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In my earlier article, I explained how I transformed a Raspberry Pi Zero into a minimal, portable, go-anywhere computer system that, although small, can actually achieve useful things. It was powered up weekly to apply updates, but other than that, it was idle. Then one day, as I was flicking through emails from various Pi suppliers, I came across a slightly reduced e-Ink display offer: hmmm… and there was a version for the Pi Zero as well. What could I do with one? In this blog post, I want to share an update on how the Raspberry Pi Foundation is responding to the novel coronavirus and what it means for our work to support people all over the planet to change their world through technology.

The newly elected Directors will take their seats on the Board, March 20, ,. The OSI thanks all of those who participated in the board elections by casting a ballot. We also want to extend our sincerest gratitude to all of those who stood for election. The nominees were again, remarkable: experts from a variety of fields and technologies with diverse skills and experience gained from working across the open source community.

The OSI is honored to include each of the candidates in our election. Both Molly and Simon are former OSI board presidents, who have led significant efforts to advance not only the mission of the OSI, but the organization as well. We hope the entire open source software community will join us in thanking them for the service and their leadership.

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The OSI and the open source software movement are better off because of their contributions and commitment, and we thank them. First designed as an open alternative to the rising Android and iOS operating systems, then with a focus on connected devices instead. Mozilla announced the end of commercial development of Firefox OS in and to release the code as an open source project. In this article, we discuss top app programming language would more impact In upcoming years.

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Number of mobile app technologies that are widely used for a specific platform or for cross-platform app development. One of the most comprehensive code repositories today GitHub create a year in Review report that shares interesting statistics about the programmer community. As a mobile app development company, this report is beneficial as it informs you about the current status of popular app programming languages. Nobody will argue against documentation. It is clear that for an open-source software project, documentation is the public face of the project.

The docs influence how people interact with the software and with the community. It sets the tone about inclusiveness, how people communicate and what users and contributors can do. Dumber than than the stone you walk on.

When I was a teenager living in the Bundesrepublik Deutschland my friends and I used to smoke little handmade cigarettes from India. They were called bidis and were made of leaves from the kendu tree that grows in India. The leaves were rolled tightly into a small cigarette that was then tied with a piece of thread and dried.

The bidi packages were triangular in shape and contained twenty or so cigarettes. They were harsh but no more so than one of the French tobacco cigarettes we also used to smoke. If I remember correctly, the bidi cigarettes cost two Deutschmarks per pack. This was around the same price as tobacco cigarettes at the time. The reason I mention these bidi cigarettes is because of their connection to the Naxalite Maoist revolutionaries that operate in the central and eastern forests of India where the cigarettes are harvested.

While the film has a number of now sentimental, dated and, at times laughable, social manners the focus on cigarette usage especially , its main message of personal evolution from self-loathing through caring and integrity into responsible behavior is what makes it cogent to current events. Like John Coltrane, musical and spiritual leader of the famed quartet of which Tyner was a vital cohesive force during his tenure in the group over the first half of the s, the pianist could unleash avalanches of sound or provide the spreading terrain over which the saxophonist unleashed his torrents.

Their studies have generated rival explanations of why societies collapse and civilizations die. Meanwhile, a lucrative market has emerged for post-apocalyptic novels, movies, TV shows, and video games for those who enjoy the vicarious thrill of dark, futuristic disaster and mayhem from the comfort of their cozy couch. Of course, surviving the real thing will become a much different story.

In a report spanning more than pages, a team of researchers led by art fraud investigator Colette Loll found that while the pieces are probably made of ancient leather, they were inked in modern times and modified to resemble real Dead Sea Scrolls.

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Even before the new report, some scholars believed that most to all of the post fragments were modern fakes. In my files, there is a photo of my grandfather, George Harold Burchett, with Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space. Here in southwestern New Mexico, the afternoon had been sunny and dry with a high in the low 70s, so the temperature, though cooling down, was still very pleasant. What does our culture—a techno-industrial society in the Abrahamic religious tradition—have to say to us about the moon?

Almost nothing.

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We have a nursery rhyme about a musically-inclined feline and a bovine with impressive leaping abilities. We have rumors that people act more violent during a full moon but is that just an urban myth? Basically, and I would say to our detriment, we have reduced the moon to a symbol or cartoon, as if it literally were made of paper, in a sky of canvas over a sea of cardboard. Its cycles and many of their effects are well-known. At one point in human history, everyone was in tune with its rhythm because we all lived outside and were directly, personally affected, as were the other life forms around us with whom we communed.

The studies of Astrology and Astronomy were once one and the same. People who observed and recorded the movements of the heavenly bodies also described apparent correlations between these movements and the actions and attributes of earthly bodies. In the splitting of this discipline into two, both pursuits lost something.

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I lived on the West Coast for nearly two decades and so I met quite a number of astrologically minded people but too few had a practical knowledge of the night skies. As for those individuals of more skeptical bent, who attempt to sever the Universe of its intrinsic interconnectedness, I must ask why they insist on manufacturing cold loneliness when the raw materials of life are so much better suited to warm conviviality? Pharma has already discovered the huge profits in labeling school children, toddlers and adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD.

In the fifth century B. Broadway is going dark, and numerous television shows are dispensing with their live studio audiences during taping for at least a few weeks. These are interesting times we live in. Tonight, March 11, Trump gave a TV address to the Nation that was to be his program for mobilizing the country to address the growing spread of the Covid virus and its increasing negative impact on the US economy. The proposals landed with a thud. Even the financial markets gasped and went into a tailspin. The Dow Jones stock futures market immediately went into a tailspin, falling points again even before the markets reopen tomorrow morning, Thursday March Some people see the world as an infinite number of prize fights, each with one winner and one loser.

For them life is an unending series of these zero-sum games. Unfortunately, one of these people is the President of the United States.

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The Trump administration made clear this week that it has no plans to scrap — or, at the very least, delay — a rule change that could strip federal food assistance from over a million people in the United States as the coronavirus spreads across the nation, heightening the need for measures to protect the most vulnerable from the economic fallout.

Among those in Iran who have been unable to get critical medications have been patients with leukemia, epidermolysis bullosa, epilepsy, and chronic eye injuries from exposure to chemical weapons during the Iran-Iraq war. Now coronavirus is added to that list. The World Health Organization has now confirmed that the coronavirus outbreak is a pandemic.

The fast-spreading disease has been in the United States for weeks now, with more than 1, confirmed cases and at least 31 related deaths. The widening consensus is that aggressive measures will be required to lessen its impact. Chris Graham explains. It has been seven weeks since the first case of the new coronavirus was reported in the United States. There have been just 11, tests so far throughout the United States since the coronavirus outbreak began, compared to nearly 20, tests for coronavirus every day in South Korea alone.