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Apologising to fans, the Twitter account stated that the OS upgrade will arrive in March, instead. Xiaomi staff are apparently briefing people that the update will go live on the first week of March. Android 11 should eventually arrive for the device too, but do not expect to see that before if this current debacle is anything to go by.

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Best Displays , for University Students. The release of Android 10 for the Mi A3 is bordering on farcical. Hyped by Xiaomi as one of the first devices that would receive Android 10, the Android One device is still languishing on Android 9. Login from existing account Facebook Google Email. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.

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All Comments Your Activity. We have sent you a verification email. To verify, just follow the link in the message. Stories SEE All. Navbharat Times. On A3 we have stock android and we don't have to see any Ad! Understand that unlike other users of Xiaomi with MIUI, we are not the products sold to other companies for using technology. Except google, but there also we don't have to see any Advertisement crap while we use our phones.

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So keep calm, We all will receive the update. Keep in mind that we are paying only 13k compared to k.

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Keep calm and carry on.. Platinum Product Expert. Penelope R. Original Poster. Aarav Agarwal. Coming in January. Keep your hopes down and buy a Nokia or Moto next time if you want stock Android one and faster updates.

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For camera, there's GCam anyway. Patrik B. With Android One it's always up to the manufacturer of the device to provide the update for your device, not Google. Xiaomi are known to be very sloppy when it comes to update their Android One handsets. This often translates to regular updates being late by a month, and OS updates months after the official release.

Platinum Product Expert Nikhil Rastogi.

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Gold Product Expert. All Replies Actually Xiaomi is not giving any information. Looks like its my last smartphone from Android One program. Friend with his OnePlus 6 have received Android update beta.

His phone is not in any faster release ring, so what is going on? Wven miui phones are receiving Android 10 faster. Looks like Android One phones are on the end to get update.

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Afam Ekwensi. This is really bad. I have been expecting update since i got the phone. User Beyond a joke now, still no Android 10 update. Will be contacting the retailer I purchased my A3 from and asking for a refund on the grounds of false advertising. This question is locked and replying has been disabled.

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