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The phone itself treads a tried and trusted formula: glass all-screen on the front, metal sides and a glass back. It weighs g, which is fairly light compared with the g-plus large phones, and its 7. The screen is also smaller than some recent gigantic rivals, at just 6.

Huawei P30 Pro review: A phone with superpowers

Phones have become too big recently. Still, it feels slick in the hand and is relatively easy to use. The design is, however, a little dull, particularly in black compared with some of the flashier phones in , including the Honor View Get it in blue for something a bit more interesting. Left-handed users might want to think twice before buying.

Operating system: Magic UI 2. Connectivity: USB-C 2. Huawei has a knack for making fast but power efficient processors and equipping lots of phones at various prices with the same top-of-the-range chips. So what you get is top-level performance at a mid-range price, which puts the likes of the similarly priced Google Pixel 3a XL to shame. Huawei, and therefore Honor, phones are the current battery life kings. The Honor 20 is no exception. With medium to heavy usage the phone lasted about 32 hours between charges, meaning it would make it all the way from 7am on day one until 3pm on day two.

That was while using the Honor 20 as my primary device with lots of email, messages and push notifications, a couple of hours browsing in Chrome, five hours of Spotify via Bluetooth headphones, 90 minutes of Futurama from Google Play, a minute phone call and about 20 photos. The Honor 20 runs the latest of Magic UI 2. Honor is said to launch the Honor 30 series of smartphones in April.

The TENAA listing of the mid-range Honor smartphone shows a triple camera setup on the back, housed in a rectangular camera module.

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The LED flash sits right at the bottom of the camera module. The rumoured Honor 30 Lite will have a megapixel main shooter, an 8-megapixel secondary camera and a 2-megapixel macro lens, according to the TENAA listing.

Huawei P30 Pro review: unprecedented camera, familiar design

Up front, the listing hints at a 6. The phone houses a waterdrop notch up front that will house the front camera. The listing, however, shows that the phone will come with a rather outdated Android 9. It has a gorgeous curved screen, flagship Kirin processor, IP68 water and dust resistance, reverse wireless charging, a faster in-display fingerprint scanner, and more. But let's be honest, the P30 Pro is really all about the camera.

And what a camera it is!

- We're not expecting the upcoming P40 and P40 Pro to have Google apps

The phenomenal 5x optical and 10x hybrid zoom are unlike anything we've used before and allow you to capture photos that you simply wouldn't be able to get with any other smartphone. By Aaron Brown TZ. Welcome to T3's official Huawei P30 Pro review, your comprehensive guide to every aspect of the hot new handset from the Chinese maker, ranging from the Huawei P30 Pro specs and Huawei P30 Pro price, through to our detailed breakdown of the phone's hardware and features.

And, simply put, Huawei's latest flagship really is a phone to sit up and take notice of. Not only is the device loaded with the flagship Kirin chipset that debuted in the stunning Mate 20 Pro late last year, which as benchmarks prove is lightning fast, but the P30 Pro also comes with buckets of memory and storage, a smaller notch, a significantly bigger battery, and a redesigned camera system. Cyber Monday deals. And it's that new camera system that really helps the P30 Pro stand out from the crowd. Building on the 3x lossless optical zoom introduced with the P20 Pro last year, Huawei has outdone itself with the P30 Pro.

If you're looking for a truly unique smartphone camera experience — or hoping to start an amateur detective agency and need a seriously powerful zoom in your pocket — this might just have to be your next phone. However, as this Huawei P30 Pro review will hopefully make clear, this handset is far more than just a picture-taking powerhouse, and has the potential to be the perfect phone for a variety of different users.

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With the P30 Pro, Huawei has taken the ideas that it introduced with the P20 Pro last year and run with them. The impressive 3x lossless optical zoom that helped the P20 Pro snatch a five-star review from us last year has been increased to 5x optical zoom. Not only that, but there's also a 10x lossless hybrid zoom feature that uses the AI built-into the Kirin chipset to sharpen up your shots and remove any blur from hand movements. It's seriously impressive stuff.

Of course, since Huawei has simply increased the amount of zoom that you get out of the latest P series, you could be forgiven for thinking this is an unimaginative, or iterative update to the formula from last year. Huawei hasn't stopped with improving the zoom capabilities.

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Instead, Huawei has rebuilt its entire camera system from the ground-up — a complete overhaul that starts with the sensor in the new quadruple-camera system. That's because Yellow sensors can absorb twice as much light as their Green counterparts, which means they can gather a lot more information with every press of the shutter button.

All of this extra information is processed and crunched by Huawei's onboard AI to improve zoom and low-light images. However, as you might expect, ditching the RGB configuration seen everywhere else in the smartphone industry requires a pretty fundamental rethink on how to process information gathered by a camera. Huawei says they've been working on this change for years , but have only just managed to bring the solution to market.

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It also says that it's one of the only companies that could engineer this type of change, since it builds the silicon and ISPs for its phones. The company clearly believes all this upheaval will result in more detailed images, better hybrid zoom, and improved low-light performance. And over our full review testing time with the handset it soon became clear that these changes have indeed led to an improved, super versatile camera system.

Honor V30 Pro unboxing and key features

Photographs are very sharp and burst with vibrant colours. Thankfully, the images aren't quite as ziggy and over-saturated as the Samsung Galaxy S10 produces. As you'd expect from a modern flagship smartphone, there's the ability to add bokeh-style blur behind the subject of your photograph. There's also an ultra-wide lens that can create some thrillingly original shots it can also be useful when sightseeing to squeeze an entire skyscraper into your family shot.

The P30 Pro maxes-out at a staggering 50x digital zoom, which lets you get shots that simply wouldn't be possible with any other smartphone on sale right now. The lossless 5x optical zoom is phenomenal for capturing details in the distance which would otherwise be unseen. In our brief time with the P30 Pro, we were able to zoom into architectural features on the opposite side of the street with crystal-clear quality. This feature will transform your gig photography — whether you agree with people filming concerts is a debate for another time — and a whole host of other everyday shots.

And that's not even the most impressive zoom feature. Huawei's hybrid 10x zoom, which it also claims is completely lossless, uses AI to detect what is in the photo and enhance and sharpen any details that may have been lost in the digital zoom. Text works particularly well. For example, we were able to zoom into a small road sign using the 10x hybrid zoom at the other end of a busy London street — only to find the resulting image almost as sharp as if we were stood beside it when we pressed the shutter.

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Granted, not everything comes out as crystal-clear as pain text. Whatever algorithms are running behind-the-scenes in the hybrid zoom system made some of the people around the sign in our shot look a little over-sharpened and janky. The latter is used to dramatically improve the bokeh-style blur behind the subject of a portrait-style photograph.

With future software updates, Huawei says the ToF will also be able to measure objects and people from within the viewfinder, similar to the Measure app built-into the latest versions of Apple's iOS. Huawei is employing both Optical Image Stabilisation OIS and AI-powered digital stabilisation to remove any trace of a wobble from your stills and videos — something that is extremely important when you're trying to line-up a shot in 10x zoom on a busy street, trust us.

This system also helps to minimise blur from shots taken with the dedicated Night Mode, which keeps the shutter open for longer to draw-out as much possible light from the scene. Speaking of night photography, the low-light capabilities of the new P30 Pro are very impressive, with the handset delivering , levels of ISO sensitivity compared to only the , that were offered on the P20 Pro. This makes taking images even in really low-light environments, such as a library in near complete darkness, a remarkably easy, relatively blur-free experience.

An example of the P30 Pro's Night Mode. This image was taken in a dark library where, to the naked eye, it was hard to make out individual book titles. Unlike many other rival devices at the P30 Pro's price tier, who's low-light modes offer an improvement to clarity and sharpness but retain a nighttime aesthetic, the P30 Pro dramatically shifts the image's overall illumination. Pictures taken in dark rooms suddenly look like they were taken in the evening instead, for example.