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The Good. The Link AKC Smart Collar package includes a collar, a water- and shock-resistant tracker, a collar carrier for attaching the tracker, a base station, and a power cord. Reviewers report that the location tracking, which uses advanced GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular data, has been immediate and the feature is super easy to use. The Link AKC also has an option for temperature alerts, which notify you when your dog may be in an environment which is too hot or too cold for them. The collar also has an LED light, which you can turn on remotely, for nighttime safety.

Impressively package and engineered the collar offers the flexibility I need. My dog, a chocolate lab is in the water at least five days a week. I moved the tracker unit from the rugged, attractive leather collar to my dogs water collar. This flexibility is a great feature for us. The 'electronics' of the unit are very impressive as well … The collar tracks my dog's location on a close to real time display on a cell phone app. While my dog is not a huge roamer it is nice to know I can find her when she does stray.

The light on the collar I find is very helpful for locating her quickly when I let her out at night.

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My neighborhood is very dark at night and this feature is probably my favorite … I am a big FitBit person and the activity tracker built into the collar works great to provide me with the insight I need to keep my dog's activity level where it should be. The algorithm the collar uses to calculate activity delivers a precise value base on your dog's breed, weight and age … The temperature alert is also a great feature especially in the warm weather.

Dogs in cars is a concern to me and most responsible dog owners. The alert let's you know when the ambient temperature reaches a threshold that you set. There is a setting for high and low temperature thresholds. Best Bang For Your Buck. Good things come in small packages — and sometimes they come in small, but also affordable, powerful, and functional packages. Weighing in at. The Whistle 3 will notify you each time your pet leaves and returns to their safe places. Once your pet is beyond Wi-Fi range, the device uses cellular and GPS technology to allow you to track their whereabouts.

The Whistle 3 also offers activity and rest monitoring so you can make sure that your doggo is in great shape. Just like a Fitbit, you can also set custom goals for your dog and get notifications if there are significant changes to their activity or sleeping patterns.

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Because a healthy pup is a happy pup, right? Reviewers have also raved about how Whistle 3 is super easy to set up and use. First, there's the physical unit that is small and weighs less than an ounce It uses GPS to determine location when your dog, cat or T-Rex is away from "home" and then sends the location to your smart phone via 3G cellular service no SIM card purchase required. All too often the electronics of gadgets like Whistle are designed by brilliant engineers, but the apps that drive them appear to have been developed by crazed aliens from planet Blx!

Not so with Whistle. The app is really quite good. Setting it up takes about 10 minutes and is pretty easy… Location in tracking mode updates about every minute. Best for Saying Goodbye to Monthly Fees. The Guardian module serves as a gateway between the Pet module and your smartphone. Another plus? You will receive alerts if your furry escape artist goes beyond the fence radius defined for the virtual leash and the area defined for the safe zone, or if they enter the danger zone. Amazon reviewer Gloria J. Went hunting for a new service, tried three others. None are as good as Findster.

Gives activity information, tracks very well, requires no cell carrier, Has decent long battery life and the charger is simple, easy and recharges in a couple of hours, unlike some that took a whole day.. The units are easy and adjustable to attach to a dog collar. The Guardian base unit is small enough to carry in your pocket. I velcro the unit to the back of my cell phone, so I can check on the boy wherever I'm at. Best for Minimalist Pet Parents. But a web interface is also available. This is especially helpful when you need to send info to a dog sitter or to a very attached co-dog parent , for example.

Download the best lost phone app for Android and iOS. Find My Device is a popular and efficient app. After locating the device, right from performing a factory setting to safeguarding the personal data, the tracking device application is bang on its features. Even if the device is lost in a familiar place, one can locate the device by ringing.

Its other functionalities include a complete list of indoor maps for places like stadiums, airports, malls, and vital landmarks.

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Download the best app to find lost phone for Android. Glympse is another excellent app to share real-time location using GPS tracking. The user also has the option to create in-app groups for better safety and security. The one feature that sets this lost phone finder apart from other similar apps is that once the location is shared, the other person can view the map even without the installation of the Glympse app. Download the best lost phone finder app for Android and iOS. Due to its features and functionalities, we can call Life as an all-in-one location tracking app.

The user can keep all the near and dear ones in the loop with its location-sharing feature. As compared to other apps, Life offers better safety features. For instance, in case of an emergency, the app can automatically call for an ambulance and send notifications to emergency contacts. Download the best tracking app for Android and iOS. More than locating lost cell phones, mLite is an app that is used for locating the family members on a map. In short, mLite is a light family control app that allows the user to connect with their loved ones round the clock. By activating the Geo-Fencing, one can keep a close tab on the movements of the intended individual.

Download the app for Android and iOS. TrackView is a remarkable security cum surveillance app. Besides tracking lost devices, the free phone tracker app also allows the user to keep a close eye on sensitive installations.

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In case of any emergency, the app can send instant alerts or remote buzz. Download the best phone tracker app without permission for Android and iOS. Check out the detailed app review here. FamiSafe is another phone surveillance app that lets you track the iPhone and Android phones. However, for iPhones, FamiSafe requires jailbreaking if you want advanced tracking features.

The same applies to Android if you want to accomplish more than just track your lost phone. Apart from the above-listed apps that can be downloaded on a device, the following are the apps that can work on the web platform. Spyic is a brilliant phone surveillance app that is equipped with advanced surveillance through which, the app notifies the user when the SIM card is changed. The app lets you track lost phones without rooting or jailbreaking target devices.

Spyic is used by parents and employers to track the location of their kids and company devices respectively. The reputation and the features of this app have attracted the attention of large media outlets such as Forbes.

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This app will let you track the location of a lost phone, and even access activity on the phone discreetly. It does all the tracking without arousing any suspicion or attracting attention from the user. Some more factors that make using Spyic worthwhile are shown below. Spyic lets you track the location of a lost phone remotely via a web browser. To accomplish this, the user only needs to log on to your Spyic dashboard.

On the dashboard, you can access the current location and the location history of your device. Spyic is an easy to use app.

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The engineers at Spyic have overcome the need to root or jailbreak through sheer determination and use of cutting-edge technology. Only a few phone tracking apps have achieved this feat and Spyic is top on the list. Best of all, no installation is required on iPhones. You will only need to provide your iCloud credentials and choose your iPhone.


The stealth mode of the app ensures if a thief gets hold of the lost phone, they will never know that they are tracked. On Android devices, the app icon is deleted automatically and the app disguises itself in installed apps. On iOS, it is even harder to detect the app since it uses iCloud to track everything.

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Besides, it uses very little system resources. So, it never interferes with the performance of the device.

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Spyic is a legit phone surveillance app that allows legal phone tracking. Unlike most other apps, the app is safe since it does not share your data with others. Also, it does not come with malware or virus that may compromise with the security of the device.

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Step 1: Visit the official Spyic website and register for an account. Make sure to subscribe to a package plan that suits you. Step 3: The setup wizard will take a few minutes as it syncs.