Application to locate cellphone Galaxy A8

Location Of - Samsung Galaxy A8 Duos Real-Time GPS Tracking

Make sure the status switch beside Location is turned on. Tap Location. Tap Locating Method. Make sure High Accuracy is selected. Tap the Back Key until you reach the main settings screen. Tap Lock Screen and Security. Scroll down and tap Find My Mobile. Tap Add Account.

Use Find My Mobile to find a lost Samsung Galaxy device

Tap Email or Phone Number. Enter your password and then tap Sign In. Tap Done. Make sure the three status switches are set to On. If you're able to connect your phone to your tracker but you keep having syncing issues, keep in mind that this will be due to the incompatibility of the phone. Was my post helpful? Give it a thumbs up to show your appreciation! Of course, if this was the answer you were looking for, don't forget to make it the Best Answer!

Location Of - Samsung Galaxy A8 Duos Real-Time GPS Tracking

If I'm understanding the issue. You can see the charge 2 in the bluetooth menu but you can't pair with it however you can sync in the app fine. My Bluetooth menu also does not show paired with the charge 2 and trying to pair in that menu also produces the "isn't ready to connect" error. The app itself syncs fine and reports that it is paired so I don't think that's too much of an issue.

As for not being able to get the app update I haven't had that issue sorry my app is at 2. Sorry to hear that you aren't getting notifications on your phone. Have you tried any of the suggestions in this thread? You phone doesn't show that it is compatible to sync but it doesn't mean that it won't work.

Try going to the bluetooth area on the phone and remove all devices listed there. Restart your phone and restart your tracker by doing the following:. Plug the charging cable to your computer or UL certified wall adapter. Align the contacts of the tracker with the charging cable and plug it in making sure it snaps securely.

Your tracker should start charging. Press the button for 10 to 12 seconds.

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You should see your tracker's firmware version and you can now unplug your tracker. If a post helped you try voting and selecting it as a solution so other members benefit from it. Select it as Best Solution! Thank you all.

Samsung Galaxy A8 review

My fitbit and the app are working very well, except connecting GPS. I haven't tried the text notifications.

Samsung Galaxy S8: How to Find Lost Missing Phone With Find My Device

I just bought the Samsung A8 and my fitbit syncs as per steps but I am not receiving text messages Just got my galaxy a8 yesterday and same thing I have precisely the same problem, lost sync and now can't repair past the PIN number entry - frequent sync problems. If Fitbit can't be bothered to support one of the most common phones around then I guess it's time I looked at another brand of fitness tracker that will. I managed to get mine working again by syncing it to my tablet which somehow means it is syncing to my phone again as well.

My Fitbit is now receiving text notifications following today's Samsung A8 phone update. Bought a new phone for my Fitbit charge 2. I tried all your trouble shooting tips, and still no luck in pairing. They tell me to cancel Fitbit apps, and set up a new app, at which time they will not let me reuse my email. They tell me it's used on another account. Fitbit, please check the app with the Samsung Galaxy A8! A number of people myself included on the Samsung forum have reported bluetooth scanning and connection issues with their phones.

The common denominator appears to be the Fitbit app. I have uninstalled it from my phone, which now seems to be scanning and finding bluetooth items that it didn't find when the app was installed. I am disappointed that I can't connect my Fitbit to my phone to receive notifications, but I was way more disappointed that my phone wasn't working correctly. I am having same problem. Been on Chat forever. Uninstalled, reinstalled and no go. I cannot even pair Fitbit with my phone now.

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Definitely NO notifications coming through. Real pain.

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  5. On my A8 it doesn't show as paired but does sync. However, I no longer get text messages or phone call alerts, and that's really annoying. I presume the Charge 3 is ok? I've uninstalled the app, restarted my phone with WiFi, Location Services and Bluetooth turned off and restarted my Charge 2 but still nothing. In my Bluetooth settings, I can see the Charge 2 as an available device. When I click Set up a Device in the app, it finds my tracker and gives me the 4-digit code.

    After punching in the code, and waiting 30 seconds or so to connect, I get a screen saying that it's not working. It was working two weeks ago, then we went on vacation and I left it home. I haven't been able to connect since then. Hi, after the latest update on my A8 i got the sync working. Pair-ing it in bluethooth settings now working fine, and then i got it working i tha app. Due to recent events affecting our operations, support options are limited and wait times are longer than usual. Visit our help site for answers to many common questions and other self-service options.

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