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What makes the Axon 10 Pro such killer value is the processor that powers it.

ZTE Axon 10 Pro 5G Accessories

These benchmark scores resemble other phones that have the same chipset, even slightly beating the Galaxy Note 10 Plus, but falling behind the OnePlus 7 Pro and Asus ZenFone 6. Take benchmark scores with a grain of salt, though. Apps open quickly, scrolling through Recents is fluid, and multitasking works without a hitch.

The experience is aided by the software, which is stock Android 9 Pie. There are barely any third-party apps or ones from ZTE — even the gallery app has gone away in favor of Google Photos. ZTE says it will bring Android 10 to the phone before the end of the year. Like most smartphones in , the Axon 10 Pro jumps on the triple-camera lens train. By default, the camera uses pixel binning technology to merge pixels and take in more light, resulting in a megapixel photo from the main sensor.

You can force it to take megapixel MP photos. You should know that taking 48MP photos will take up a lot of storage space. I do love the versatility afforded with the 3x optical zoom, as the camera can zoom in more than other phones, and swapping to the wide angle affords a whole new look.

Compared to the OnePlus 7 Pro, as seen in the photos above, the OnePlus offers warmer tones that are a little more accurate than the Axon 10 Pro, as well as brighter pictures with less grain and stronger contrast.

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ZTE has a portrait mode option. It requires multiple tries to get the right photo as it frequently struggles with accurately outlining the subject. The megapixel front camera, which can be used to unlock the phone, is average. Battery life is fantastic on the Axon 10 Pro, easily lasting a full day of moderate use thanks to its 4,mAh capacity. I frequently ended my work days with around 50 percent left by 6 p.

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Heavier use saw the phone drop to 30 percent by 8 p. I have yet to feel any battery anxiety with this phone.

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In our standard video playback battery test, where we play a 1, YouTube video over Wi-Fi with the brightness on max, the Axon 10 Pro lasted a respectable 10 hours and 8 minutes. In addition to the flagship model Axon 7, the Chinese manufacturer once again offers a Mini version of the current model. Besides the size and the features, the price was reduced as well.

But can the Axon 7 Mini compete with the strong rivals? ZTE Axon 7 mini quick review — smaller, but still stylish and reliable Source: Laptop Media ZTE is hardly able to compete with the bigger smartphone manufacturers but its Axon lineup can definitely be called quite successful. After the strong performance of Axon 7, it is now time to review Axon 7 mini, which is one step lower in the price range, but it can undoubtedly compete with the popular names in this class. This device retains the same great design as the flagship-challenging Axon 7, while making acceptable trade-offs in performance to keep the price low.

The rear camera can turn out some pretty good-looking images, and watching videos on that vibrant screen with stereo sound is a pleasure. If you find it at a discount, then it becomes a more compelling option. Sounds great. But if you have a bit of wiggle room, use it, and find a better value. Instead, it practically turns that approach on its head, barely decreasing size at all, and instead bringing us a phone that might be better called the Axon 7 Lite, dialing back on processing power and bells and whistles. Rather than looking at it as a "mini" version of the Axon 7, you should instead look at the Axon 7 Mini as an entirely different phone.

The G4 is a particularly compelling alternative since it has a cleaner UI and support for all major US carriers. If you're looking for a truly compact phone that doesn't compromise on its specs, the Google Pixel is your best option, but it costs twice as much. Hands on: ZTE Axon 7 Mini review Source: Techradar The Mini isn't going to rival the performance of flagship devices, but you won't find many of its best features on higher priced setups. Best of all, it's affordable and comes unlocked, meaning everyone is invited. It's compact, well made and packing punch in all the right places.

You get a lot for your money here, and that's always good. If the Mini stands out, it'll stand out for build quality. It's a warm, gorgeous metal unibody design in jewel tones, at a level where most of its competitors are plastic. The smaller size actually helps play that up: since you can more easily wrap your hands around the Axon 7 Mini, you are more able to appreciate its warm metal and curved form. It looks like a good topic for research. Negative: Overheats while using. Negative: Poor cameras. Negative: No radio; low autonomy. Negative: No FM radio; low autonomy. Negative: Short battery life.

Negative: Slow charge. Negative: Average performance; slippery; short battery life. Negative: Slippery; weak hardware.

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ZTE Axon 7 Max oficjalnie. Negative: High price. ZTE delivers the first "foldable" smartphone. While we would have imagined something else, the statement is right in principle.

ZTE Axon 10 Pro hands-on: A return to value?

With its two displays and hinge in between, the Axon M reminds us a little of the old Nokia Communicator, but it can do so much more. What exactly that is, we gathered for you in our review. If or when it does, we'll put it through all our usual tests and spend enough time with it to give you an idea of how it might work as your next primary device. Source: G Style Magazine I respect ZTE for trying something different but not new as we have grown accustomed to a candy bar style of smartphone but right now that form factor is working.

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But if you're not down to go double, spend your money on either a top-tier phone, or a cheaper phone with the same specs as the Axon M. Unfortunately, software is the one of the most deficient areas of the M. Simply stretching and splitting content in accordance with the in-built functionalities of the Android OS leaves the user with a rather slapdash user experience. But when it comes to smartphones, more isn't always better. ZTE has done a good job of building a solid smartphone that performed flawlessly for me. This wasn't easy considering there are different screen modes to manage.

Do you need two screens? Are foldable displays the next big trend or nothing more than a clever gimmick like 3D cameras? This an ambitious design idea that makes a lot of sense for the future of smartphones.

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ZTE Axon M: quando due schermi sono meglio di uno o forse no. La recensione Source: Leonardo. Negative: Thick; short battery life; high price.

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Negative: Low performance; poor display; high price. Negative: Mediocre ergonomy. Negative: Average performance; poor cameras in low light; easy to scratch. The clean design and the 60FPS video upscaling feature might appeal to a crowd that is big on watching action-video content.

Fully decked-out and complete with at least a couple of interesting features and extras. We doubt that it will dramatically shift ZTE's current market standing in any way. But, for a small group of just the right kind of Android power users, it really does seem like the phone to beat.