Cellphone tracking app Galaxy A50

Although a little chromatic noise , as well as ringing and aliasing edge artifacts are visible at close inspection, the A50 does a good job on HDR shots overall. The A50 applies a nice circular shape to background spotlights, too, and although bokeh shots can lack a little contrast, with slightly washed-out color, the overall effect remains generally pleasant. The main areas for improvement are low levels of detail preservation in all conditions and particularly with zoom shots, as well as disappointing results in cloudy outdoor scenes and lower light conditions generally.

Consequently, while the A50 offers a digital zoom solution up to a maximum 4x magnification, the results are some ways off the pace of what you can expect from the good performers. Even at close range approximately 2x magnification , a significant loss of detail is visible, with unnatural rendering often evident in intricate areas.

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Flash performance is a strength for the A50, and although target exposures are a little high for both flash-only and mixed lighting shots, they remain acceptable and ensure nice bright results. Corner shading is reasonably well-controlled, too, but there is a strong difference in the level of noise between the center and corners of the frame in flash shots in which the edges have been brightened by image processing. Some luminance noise is also visible on faces in the center of the frame, but it is handled better there than in the corners.

White balance is fairly neutral in flash shots, too, and although some slight desaturation is evident in flash-only shots, overall color rendering remains acceptable.

Samsung Galaxy A50 camera review

Our testers also found some image artifacts. The most problematic is ghosting , where subjects with even moderate movement often appear with a double image. It was slower in low light 20 lux , often taking around ms 0. The A50 achieves a Video score of 79 points. Its main strengths for movies are pleasant color with generally accurate white balance, and well-controlled noise in both outdoor and indoor lighting conditions—although both color and noise control deteriorate noticeably in very low light. Noise is particularly well-controlled in flat areas of uniform color, where a visible build-up of luminance noise is often distracting in smartphone videos.

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On the A50, a coarse noise becomes visible only in low-light videos. The main areas for improvement with video concern autofocus, detail, and stabilization. Autofocus instabilities are common, with frequent and unnecessary refocusing easily triggered by small changes in the scene, and autofocus tracking is relatively poor in all lighting conditions. Detail is also low generally, with visible differences in the sharpness between frames; and obvious artifacts affect the integrity of videos particularly indoors and in low light.

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