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To accomplish thier important task, ribosomes are found throughout the cell, with their locations reflecting the destination of the proteins they produce. In a eukaryotic cell, a cell with a nucleus, ribosomes begin in a specialized part of the nucleus called the nucleolus. Ribosomal RNA is synthesized and bound to proteins in the nucleolus, then exported from the nucleus to form ribosomes. Prokaryotic cells, which lack nuclei, perform this process in the cytoplasm.

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Even though prokaryotic cells and eukaryotic cells make their ribosomes at different sites within the cell, they both have ribosomes floating freely as part of the cytoplasm, the material contained within the cell membrane. Eukaryotic cells' free ribosomes generally are larger than those of prokaryotic cells and contain a greater variety of ribosomal RNA and proteins.

However, free ribosomes in both cells are important in assembling the proteins needed for the cell's own processes. Eukaryotic cells have cytoplasmic structures that prokaryotic cells lack. One such structure is the endoplasmic reticulum, or ER, a series of membrane-enclosed channels where the cell makes compounds for use beyond its own cytoplasm. Human cell Vesicles. Please wait until image is loaded before changing channels Close.

General description of the gene and encoded protein s using information from HGNC and Ensembl , as well as predictions made as well as predictions made by the Human Protein Atlas project. Gene name according to HGNC. Protein class es of the gene product according to selected gene lists. List of protein classes.

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All transcripts of all genes have been analyzed regarding the location s of corresponding protein based on prediction methods for signal peptides and transmembrane regions. Genes with at least one transcript predicted to encode a secreted protein, according to prediction methods or to UniProt location data , have been further annotated and classified with the aim to determine if the corresponding protein s are secreted or actually retained in intracellular locations or membrane-attached.

Remaining genes, with no transcript predicted to encode a secreted protein, will be assigned the prediction-based location s. Read more. Number of protein-coding transcribed from this gene as defined by Ensembl. Show complete data for human cells assay. The location s are highlighted in the illustration on the right. The cell lines in the Human Protein Atlas have been analyzed by RNA-seq to estimate the transcript abundance of each protein-coding gene. The RNA-seq data was then used to classify all genes according to their cell line-specific expression into one of six different categories, defined based on the total set of all NX values in all analyzed cell lines.

The categories include: detected in all, detected in many, detected in some, detected in single and not detected.

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Protein evidence scores are generated from several independent sources and are classified as evidence at i protein level, ii transcript level, iii no evidence, or iv not available. It is highlighted in the illustration to the right. If available, links to overrepresentation analyses in Reactome, a free, open-source, curated and peer reviewed biological pathway database, are provided. An analysis is done for the corresponding gene set of the proteome localizing to the main and additional locations of the protein on this page, respectively.

A possible secretion of the protein was predicted based on N-terminal signal sequence signal peptide predictions and transmembrane region predictions, and subsequently annotated for its local or systemic secretion based on literature, function, and protein and RNA expression data.

Reliability score for the manual annotation of subcellular localization of the protein s and antibodies used for this assay. Different assays that were carried out for the protein. The miniature images are clickable and link directly to the respective section.

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Human cells. The analyzed cell lines are divided into 12 color-coded groups according to the organ they were obtained from. By clicking the toolbars in the top right corner it is possible to sort the cell lines in the chart by different criteria: the organ and the origin that the cell line was obtained from, the category of the cell line according to cellosaurus , alphabetically or by descending RNA expression. Detailed information about a specific cell line can be accessed by hovering over the corresponding bar in the chart.

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Cell lines ordered by organ of phenotypic resemblance. Cell lines ordered by biological source for establishment order. Cell lines ordered by category according to Cellosaurus. Cell lines ordered by descending RNA expression order. Cell lines in alphabetically order. The "human cells" section gives an overview about the subcellular location of the protein of interest obtained by indirect immunofluorescence microscopy , an antibody-based protein-visualization technique.

The immunofluorescent analysis is carried out in three different cell lines, one of them always being U-2 OS.

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A selection of immunofluorescent images is displayed below. Three different organelle probes are displayed as different channels in the multicolor images - nucleus stained in blue, microtubules in red and ER in yellow. The antibody staining targeting the protein of interest is shown in green. By using the toggle channel buttons, the different channels can be turned on and off.

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  8. For the selection of the images to compare, use the checkboxes next to the images at the bottom. Three images can be compared at a time. All images are clickable for an enlarged view.

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    The selected image will appear in large size and miniature images with all other staining results for this gene will be listed at the top left of the image. The selected miniature image has an orange overlay.