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At the front of Note 7, we have the iris scanner at the top of the screen and t he start button, which also acts a fingerprint scanner, at the bottom. On the bottom of the device to is the 3.

This handset is almost as thick as the Galaxy S7 edge. To give you an idea of its size compared to the competition, the dimensions of the new iPhone 7 Plus are Thus, there are no longer any worries about accidentally dropping the stylus in water. The S-Pen has also undergone improvements. The tip of it is thinner than before, which makes the experience of writing and drawing more fluid.

Further, p ressing the button on its side for a few seconds turns it into an eraser, meaning you can edit notes you've created without needing to activate this function on the phone itself.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Impressions!

What makes it unique compared to other models in the series is its dual-edge design. In theory, this function allows the display to reproduce colors and contrast in a more realistic way. The HDR10 feature of the Note 7 screen offers, as the name implies, a wider range of color. Below you can see a sample image which reveals the more harmonious distribution of gray on a bit display. Considering that the Galaxy Note 7 is pitched as a productivity tool, Samsung puts the blue light filter front and center in its notifications.

When enabled, this feature reduces the blue light emitted by the display as the day goes on which can help you to sleep better it's the blue-light that keeps us awake. Corning, the manufacturer of Gorilla Glass, claims that, based on its tests, this material is almost twice as resistant to falls as its predecessor: protected against 80 percent of drops from a height of up to 1. What's more, the device was often loose in my backpack or in my pocket. One of the most exciting features of the Galaxy Note 7 is the iris scanner.

Each person has a unique iris pattern which remains unchanged throughout a person's life, making it a great way to identify someone. This standard isn't widespread, so remember to take the cable and adapter everywhere.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Review: Best New Android Phone

The Air Command menu goes hand-in-hand with the S Pen. This is the central software hub where you will access S-Pen specific features. If you removed the S Pen with the screen off, you can also quickly write notes during a meeting or jot down an idea. The device leaves the factory running Android 6. With the change in Note 7's UI, some features became hard to find. During my tests, the "Smart Lock" menu repeatedly evaded me — I had to locate it using the search icon in the settings.

If you want to protect your files from prying eyes, Samsung implemented a feature called Secure Box on the Note 7 that you can take advantage of. Using the Game Tool, you can record footage and share this with other users and disable the capacitive keys during play. The Galaxy Note 7 was announced with two processor variants, one with Snapdragon , the other with the Exynos During my time with the Note 7, one thing was clear, the device does not deliver the performance you would expect from the tech specs mentioned. Don't get me wrong, the performance of Galaxy Note 7 is satisfactory, but an update to the Grace UI could transform the experience with this device into something very impressive.

During a game of Nova 3, the system choked sometimes, the opposite of what happened when I played the same game on the OnePlus 3. The Galaxy Note 7 isn't the best smartphone in terms of sound quality. Another problem is the position of the speaker, which can easily be covered by a hand.

However, when using the device with earphones, things change. The device speaker for calls is really good and the microphone captures the voice while leaving ambient noise behind. The call reception is clear no matter which side of the conversation you're on. The Note 7 has the same camera as the Galaxy S7 Edge, meaning it has one of the best cameras on the market. It's an impressive combination, capturing sharp images with great contrast.

The Note 7 also shows small improvements in the camera app. You can q uickly switch the front and rear cameras, and access the settings menu and filters with a quick tap. The camera of the Galaxy Note 7 is one of the best I've ever tested. The optical image stabilizer is accurate, the autofocus is super fast and there are few photos which don't look good in one tap. The color representation is super accurate, images are crisp and provide excellent detail. T he dynamic range is also very good. The front camera software features modes for corrections and you can highlight certain parts of the face in selfies or group photos.

We have evaluated the Note 7 battery based on our experience with the original review unit i. However, it is a step forward for the series, as the Note 5 came with 3, mAh battery. During my tests, the device displayed battery life as you would expect for a smartphone with such power. The Galaxy Note 7 battery behaved very well.

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I used the device connected to Wi-Fi most of the time, watched videos and played at least two games per day. The new Samsung device comes with two power-saving modes: Normal and Maximum. The second is much more aggressive and dramatically reduces what is possible with your phone. Furthermore, Samsung optimized energy consumption during games in order to save energy.

An excellent phone with a fatal flaw

When you start the Game Launcher app, for example, you have the option to save battery during games. The Galaxy Note 7 brings fast charging technology and also wireless charging technology. The Galaxy Note 7 has a great design, display and camera. What's more, the software is good and the battery can last all day. The exploding battery situation might be terrible for Samsung, but if it resolves the issue and drops the Note 7 price, it could make the Note 7 an even more attractive purchase option when it reappears.

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When it will be making the jump, Samsung could not say. I love the note series of phones, fortunately I already have the best of the line up the Note 4. Other than processor speed nothing beats it for form and functionality. I do not like all glass phones.

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They are just to easy to damage, and to expensive to repair. Yes they look great but I do not buy a phone just for looks. I am often away from power sources thus require a removable battery. It is much easier to carry a spare battery than a brick AKA power bank. When i first saw the Note 7 as was really impressed by the looks of this phone,but this Battery Saga as really helped me save a lot of money,and the pressure on Samsung will not be good for them but will be very good for Galaxy phone users,as Samsung must now produce there next Premium phones the S8 Edge models to really Stand out and offer the Best function offers,is the Note 7 not just the battery problem or switching to usb type c port.

Good review, but this? The most telling aspect of the exploding Note 7 fiasco was not that Samsung had some defects, but rather that the news media - including this site - overhyped the story beyond anything remotely reasonable. No fact checking, no scrutiny, nothing. Everyone simply passed along whatever rumor, regardless of the truth, as soon as they got wind of it - much like unthinking grades schoolers.

This is certainly no excuse for Samsung's quality concerns, but has anyone read how many of the Note 7 "explosions" turned out to be bogus? Anyone care? How about nearly a third as reported by those who bothered to investigate the facts? I guess there is something sobering about having to fill out a police report or other legal documents and sign your name that dissuades some gold diggers looking to make a quick buck. Sad to say, but in the 24X7 society we live in, with every news outlet so-called competing for eyeballs and ears, no one bothers to do much serious investigative journalism.

And with Google and Apple coming out with phones after the Note 7 release date, you can bet the farm many were incented to keep the Note 7 saga alive regardless of the truth. Now the new Note 7 replacement batteries are overheating and rapidly dying? Just where is the evidence, beyond the mindless repetition of rumors? If the websites and news outlets hyping this story were held to the same standards as Samsung, they would have all been shut down long ago. Love the camera samples. Samsung as to take the Full blame for not checking out the batteries fully before they were put inside the Note 7,wish we got the Full truth from Samsung what really happened then people will have more trust in buying a Samsung phone, Samsung should not have removed the removable battery option on there Note series phones, but just trying to gain iPhone users to there Galaxy phones as now cost Samsung a bad reputation and loads of money and really glad this Note 7 problem as occured, as this might at last make them bring back one of there best selling option on its premium phones not just its budget ones, just sending out a new replacement battery for the Note 7 would have solved a bit of the problem and less money lost.

Samsung had to go to a Non-removable battery to gain the IP68 waterproofing certification - no way to waterproof a phone with a removable back cover :. The S5 was IP68 waterproof certified with a removable back cover and removable battery. Samsung went with the non removable battery to compete with Apple, and for planed obsolescence. To force you to buy new phones sooner than you might otherwise. A move which with the latest phone that has backfired big time. We who buy the Note series find that very offensive!! They're not the same thing!