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Long before the iPhone or Galaxy or Pixel arrived, if you wanted the best camera you looked to Nokia to deliver. Remember the then cutting-edge 5-megapixel camera on the Nokia N95? But what makes the five cameras on the Nokia 9 so special? When you press the shutter button, the Nokia 9 takes shots from all five of these cameras and then combines them into one high-resolution photo. As a result, Nokia says photos taken with the phone should have even more dynamic range.

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The combined camera sensors can also create extra high-resolution depth maps, capturing up to 1, layers of depth information, to more realistically mimic depth-of-field. You can manipulate depth like never before with all the extra data collected from the five cameras.

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An HMD spokesperson told me the Nokia 9 is "maxing out" the "GDepth" capabilities within Google Photos so that users can manipulate the depth during the editing process. RAW format photos are way larger than JPEGs, but because there's so much data to work with, you can really recover a lot of stuff like highlights and shadows during post.

HMD gave me a brief demo of the Nokia 9 and the cameras especially the maxed out depth-mapping were mostly impressive. The key to success in the US mobile phone market is shelf space at wireless carrier stores. HMD Global announced that two new phones are coming to local stores near you this month. Samsung outlined the Galaxy Fold, a device that can do a bit of everything, but may struggle to find use cases.

About those five cameras: remember Light?

Either way it's interesting enough to warrant some gadget lust. Galaxy S10 Plus or Note 9: Which is best for business use? Samsung just took the wraps off its latest flagship phone and Galaxy Note 9 users will naturally start to question if the newest Galaxy S10 Plus is a better option for the enterprise. Samsung's new flagship Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus phones include an Infinity-O display, an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, a triple-camera system and reverse wireless charging.

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Nokia 9 PureView: Official Trailer

Samsung rolling out Galaxy S20 update with enhancements, including camera improvements. Samsung recently launched the Galaxy S20 line, but the Ultra came with some autofocusing issues. Samsung started rolling out an update for the S20 models with enhancements and camera Singapore introduces contact tracing app to slow coronavirus spread.

Government launches TraceTogether mobile app that taps Bluetooth signals to capture data of other participating devices in close proximity, enabling the encrypted information Why Apple is best positioned for a folding phone. Both products work on the same principle — an algorithm picks the best base photo captured from the array, and then layers in the results from the other lenses to enrich the image.

But while the L16 was a novelty, Light's real goal has been to integrate the technology into smartphones. Within the Nokia 9 PureView, Light's technology has been adapted around five camera sensors — two colour and three monochromatic — with an infrared sensor for depth reading. Under- and over-exposed images are combined to produce one photo with high-dynamic-range HDR , where there is detail in both areas of light and shadow. The aim is to give users more scope to tweak elements like contrast, exposure and white balance, as well as control the depth of field where they want to blur the background of images.

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The raw digital negative file format is used in conjunction with the Adobe Lightroom app to enable advanced photo editing directly on the phone. The Android smartphone produces images with up to Nokia was sold to Microsoft in and then bought back in , with the company trading as HMD Global but marketing its phones under the Nokia brand. Since , the company has made a number of high-profile and trend-bucking moves, including rereleasing its basic handset in