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Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A Prime 9H Privacy Anti-Spy Tempered Glass Screen Protector

The Redmi 5 software is packed with features and it is likely that you are yet to explore most of them. Like to keep home screen for your Redmi 5 organized? Well, you can do it with much more ease with this MIUI hidden feature that lets you select and move multiple apps in one go.

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Now drop them in any folder or on the next screen, decision is yours. If you love capturing impromptu images on the go, then you already know that launching camera on time is your biggest challenge.

Xiaomi adds an option to create a camera launch shortcut. Now select an option from predefined combination by tapping on it. Tired of answering unwanted spam calls from credit card and insurance companies? Or your ex is perhaps bothering you with late night calls. The easiest solution for this problem is adding the number to the blacklist.

Review Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A Indonesia - PERLU DIBELI NGGA?

Worry not, there is an easy way to unblock that number. All you have to do is do to phone app and tap on the hamburger menu option and select blacklist option. Locate blocked number by toggling between SMS and Calls to remove it from there. Automatic call recording has been there in the MIUI skin for some time now but not many users are aware of it.

Track your Xiaomi RedMi Note 5A with your Google Account

Instead of downloading Automatic call recording app from play store you can turn on this MIUI hidden feature to record all incoming and outgoing calls. If you have been using Xiaomi phone you must be habitual of seeing available RAM status each time when you hit recent apps button.

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In recent times, Xiaomi has turned this feature off by default and now you have to turn it on manually. This is a useful hidden feature for those who live in places where power cuts are frequent. Flash light notifications will allow you to locate your phone when its rings in the dark. Have small palm and find it difficult to use 5.

Turn on Quick ball feature buried inside the settings and which will make it easy to operate with one hand. Now that your face is registered, you will be able to use it for unlocking your phone.

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To do this, you will need to activate a little option on the cellphone. Indeed, you have to activate the Android device manager for localization to be possible. All you have to do now is check the Android Device Manager to allow tracking. You will also have the capacity to do other practical actions from this page. If perhaps you desire more features, you can install an application. Among them, we advise Wheres My Droid which will allow you to easily track your cellphone.

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To get this done, you need to download and install the application. Once done, open up the application to begin configuring your options. This allows you to send localization data, but also sends instructions on the cellphone and many other things.

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