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Hands-On with the Motorola Moto Z4

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By: Aleksandar Ognjanovic. March 5, Wi-Fi connection issues Some users report that, after they installed a regular monthly patch, Wi-Fi just stopped working. In case you run into some Wi-Fi issues on your Motorola Moto Z4, make sure to try these steps: Forget the network and connect again. Reboot your phone and router. Boot into safe mode and look for improvements.

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  • Disable Bluetooth and Mobile Data. Reset Network Settings. Reset the device to factory settings. Battery draining Battery draining is never welcome, especially when the device is idle. Follow these steps to improve your battery life on the Moto Z4: Disable background apps.

    You can use a third-party app to do so. Make sure your signal is stable. We encourage all our readers to check available bands before purchasing devices. Bad network coverage leads to constant signal-hunting which leads to battery depletion.

    Motorola Moto Z4 starts receiving official Android 10 update

    Disable Auto-brightness and set preferred brightness manually. Disable Location services and Bluetooth when you are not actively using them. Reset your device to factory settings. Boot into Safe mode and check whether the issue occurs again. Reinstall affected apps. Poor cellular signal This seems to be a major problem based on reports we run into online.

    Motorola Moto Z4 Play Prices

    Moto Z4 overheating Overheating is one of those things that might be detrimental to your device hardware but temperatures rarely reach dangerous temperatures. Remove the casing while charging. Update the firmware. Speakers output with static noises Audio output is definitely not the strongest side of the Moto Z4.

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    Touchscreen issues Ghost touch issues are not frequent but they did occur for some Moto Z4 users. Screen stays black after calls In case you are experiencing issues like this, there are two things we can recommend. Hotspot not working This is, based on our research, strictly a carrier issue and not the problem caused by Motorola. Lags and stutters when gaming and in UI Snapdragon with Adreno is a quite good mid-range chipset, more than capable to run most games at least on medium settings.

    Here are some steps to take in order to reduce lags on the Moto Z4: Reboot the device.

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    Limit the number of apps working in the background. You can do so in the Developer options, under the Background process limit. Lower the Animations in Developer options. Boot into Safe Mode and, if the device performs better, uninstall recently installed apps. Reset your Moto G7 to factory settings. Select System. Open About phone. Tap on Build number 7 times. You should get the message informing you that you are now a developer. Get back to the main menu of Settings and, at the bottom, you should see Developer options, Boot into Safe Mode Press and hold the Power button to bring out the Power menu.

    Tap and hold on the Power off icon until you are prompted to enter Safe mode. Tap OK. To get out of Safe mode, just reboot your device again. Reset Network settings Open Settings. Tap on the 3-dot menu and choose Network settings reset. Choose to reset your Network settings. Confirm when prompted.

    Besides that, make sure to connect your device to a PC and back up all your media. Select Erase all data factory reset.

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