. The 46mm variant of smartwatch comes with always-on 3. The back of the device curves slightly towards the rounded frame. Thanks to the retractable selfie cam, the screen is clean of notches or camera holes. The downside is that they require a thicker frame but most importantly, they are usually dimmer than the equivalent AMOLED used in more expensive phones.

The pop-up selfie camera, first seen on the excellent OnePlus 7 Pro, is becoming increasingly popular on new smartphones. It means the screen can be notch free, which is always a plus. And the pop-up mechanism adds a touch of novelty. The Honor 9X audio output doesn't use the earpiece at the top for a stereo effect.

Honor 9X Dual SIM Blue 128GB and 4GB RAM

Phone calls on speaker and audio playing will only use the loudspeaker at the bottom. Quality is generally poor even for background music. To avoid taking up valuable screen space, Honor has moved the fingerprint reader to the back of the 9X. Overall, the Honor 9X is another great looking phone that will wow you at first glance.

A more detailed examination, however, reveals the mid-range nature of the device. The plastic frame, slightly awkward ergonomics and thick screen bezels mean this is not quite a premium device.

Honor 9X Pro - Unboxing & Full Tour

Honor was quick to point out how the camera specs on this reasonably-priced phone match the ones seen on Huawei devices that retail for almost three times the price. A 48MP main camera, wide angle lens and a dedicated depth sensor for beautiful portraits give, on paper, an impressive camera set up. What we have in the Honor 9X is a good main camera with solid performance and the same AI-colour exposure software seen on more expensive Huawei models.

The wide-angle option, is easily available from the camera interface but images sometimes come out with distortion around the edges.

Product Main Features

Things are a bit more complicated when it comes to 48MP resolution images. While it delivers pictures that can be enlarged more if required, it offers little advantages over the standard 12MP format. Use it in cases where the level of detail needs to be more resistant to magnification, but you may end up with overly dark or blurred shot if the light conditions are poor.

The motorised pop-up selfie camera slides up gently when summoned via the camera interface. Slowly but surely it slides up with a gentle whirr and takes good selfies. Things can get a bit meh in dimmer conditions, where the 16MP front shooter trades detail for improved brightness. The selfie camera will retract automatically if the phone is accidentally dropped. What it lacks in build quality and camera prowess, Honor usually makes up with performance. Storage space is a more than adequate GB and if you need more, there is an SD-card slot that can bump you up an extra GB.

The Honor 9X packs a 4,mAh battery that easily delivers a full days worth of use, just go easy with the screen brightness. Honor and Huawei phones for that matter, have some of the best optimisation tools out there. We declare the package at low price to help you avoid importing customs tax. For South America, east Europe countries, east-south Asia, it may take 12 to 30 working days.

For other countries, it may take 15 to 30 working days.

Honor 9X review: Fresh design and good cameras, but will it be enough? - Technology News

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