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During the s, the majority were developing country mobile network operators , but ZTE products see use in developed countries as well. ZTE began to release smartphones in the United States in The company elected to focus its efforts on low-cost products for discount and prepaid wireless carriers, including devices with premium features typically associated with high-end products, such as large high-resolution screens and fingerprint readers. Since , taking advantage of the league's appeal in China, several U. Norwegian telecommunications giant Telenor , one of the world's largest mobile operators, banned ZTE from "participating in tenders and new business opportunities for 6 months because of an alleged breach of its code of conduct in a procurement proceeding" during a five-month time span ending in March Contract negotiations to build a broadband network for the Philippine government may have included improper activities.

In December , ZTE sold systems for eavesdropping on phone and Internet communications to the government-controlled Telecommunication Company of Iran.

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This system may help Iran monitor and track political dissidents. ZTE, as well as Huawei , has faced scrutiny by the U. The mixed ownership model of ZTE was described as "a firm is an SOE from the standpoint of ownership, but a POE [privately owned enterprises] from the standpoint of management", according to an article of Curtis J.

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Axon 10 Pro: ZTE's 'comeback phone' available in US for $549

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There are more important concerns for buyers than feature lists.

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