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The model that I managed to get my hands on had the matte white finish, which Google calls Clearly White. After just a week of regular use, it has become dirty quickly.

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Straight away, I thought the phone was a bit weighty, feeling somewhat heavier than my iPhone XR, despite the fact that it only weighs about 20g more. Suitable earphones were not included, which is one small strike against the Pixel 4 from me, but probably a thumbs up from all of the marine animals struggling to digest discarded old Apple EarPods as you read this.

The difference in display specs between the Pixel 4 and the Pixel 4 XL.

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Image: Google. While I did not dare to open this phone up to look at any of the components, reviewers at iFixit did and you can see everything inside the Pixel 4 here. They scored the phone a four out of 10 for repairability, noting that the waterproofing measures greatly complicate repairs. Before embarking on an in-depth test of the eagerly anticipated camera, I downloaded a few basic apps and remembered how much I dislike the Google Play Store.

One of the apps I downloaded to play with was the Leap Card app, which may be an incredibly dull choice, but it always felt like the only thing I miss out on as an iPhone user. This alone was almost enough to make me want to migrate to Android. There are a lot of assumptions people have about cameras on Android phones. When I tried out the new dual camera, it was immediately clear that my photographs were higher quality than the meme I have linked above, or the countless other ones involving GTA San Andreas characters.

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The front and rear cameras on the Pixel 4 and the Pixel 4 XL are identical. The Pixel definitely beats the iPhone 11 Pro in some scenarios, but the 11 Pro still holds its own in others. Neither one of these cameras seem to be miles ahead of the other.

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  • A photograph of a house taken in the dark on an iPhone XR. Image: Kelly Earley. One of three early prototypes, to be exact, according to the guy who set the internet on fire with his purported leak a couple of weeks ago.

    Google Pixel 4 review: a good phone ruined by poor battery life

    The answer is very simple, and whether or not Google decides to adopt that universally derided triple camera system commercially is beside the point. The very fact this ghastly design is in consideration and for what it's worth, I believe Jon Prosser given his solid recent track record suggests something that should keep hardcore Google fans up at night fearing what the Pixel 5 could become.

    It suggests that the company is getting desperate in its pursuit of an original design helping the Pixel lineup stand out from the pack while not requiring much engineering wizardry. The time for wacky experiments has gone, as the market continues to get more and more crowded with incredibly powerful devices sold at very competitive prices. Even if Google insists on trying new things for the sake of trying, a protruding camera module strongly resembling a surprised face and yet another substantial "forehead" are certainly not the way to go. Although I fully realize the "Pixel Ultra" envisioned by many hopeful Big G fans a couple of years back remains a utopian dream, that's the only direction that makes sense for the Pixel lineup right now and the company should focus entirely on inching closer to that vision instead of considering eccentric concepts that would match or perhaps multiply the negative attention generated by 's notched Pixel 3 XL.

    While Google should definitely stay away from a possible repeat of the Pixel 3 XL embarrassment, the boring Pixel 4 design also needs to die. It sounds pretty much impossible to walk that fine line without falling flat on your face and completely messing up the delicate balance between originality and maturity, but the dreamer in me thinks Google can pull it off with relative ease.

    The fact of the matter is beauty is not only highly subjective but also largely unimportant in today's smartphone landscape. Does anyone really think the iPhone XR is pretty? I would personally rate its design a solid "meh", even by standards, but the internals are great and the price just right , which clearly went a long way last year. Heck, even Samsung's crazy expensive Galaxy S20 Ultra looks In other words, maybe Google doesn't need to completely overhaul the Pixel 4 after all.

    How to Find a Lost or Stolen Android Phone

    Not on the outside, at least. As many folks who were willing to give the released high-enders a chance despite their humdrum looks and unimpressive specs might be discovering, these stock Android phones are holding up well. You can get a new mobile number or transfer your current number to Telstra.

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