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Overall, the front of the phone is definitely a step above the competition in this range, and perhaps on par with some more expensive mid-rangers. The notch and the slim bezels give the phone an unmistakable modern look. The modern look for the front is in stark contrast to the glossy blue rear in our review unit. The design of the rear panel seems generations older, not helped by the lack of a fingerprint sensor.

The plastic build means handling the phone is easy and there are no real sharp edges to be worried about. The sides of the phone are plastic too, since the back wraps around the side for a monolithic look. The sides also start to pick up grime and smudges just as easily — using the phone with food or oil around means it will be dirty as soon as you pick it up. The left side has the SIM slot, while the right has a clicky power button below the volume rocker.

Both the buttons are quite tactile and while they are not the easiest to find blind, you get used to the placement after a day or so. You will find the 3. Whether the performance matches up to that approach, we will see soon. It reminds us of the notch on the OnePlus 6T, which is not a bad thing.

We suppose more and more manufacturers will choose to use the single front camera with dewdrop or teardrop or U-shaped notches this year for the affordable segment. The 6. The sunlight legibility is quite good too while not great. The overall color tone of the display is a little cool for my eyes, with a noticeable blue tinge in white backgrounds. There was some very noticeable lag after a couple of days, with apps taking a little longer to load up, after a few days of usage.

In my experience, most budget phone users will not have over 70 apps installed on their phone, as was the case with my standard Android backup. Secondly, the impatience with waiting for some games to load is largely due to me being spoilt by flagship-grade performance in my daily phone. Neither game looked its best self on this phone, likely due to the less-than-top-tier hardware. Asphalt 9 showed some screen tearing when the cars went into hyper drive, while PUBG Mobile was smoothest at low settings. If you are looking for a budget gaming performer, the Galaxy M20 should be better suited for the task, since it has a newer Exynos SoC.

The M10 runs Android 8. One can hope that Samsung also releases One UI for its affordable lineup.

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This can be a major disappointment for potential buyers, unless Samsung changes its mind soon. Samsung Galaxy M Cameras Dual cameras are becoming very common in the budget segment, but not like the ones on the Galaxy M We have seen a similar sensor in action in the Galaxy A7 and Galaxy A9 and the wide-angle definitely makes certain kinds of photos look more immersive and impactful. As one might expect the rear camera has a host of shooting modes and options. Here are some samples from the rear camera: As you can see, this is not the best example of a good smartphone camera, as the colors are definitely less vibrant than the actual scene, and the lack of detail is woefully obvious.

The only positive is that the competition also has similarly average cameras in this price range. We have not really seen a budget phone with a really good camera yet. And here are a couple of examples of the wide-angle camera in action. The lower resolution wide-angle shot has even less detail than the regular photo. These photos might not win you real competitions, but they are more than enough for Instagram, Facebook or your WhatsApp groups.

These selfies are nothing great and look similar to the ones shot by the competition in this price range. The colors look muted, and the skin tone is definitely not natural. Samsung has added a Live Focus mode which helps you take shots with blurred background.

You can also add stickers to you selfies to be shared on messaging apps. Samsung has packed in a 3, mAh battery, which falls short of what some of the competition offers — Realme C1, for example, has a 4, mAh battery. The Galaxy M10 should ideally provide all-day usage, and the smaller battery pack is likely to reduce the weight of the phone. If you want absolute protection against malware and viruses, consider downloading Bitdefender. A top-of-the-line app, Bitdefender has a malware scanner with an impressive percent detection rate.

You can also use it to lock any app you deem sensitive with a PIN code replete with 30 second timeout after 5 false attempts. And should your phone go missing, Bitdefender allows you to track, lock and wipe your Android.

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Moreover, its web security function ensures a safe browsing experience as it quickly detects any malicious content. Oh, and the coolest feature? Snap Photo — Bitdefender snaps a pic of anyone tampering with your phone in your absence. On Android the autopilot lets you set it and forget it for the most part — really non-invasive. Seems fairly light weight, too. The anti-theft features are good for peace of mind. Glad to have my trusted PC protection as my Android security. Made my phone scream when I misplaced it. Put a lock code on my laptop and phone when they went missing.

Put a lock code on apps that I don't want a nosey bf to Snoop through and it took a picture of him when he was trying to guess my passcode. All of this I've done through the app, and quickly as the app is very user-friendly. Not to mention the years of protection for my PC's, that seem to be infection free and definitely have operated like so.

Thanks to all of you at Bitdefender for making this possible. Best for Ease of Use. Image: Google Play. Of course, it also scans for malware, spyware and viruses that have the potential to harm your device. Similar to other applications, it allows you to block SPAM and junk calls.

But the one way Norton distinguishes itself from the competition? And you can make a judgement call before hitting download.

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I've used other mobile security apps and never have been advised on my mobile of malicious emails or websites until I used Norton. I use it on my laptop and tablet as well. Norton will let you know in advance whether an app is safe or a downloaded app causes risk to your device. You then have a choice to trust the app or uninstall it.

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I love all the features Norton Mobile offers, but my favorite one is the website scan. It has caught numerous bogus websites that could have been potentially harmful to my phone. I definitely recommend purchasing this Norton product! Best Features. Avast Mobile Security A popular app that provides unparalleled protection.

This app is filled with features that guarantees your Android will stay safe and your information secure. You can also use the app to lock specific apps, ensuring that only you have the power to open them. We assume you stopped reading this halfway through this list so you could start downloading Avast. Good thinking. Saved my ass It has stopped malicious emails, text messages, and even tells you whether a phone number is safe bare in mind that doesn't mean the caller is safe. It works great, also.

Avast was recommended to me by several of my computer savvy friends and they were right. I recommend Avast for computers as well as mobile devices.

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Best Anti-Phishing Features. Making the leap from PCs, the company now ensures that phones are safe from malware, viruses and Trojans as well. The app is also capable of blocking both unwanted calls and texts. And it allows you to place a lock on your other apps, requiring a secret code before anyone can access messages, photos, etc. Best of all, should you ever lose your phone, Kaspersky allows you to track it.

I've been using Kaspersky protection on PC for 10 years with full satisfaction.

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As from about 2 years ago, I've also installed protection for Android, which works smoothly and is very light, not idling the phone. And it's working well together. I have zero complaints now. Best for Performance Optimization. We know you might be scoffing at the price. However, the McAfee Mobile Security app is designed with a number of great elements. Certainly, it can scan for malicious code, risky websites and ARP spoofing attacks.

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But McAfee offers so much more. You can use the app to remove unwanted files, boost battery, and monitor data usage. The app also allows you to lock any sensitive content, control what your kids can see and filter out unwanted calls and SMS messages. An overall good protection app. Best Free App.