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Samsung Galaxy M10 Review

The S9 powered by the Exynos performed relatively slow for a flagship and compared to the Snapdragon powered S9. This was not very evident in synthetic benchmarks, but more so in benchmarks that simulated real world performance, such as PCMark. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Android smartphone. Other: Physical sound volume keys Bixby key.

Phone Arena.

Common Camera Settings - Samsung Galaxy Camera®

Ars Technica. Retrieved 30 January The Verge. Retrieved 24 February Retrieved 25 February Android Central. Retrieved 3 April Retrieved 31 August PC World. Retrieved 20 February Retrieved 26 February Retrieved 28 March Retrieved 19 March Retrieved 1 August Boy Genius Report. Retrieved 11 September Here's how to let Samsung know". Android Authority. Retrieved 23 March Retrieved 14 June Tom's Guide.

Retrieved 8 June Retrieved 22 October Retrieved 29 January Samsung phones by series. D D D D P Giorgio Armani. R Finesse. X X Xm X X Z1 Z2 Z3 Z4. Samsung smartphones by operating system. M1 Vodafone. Samsung Galaxy S series. Switching between a game like PUBG, the browser, and the camera app was sluggish but manageable, and the phone held the game in memory while we went around taking photos and answering a call. Even at the lowest settings, PUBG could not hold a steady frame rate.

Textures looked blocky, draw distance was very poor, and we noticed a lot of texture pop-in. No complaints. The phone offers a familiar experience to the long-time Samsung user, while giving enough customization options to please a more demanding audience. The lock screen starts off with a magazine style view that displays the latest news from your topics of interest. Called Lock Screen Stories , you can disable it in settings.

The same goes for the home screen layout, which can be switched between an iOS style, app-first layout and one with a standard app drawer. The phone ships with a few pre-installed apps including Office, OneDrive and LinkedIn, and none of these can be uninstalled. The Dailyhunt news app, on the other hand, can. Samsung has done a brilliant job with gestures on the phone and that makes navigating the interface a breeze.


There are options to change the button order as well as a translucent bar that hovers along the bottom edge to help out first time users. Unfortunately, it works way too slowly to use in anything but perfect light to be a credible option for everyday use. I did, however, like the bit of animation that Samsung has added around the notch to indicate the facial recognition at work.

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Like practically every other phone in the category, the Galaxy M10 sports dual cameras at the back. Where the phone differs though is that, instead of a questionable depth sensor, the phone has a much more useful 5 megapixel ultrawide secondary camera. This, combined with a 13MP primary camera, makes it a pretty versatile shooter, at least on paper.

Outdoors, the camera manages just about passable shots.

Samsung Galaxy M10 review | facts and highlights

The images exhibit very limited dynamic range and details are often lost in shadow regions. Similarly, the highlights are blown out more often than not, resulting in washed out shots. As the name suggests, with a degree field of view, you can capture a whole lot more of the scene in your images, be it monuments or just a larger group of people. Results from the secondary camera were low on details and quite noisy in less than ideal light.

Low light photos from the Galaxy M10 are high on noise and low on details. This gets even worse when you pop over into the ultrawide mode. Talking about the front camera, the phone defaults to using a smart beauty filter that completely smoothens out skin and brightens it up as well. I suppose it makes sense for a phone targeting a social media-addicted audience, but do people really want all their photos touched up? Read: Download the official Galaxy M10 and M20 wallpapers here.

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The Samsung Galaxy M10 has a 3,mAh battery, which is about standard for this category of phones. Samsung has done a great job at extracting great battery life out of the hardware. Without resorting to aggressive battery management, the phone manages to handily last a full day of use and then some. In a video loop test with the brightness levels at the halfway mark, the phone lasted over 18 hours of continuous playback.


With a mixture of gaming, social media and web browsing, the phone delivered well over 6 hours of screen-on time on average during our testing period. Suffice it to say that the Galaxy M10 is a very frugal device. There is no fast charging support on the Galaxy M10 and a full charge using the included charger took about 2 hours and 15 minutes. If all you want is a well-built, modern-looking phone that does the basics, the Galaxy M10 is a surprisingly solid option. Unfortunately for Samsung, that same audience cares just as much about features and specifications as much as a great experience.

Pricing for the Samsung Galaxy M10 starts at Rs. The Samsung Experience interface is functional, smooth enough, and has a plethora of options to tweak it to your preferences. Will you buy your phone? Stay tuned for our Galaxy M20 review , coming soon. Samsung Galaxy M10 : A well-built, modern-looking phone that does the basics. See price at amazon.

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Ranging from absolute powerhouses to the affordable flagships that give real flagships …. Google announced Android 9 Pie on August 6, , and began rolling it out to Pixel phones the same day. But what about …. Cameras on smartphones are a much bigger deal than they used to be.

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