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Thuraya Online Services — Acquire your satellite services with greater convenience! There are 3 different APNs available, allowing you to choose the settings which are the most convenient for you. To top-up your Thuraya prepaid voice SIM card, visit a participating Western Union agent location, provide your identification and Thuraya phone number, and then re-load your prepaid SIM card with a cash payment.

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Family, friends and colleagues can also add pre-paid credit on behalf of a Thuraya user traveling abroad. Phone Recharge: This service enables you to acquire airtime online, using your credit card to recharge your Thuraya prepaid SIM instantly. You can also buy airtime by making a free call from your Thuraya handset. Simply dial the Thuraya toll-free number provided upon registering with FoneRecharge, and follow the voice prompts to select your recharge amount.

Visit www. Thuraya Cloud Refill: If you are a Thuraya Service Partner or distributor, you can now purchase prepaid airtime credit in bulk online and distribute it either directly to your end users or through your own distribution network.

How to disable location tracking for specific apps

Spare Battery In case of any emergency, a fully-charged spare battery is the best accessory to have. Watch the video. Fortunately, this data is encrypted and it never leaves your phone. Even so, you may want to disable it, particularly if someone you know well can still get in your phone even with the other safeguards.

The 5 Best Methods to Track a Lost or Stolen iPhone

These screenshots highlight the dangers of reading too much into the information. I frequently pass some of the restaurants listed, but I rarely go in them. If you want to disable it, though, you can do so easily. Mobile Apps.

How Do I Stop Someone Tracking My iPhone?

Table of Contents How to disable location tracking entirely How to disable location tracking for specific apps How to disable location tracking used by the iPhone itself How to keep your iPhone from remembering where you parked Show More. How to disable location tracking entirely Frankly, this seems excessive, but you may have cause for it.

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Select Location Services. In the next menu, untoggle Location Services at the top. How to disable location tracking for specific apps Location tracking can be super helpful for certain apps. Open the Settings app.

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