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Another issue was the soundscape produced by the A Granted, this will not be a deal-breaker for most users, but we highly recommend using headphones.


Under load, the Galaxy A70 got noticeably warm around the triple-camera at the rear but never uncomfortably so. More importantly it never got too warm to be held in hand.

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A maximum of In both tests, T-Rex as well as the more demanding Manhattan, performance decreased significantly over the course of 30 reruns. However, as is very common for smartphones, it produced a soundscape devoid of any bass with well-balanced mids and highs in return. The speaker was good enough for listening to media files or playing games. However, using external speakers or headphones will drastically improve your audio experience. The device supports connectivity either via 3. All things considered, the A70 was very efficient.

When idle, its power consumption was around 1. Under load, this increased to just 3.

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The only device even more efficient was Xiaomi's Mi 9 SE. The device with the highest power consumption in our test group was Huawei's P30 Lite. A low power consumption combined with a massive 4, mAh battery are the perfect ingredients for a long battery life, and the Galaxy A70 certainly didn't disappoint in this regard.

Hack My Missing Samsung Galaxy A7

Unfortunately, it was not the marathon runner we expected it to be either. Nevertheless, it was the device with the longest overall battery life in our test group. In our web-browsing test it lasted for slightly more than 12 hours only to be outperformed by the Wiko View 3 Pro. In our video playback test, in which we play an H.

Charging was a very short and painless matter. When using the included 25 W charger the battery was charged from near empty to full in less than two hours h, to be precise. However, it will have a very hard time standing out among the huge variety of mid-range smartphones despite its impressive hardware. Its sleek case with the 6. This brings us to its downsides. The triple-camera was also somewhat disappointing as it turned out to be decent enough only in bright daylight.

With its 5. Android Touchscreen Smartphone. Qualcomm Snapdragon Qualcomm Adreno Samsung homepage Samsung notebook section.

Hack My Missing Samsung Galaxy A7

Note: The manufacturer may use components from different suppliers including display panels, drives or memory sticks with similar specifications. Right: power button, volume rocker. Top: no connectivity. Bottom: 3. GPS signal strength outdoors. GPS signal strength indoors. Samsung Galaxy A overview. Samsung Galaxy A lake. Samsung Galaxy A turning point. Garmin Edge overview. Garmin Edge lake. Garmin Edge turning point. Telephony and Call Quality. The telephony app's places tab.

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Main camera. Front-facing camera. Image Comparison Choose a scene and navigate within the first image. Scene 1 Scene 2 Scene 3 click to load images. Samsung Galaxy A Canon EOS 70D. Apple iPhone XS. Xiaomi Mi 9. ColorChecker colors. Reference color in the bottom half of each square. Test chart zoomed-in. Test chart overview. Accessories and Warranty.

Samsung Galaxy A70: Mid-Range Giant in Review

Input Devices and Handling. Samsung keyboard in portrait mode. Keyboard in landscape mode. Subpixel array. X-Rite i1Pro 2. Color accuracy color preset Natural, target color space sRGB. Color space color preset Natural, target color space sRGB. Grayscale color preset Natural, target color space sRGB.

Saturation color preset Natural, target color space sRGB. Outdoors in the sun. Outdoors in the shade. Viewing angles. Geekbench 4. Jetstream 2 Speedometer 2. Shadow Fight 3. Asphalt 9. Asphalt 9 High. Asphalt 9 Standard. Dead Trigger 2. GFXBench battery test Manhattan. Power Supply max.

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Speaker characteristics. Battery Life.

Power Consumption. Cons - no IP certification. In review: Samsung Galaxy A Test unit courtesy of notebooksbilliger. Triple photo fun? Please share our article, every link counts!

The screen shows very fast response rates in our tests and should be very well suited for fast-paced gaming. In comparison, all tested devices range from 0. This means that the measured response time is better than the average of all tested devices Compute RenderScript Score sort by value. Work 2. Work performance score sort by value.

Aztec Ruins High Tier Onscreen sort by value. Aztec Ruins Normal Tier Onscreen sort by value. Average Qualcomm Snapdragon Vulkan Medium Native sort by value. AnTuTu v7 - Total Score sort by value. However, this is one of the much abused apps also. When someone puts track Android phone app in your device your privacy is very much compromised.