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Digital Voice Recorders. HDMI Cables. Cable Management. Sign In Register. Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select a from the list. Related Products View All. Related Content. Zoom Zoom In Zoom Out. Share this product:. Available for Purchase in Store Only. Check Pricing View Rate Plans. Only the question whether the performance relevant components can maintain their full power even after a longer period of high load remains open. We tested that with the battery test of GFXBench, which runs the same test 30 times in succession and records the frame rates. It is obvious that the components are throttled when the fps drop at some time.

This is not the case in the Galaxy A5 - the performance remains stable. One Samsung Galaxy tradition has not changed - the speaker is on the rear of the Galaxy A5. The drawback of this is that the sound distorts extremely when the smartphone is on a table. It even muffles clearly when it is placed on a soft surface.

The sound is well balanced in maximum volume when the smartphone is held in the hand. However, it lacks the final hint of power and richness.

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In any case, the speaker is more suitable for an occasional music clip or conversations than for clashing movie effects. When preferred, a speaker can be connected either via Bluetooth or the 3. That is recommendable; both methods allow an impeccable sound. The power consumption of the Galaxy A5 makes a mixed impression. The minimum requirement in the idle scenario features like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth off, minimum brightness, no load is quite high with 0.

The average load consumption maximum screen brightness, all additional functions on is relatively low with 1. It can climb up to 4 watts under absolute maximum load. The " Ultra Power Saving " mode can be activated should the battery be low on-the-move. It switches the screen to black and white and disables all unnecessary background processes.

Besides that, only specified apps can be accessed. The user easily gains a few more hours of battery power, for example when waiting for a call. The removable battery is often a make or break factor among Samsung Galaxy disciples.

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The battery life can factually be doubled by carrying around a second, charged battery. This is, unfortunately, no longer possible with the Galaxy A5 because the battery is not removable. The battery has a capacity of 8. Overall, the runtime is quite similar with those of the other mid-range smartphones in the comparison. All smartphones manage at least a slightly longer runtime. The Galaxy A5 easily lasts a day in mixed use including standby. The smartphone has to be first recharged every second day when it is used frugally.

The Galaxy A5 is not exactly cheap, but the buyer gets a round total package. The stylish, slim and very rigid casing sets standards in the mid-range, the camera configuration is generous, and the input devices are pleasingly accurate. Besides that, it sports a superb screen, useful battery runtimes, and the user does not have to worry about increased casing temperatures.

However, there are still some wishes open: A Full HD would have rounded off the image on the screen, a swifter SoC would have justified the price more, and Samsung could improve the quality of both the microphone and speaker. The buyer overall gets a high-priced but also high-quality mid-range smartphone with Samsung's Galaxy A5, though.

Are you a techie who knows how to write? Then join our Team! Especially English native speakers welcome! Best Displays , for University Students. The metal casing is very slim and stylish. Left: volume rocker. Upper edge: no interfaces. Lower edge: micro-USB port, 3. Software Samsung's TouchWiz interface is still based on Android 4.

No localization possible indoors. Fast and accurate localization outdoors. Garmin Edge GPS overview. Garmin Edge GPS bridge. Garmin Edge GPS woods. Image Comparison Choose a scene and navigate within the first image. Scene 1 Scene 2 Scene 3 click to load images. Samsung Galaxy A5. Apple iPhone 6. Nokia Lumia Sony A Accessories A power supply, USB cord and a headset are in the box. Keyboard landscape mode. Keyboard portrait mode. X-Rite i1Pro 2. Color Management - "Standard" profile. Grayscale - "Standard" profile. ColorChecker - "Standard" profile. Saturation Sweeps - "Standard" profile.

Color Management - "Photo" profile. Grayscale - "Photo" profile. Saturation Sweeps - "Photo" profile. Color Management - "Movie" profile. Grayscale - "Movie" profile. ColorChecker - "Movie" profile. Saturation Sweeps - "Movie" profile.

Transfer Content with Samsung Smart Switch™ Mobile App (from Android™)

Viewing angles. Geekbench 3 Smartbench Graphics whoppers like Asphalt 8: Airborne can be played but push the graphics card to its limits. Simpler titles like Minecraft are no problem. The performance is stable even during longer load.

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Temperature The casing's temperatures are not really worth mentioning. Power Supply max. Energy Management. Battery Runtime The removable battery is often a make or break factor among Samsung Galaxy disciples. In review: Samsung Galaxy A5.

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  5. Review sample courtesy of Samsung Germany. Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM 1. Samsung homepage Samsung notebook section. Samsung attempts to relaunch in the mid-range with the Galaxy A5.

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    The slim and restrained design of the metal casing appealed to us right away. We did not like the voice quality as much: there are interference noises, and the microphone behaves oddly.