Tracking application for Samsung Galaxy S10

The Maps App on Your Samsung Galaxy S10

This means setting the language and date, signing into your Google account , and connecting to a Wi-Fi network. You should also set up a biometric authentication such as a fingerprint scanner and download a software update if available. The best place to start is with apps. You can head over to the Apps section of our website and check out our recommendations for categories like productivity , fitness , and more. The next step is to customize your home screens. Start by choosing a wallpaper and then adding app shortcuts and widgets for easy access.

Go crazy. There are a number of them to choose from, but if none are to your liking, you can download an app like Zedge to discover new ones. You can remap the button to open an app of choice or run a quick command that can turn on Bluetooth, for example. From there, you can set your billing cycle and the amount of data your plan offers.

Instead, you can use any mobile or desktop browser to visit findmymobile. Once there, log into your account and select the device you're looking for. If it's powered on, you will see its current location and battery percentage.

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A popup will also provide a series of actions to take on the lost device:. Most of these are self-explanatory. There are a couple that are worth explaining a bit more. For example, retrieve calls and messages will sync with the phone and show you the last 50 calls and messages, complete with phone numbers. The Extend battery option will provide the option to help you track it longer.

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Lastly, the Set Guardian option allows you to designate a friend or family member as someone who can log into Find My Mobile on your behalf to track or control your device. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy , which we encourage you to read. Other mapping applications that may come with your phone, such as Bing Maps or Waze, have similar capabilities, but the details will be a bit different.

Or you may want to use other mapping applications.

1. Track Samsung Live Location/Emails/Calls/Social Apps/Activities Using PanSpy

In addition to the general-purpose mapping applications that come on your phone, hundreds of available mapping applications can help you find a favorite store, navigate waterways, or find your car in a crowded parking lot. For example, Navigon and Waze offer solutions that base their navigation on real-time traffic conditions and give you turn-by-turn directions using three-dimensional images of the neighborhoods in which you are driving.

The most basic way to use a map is to bring up the Google Maps application. The icon for launching this app is shown here. The first screen that you see when you tap the Google Maps icon is a street map with your location. The following figure shows an example of a map when the phone user is in the Seattle area. The resolution of the map in the figure starts at about one square mile.

You can see other parts of the map by placing a finger on the map and dragging away from the part of the map that you want to see.

How to find lost or stolen Galaxy S10 | track your missing Android

That brings new sections of the map onto the screen. Turn the phone to change how the map is displayed. A resolution of one square mile will work, under some circumstances, to help you get oriented in an unfamiliar place. But sometimes it helps to zoom out to get a broader perspective or zoom in to find familiar landmarks, like a body of water or a major highway. To get more real estate onto the screen, use a pinch motion.

If you need more real estate on the screen, you can keep pinching until you get more and more map. After you have your bearings, you can return to the original resolution by double-tapping the screen. On the other hand, a scale of one square mile may not be enough. To see more landmarks, use the stretch motion to zoom in.

The stretch motion expands the boundaries of the place where you start the screen. Continue stretching and stretching until you get the detail that you want. The following figure shows a street map both zoomed in and zoomed out. The map on the left is zoomed in in Satellite view.