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As an example the Samsung A50 never made Verizon's approved device list. It entered Verizion's marked as a featured device. My question is aimed at other devices in the A series above the A50 not below. The Samsung A70 and the A80 are these devices compatible with Verizion?

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Go to Correct Answer. This article above explains some of what i mentioned in this post and another post regarding the A70 only. My device compatability question is not only due to price but device capability. I left the specs in the post. It seem as if you must buy devices from Verizion or only devices Verizion says it's ok to have on the network. For large families these outraguos flagship prices are not consumer friendly. Wealthy or not. Looks like i'll either have to settle for the A50 or buy the Note 9.

View solution in original post. The A70 is the phone your customers want.

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The A50 is too close to a cheap track phone compared to the A The specs on the A70 smash the A Step up Verizon and deal with Samsung and give the prepaid customers something worth buying. If not we will keep replacing parts on old phones like I have been doing a lot n my old Moto z play. It still specs way better than anything in the cash price options available today.

You must have an already active sim card from a Verizon phone.

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Once you have that you can simply put your activated sim card in the A70 and it will work. Now that is useful information. There's leaks that the A70 is finally coming to Verizon! Hope that comes true. I wouldn't call that a leak. It's more like a leap, or wishful thinking. It's unlikely there will be 2 mid range phones with similar specs. Verizon already has 2 slightly lower range.

Samsung Galaxy A80

The A70 is too close to the S series, and might put a dent in the flagship sales. I would be delighted to be wrong, but I would put money on being right. No Verizon specialist has responded to my question here regarding the A series in a prior post. I have not gotten an answer in stores or phone via customer service.

Most have no idea there are other A series phones above the A Through further inquiries i found the A70 is available in the U. The A80 has not been U. I also found Verizon will be marketing lower tier A series devices such as the A20 and A I don't want either of these devices. I want to replace a device on my account with the A These are the specs for the A Asking a Verizon specialist that is aware of device compatibility to respond.

Making sure you have a device you enjoy is important. To elaborate more on the software of the device, the Android Pie and OneUI provides us with features that have been seen earlier on other Samsung smartphones. Most apps and elements are placed on the bottom of the display for better access.

The device also comes with Digital Wellbeing that helps users know which apps they are spending the most time on so that they can cut down on the usage. In addition to all this, there is system-wide Dark mode available on Samsung Galaxy A Moving on to the performance of the smartphone, the Snapdragon G did prove to be good at handling most tasks. We often multitasked on the device and faced no problem while doing so. We often browsed social media apps like Instagram and YouTube and used the handset for other activities like music and navigation at the same time.

The smartphone handled it all very well. Gaming was also a good experience on the smartphone. We played a few seasons of Asphalt 9: Legends, which are very graphic-heavy, on Samsung Galaxy A80 and then switched to some lighter ones like Temple Run 2. The device consistently performed in both the types. However, after prolonged gaming the device did heat up occasionally because of its glass body. In fact, this is something that we also encountered at times when the device was put on charging or was being used for navigation for a very long time. Samsung A80 does come with an indisplay fingerprint scanner, which we found to be a wee bit slower than other Samsung smartphones.

Coming to the cameras of the Samsung Galaxy A80, they really are unique in the way they work. You would be very appealed to buy the smartphone if you like clicking selfies. At least when you hear about it theoretically. How many smartphones allow you to click pictures using all of its rear cameras? What makes it even more appealing for selfie lovers is the 48MP Sony IMX primary sensor that is bound to give good self-portrait shots. The other two cameras, as we mentioned earlier, include an 8MP ultra wide-angle camera and a 3D ToF sensor.

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It is worth pointing out that the primary camera of the smartphone takes images that are 12MP in resolution by default. However, there is an option of choosing 48MP resolution too. While most shots taken by the 48MP primary camera during the day were great, we should say that on zooming in to click images, some details may be compromised at times. But then, largely, the shots taken during the day had bright and vibrant colours, and they mostly turned out to be sharp.

However, the same cannot be said for the night shots.

Pricing and date of release in India for the A80 have not been announced yet.

They were decent, but not as good as other 48MP cameras that we have tried. Most selfies that we took using the smartphone turned out to be good. You would see the lightest of details on your face if you use the 48MP primary camera. However, selfies at night turned out to be average. Coming to the battery of the device, we were expecting it to lat for more than a day.

Huawei P30 Pro 4G

With moderate usage that involved watching YouTube videos, a few calls and using some social media apps, it usually lasted us a day. But if you need more talk time, they fast charger does come handy. With its 25W fast charging, the handset usually gets completely charged within an hour and 15 minutes.

Last but not the least, the call quality on the smartphone was very good.

SAMSUNG Galaxy A80

We never encountered any problems while making or receiving phone calls even from areas like basements. Samsung Galaxy A80 has its pros and cons. It comes with a beautiful design and a unique camera system, has a dream of a display, and offers smooth performance. However, it lacks water resistance and face unlock.

Another downside is that the camera performance is not very consistent, which we are hoping is taken care of in next update. So, the answer to whether is a worthy buy or not depends on what your priorities as a user are. If you like to use your device for entertainment and watching videos and playing games, you will be happy with Samsung Galaxy A80, even if it is priced at Rs 47, The display is really worth every penny.

Samsung Galaxy A80 A805F 128GB Duos Unlocked GSM Phone w/ 48MP Triple Camera - Phantom Black

However, if you want a longer battery life there are few others that will give you just that. Interestingly, if you put in just Rs 3, more, you can buy the Samsung Galaxy S10e, which is quite an all-rounder by the company.

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