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In the camera department, it also features a MP primary camera, an ultrawide shooter, and a 10x telephoto camera that, using software, can zoom in on the scene x. That all sounds, insane, and it kind of is. Folding phones are hard to recommend right now, but LG has a way around that. The dual-screen accessory included in the box is the real selling point, though. If the standard Galaxy S10 is too rich for your blood, the Galaxy S10e brings a lot of the same fun for a discount. Aside from that, the third camera sensor gets removed, leaving just a 12MP primary and 16MP super wide-angle sensor.

Wireless charging, IP68 water resistance, GB of storage, a headphone jack, and a 3, mAh battery all round out the package. Samsung makes some of the best Android phones on the market, and its Note line is some of the best in the business for productivity especially. The latest generation of Galaxy Note brings even more to the table with two sizes, the latest specs, and some gorgeous colors too. The smaller Note 10 has a 6. One loss, though, is the headphone jack. The ZenFone 6 offers up a near-stock build of Android Pie that only has minimal bloatware.

In terms of sheer value, the ZenFone 6 is one of the best Android phones on this list. That taller aspect ratio makes it stand out from the crowd and offers a better movie experience. Under the hood, the Xperia 1 lacks nothing from modern flagships. The device is available in black and purple. Another thing Sony is touting with the Xperia 1 is the camera array on the back. The Sony Xperia 1 is a great piece of hardware with traditionally solid software support behind it, but it comes at a cost.

The device is available in other regions around the globe for the same price point. At the end of May , the Moto Z4 officially debuted and it straddles the line between high-end flagship and affordable phone. Android 9 Pie also comes out of the box with the same skinless version of Android the company has been using for ages. Motorola also advertises 2-day battery life with the 3, mAh battery.

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Notably, and unlike a lot of other devices on this list, Moto brought back the headphone jack for the Z4. Those Mods even allow 5G connectivity.

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The Moto Z4 simply is not the best Android phone on this list by any measurement, but it offers a fairly solid overall package. With the right discount, this phone becomes a great choice. The smaller Pixel 3 has a 5. The phone maker has addressed the lack of customization, though, and there are now far more outfits and accessories to choose from. Stickers and animal avatars also return once more, so if that is your bag, then you can make shocked face as a sloth, or get daemonic if your significant other informs you that they ate the last wagon wheel in the cupboard.

Through a decent pair of can its sounds good.

Galaxy Note10: Official Introduction

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has a large 4,mAh battery cell that, from my testing with the phone, is good for a day and half of moderate real world usage. This isn't as strong as some other flagships, such as the Huawei P30 Pro , which is good for two days between charges, but for a phone with such a big screen and internal spec, I feel is actually good. I never had any battery anxiety when using this device and, well, that's a mark of endorsement from me. I found the audio reproduction, both over wired and wireless headphones, to be good. God I hate Bixby.

There, I said it.

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At the start Samsung's own AI system was much akin to Bertie Wooster in my mind — had a funny name, didn't operate properly and got into mishaps, before being eventually let off with a "AI will be AI" slap on the wrist and a "C- must try harder" write up. It is, for all the hype and gloss, at best a thoroughly average voice assistant and, at worse, something you wish you could, literally , crowbar out of the phone. Is it a deal breaker? No, obviously not. But I do feel Bixby has outstayed its welcome now. It needs to get better fast.

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My suggestion to anyone who picks up one of these phones? Remap the double tap on the power button to open The Google Assistant app. Samsung's own AI system was much akin to Bertie Wooster — had a funny name, didn't operate properly and got into mishaps. Samsung has moved the sensor a little higher up the frame this time around, so it falls in a much more natural position when holding the phone. After some extensive usage of the unlocking feature, as well as the face unlock function, I can confirm that both are among the very fastest and most consistent I've used to date.

These security features, along with a suite of more traditional methods such as pin unlock which is mandatory for the other methods to be used , means locking down your phone, or unlocking it, is never a frustrating experience.

Versatile cameras

And coming off the Xperia 1's side-mounted fingerprint reader, which was inconsistent to the point of annoyance, that was a pleasurable transition for me. The S Pen digital stylus with Bluetooth remains a genuinely useful accessory that delivers best-in-class note taking, annotating, illustrating, remote image taking functionality. This year, though, aside from the Pen measuring lightly smaller and coming in a fetching new colour scheme, the big new addition is Air Gestures, which use a gyroscope and accelerometer to allow you to use the S Pen like a wand to achieve various results.

For example, flick the S Pen left or right and you can switch through menu screens, while rotating its tip in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction when using the camera and you can zoom in or out.

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Equally, flick the pen up and down and you can flip through the camera system's lenses. And, well, there isn't a rival device on the market that can compete with it, so in this regard Samsung is in a league of its own. It absolutely smokes almost all flagship rivals in terms of internal hardware spec, punches hard across every feature area, and even delivers unique functionality with its S Pen digital stylus that other device's cannot match at all.

Various photo and video modes, including night and macro shots, super slow-motion, and an enhanced directional microphone mode for capturing audio from faraway sources give you more ways to capture your day or evening. The rear depth sensors also make for better augmented reality-laden shots and effects. While additions like AR effects feel like a parlor trick, all those components add up to a camera system that gives you better portrait shots and fewer noisy night scenes for your Instagram feed.

But now you can use its new gesture controls to bounce between front and rear cameras with a flick upward, or zoom with the trio of rear lenses by spinning it in a circle. The always-on display lets you start writing as soon as you pop the pen out of the phone.

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That intuitive feature makes it a perfect place to write down bits of information or capture bursts. Samsung has nailed the laundry list of hardware features for the past few years. Hardware that surpasses the competition, a trio of cameras for every environment, and a stylus that does more than write all make for a smartphone that exists to keep you occupied.

Just try not to drop it.