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The Galaxy S6 line is powered by a bit Exynos 7 Octa system-on-chip , consisting of four 2. The processor is Samsung's first to use a 14 nm FinFET manufacturing process, which the company stated would improve its energy efficiency. Samsung claimed that the camera upgrades would allow it to have better low-light performance. For the first time in a Samsung Mobile flagship device, the Galaxy S6's camera software recorded slow-motion videos p fps using the real-time method with audio.

A bundled slow-motion video editor allowed viewing custom parts of the recorded footage at adjustable speeds and exporting it for sharing. The front-facing camera was also upgraded to 5 megapixels with a similar aperture. The S6 and S6 Edge were initially released running Android 5. TouchWiz has been streamlined on the S6 with a refreshed, minimal design and fewer bundled applications.

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The five contacts are also color-coded; when the device is face down, the curved sides will also glow in the contact's color to signify phone calls. The S6 was the first Samsung device to include Samsung Pay , a mobile payments service developed from the intellectual property of LoopPay, a crowdfunded startup company that Samsung acquired in February Samsung Pay incorporates technology by LoopPay known as " Magnetic Secure Transmission " MST ; it transmits card data to the pay terminal's swipe slot using an electromagnetic field , causing the terminal to register it as if it were a normally swiped card.

Credit card information is stored in a secure token and payments must be authenticated using a fingerprint scan.

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Samsung Pay was not immediately available upon the release of the S6, but enabled in the middle of Samsung began to release Android 6. It enables new features such as " Google Now on Tap ", which allows users to perform searches within the context of information currently being displayed on-screen, and "Doze", which optimizes battery usage when the device is not being physically handled. On March Samsung began to release Android 7. The latest update for the S6 family is based on Android 7. There have been various reports that the S6 family will receive Android 8. On September 3 , the S6 has received the final security patch as Samsung discontinued the S6 family.

The Galaxy S6 received a generally positive reaction from early reviewers, noting its higher quality design over previous Samsung devices, along with refinements to its camera, the high quality of its display, and the significantly smaller amount of " bloat " in the device's software.

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Anandtech believed that the S6's new fingerprint reader was comparable in quality to Apple 's Touch ID system. Wired felt while its dual-sided curved screen was better-designed than that of the Galaxy Note Edge , the S6 Edge's use of the curved display was a "dramatic step backwards" due to the limited number of edge-specific features available in comparison to the Galaxy Note Edge.

Some users reported issues with the flash on some S6 devices, remaining dimly lit even if the camera is not in use or the device is turned off. Samsung was made aware of the problem, which affects the S6 and S6 Edge, but has not specified when it will be fixed. In November , Google's Project Zero unit publicized eleven "high-impact" security vulnerabilities that it had discovered in Samsung's distribution of Android on the S6.

Some of these had already been patched as of their publication. In its first month of sales, 6 million Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge units were sold to consumers, exceeding the number of Galaxy S5 units sold within a similar timeframe, but failing to break the record of 10 million set by the Galaxy S4.

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Still, facing competition by other vendors that have led to declining market share, a lower net profit , and foreseeing a "difficult business environment" for the second half of the year, Samsung announced during its second quarter earnings report in July that it would be "adjusting" the price of the S6 and S6 Edge. The company stated that sales of the two devices had a "marginal" effect on its profits.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Mail Online. Tech Advisor. Retrieved 15 June The Galaxy A3 runs Android 6. Given the Galaxy S7 has already been updated to Android 7. Advanced notifications are the main difference between the two versions: Android 7.

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Related: Best Android Phones. In return, the Samsung interface injects a bunch more customisation, and a different style. It uses app menu pages rather than a great long vertical scroll for example, lets you choose how the icons are arranged, and allows app menu folders. What does it mean for a device to be supported?

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In short, it means it has passed our certification process. Certification is important because we want users to have a good experience with your AR application. This is primarily related to sensitive motion tracking, which is done by combining the camera image and the motion sensor input to determine how the user's device moves through the real world.

To certify each device, we check the quality of the camera, motion sensors, and the design architecture to ensure it performs as expected. Also, the device needs to have a powerful enough CPU that integrates with the hardware design to ensure good performance and effective real-time calculations. The strength of Android is in the large diversity of devices available across the world.

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We are constantly working with manufacturers to make sure their hardware and designs meet these requirements.