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If you are logged into the same Google account on both your PC and your smartphone, you can easily track your phone from there. You will be able to see the Wi-Fi network the phone is connected to, as well as its battery percentage. You are also able to make the phone ring at full volume even if it was previously on silent or wipe your data remotely. As someone who has had to recently use this feature after misplacing my phone, I have to say that your Location has to be set to high accuracy for the best results. When I had left it on battery saving mode, I only figured out my phone was at my friend's apartment because I recognized their Wi-Fi name, which the device was connected to.

The location itself was not very accurate - a couple of blocks away from their place. Although it hasn't always had the best reputation thanks to revoking free lifetime subscriptions , Cerberus Phone Security provides a ton of options such as remote control, taking photos of the thief, recording audio, and on a rooted device, it can even survive a factory reset. If you are prone to misplacing your phone and getting it stolen as a result, it might be worth checking out.

Yet, if you're able to find your phone with any of these services, it's best not to approach a thief yourself. Instead, leave it up to the police. However, if you have simply misplaced your phone, this will help you figure out where it is. A useful tool to find your smartphone again is a smartwatch. Wear OS' on-board tools make it easy to locate the paired phone.

Just activate the Google Assistant and say "Find my smartphone". The watch then searches for the paired phone and lets it sound an alarm, even if it is actually set to silent. The location can also be triggered via the Wear OS menu without a voice command.

With Bluetooth connectivity, this option is hardly useful in the event of theft, unless the thief is still nearby. The smartwatch feature is designed to locate a lost smartphone without having to turn your whole apartment upside down looking for it. If you've lost your phone on public transportation, it's also a good idea to contact the local transit authority to see if it's been found.

The local police may also be holding it for you if a good citizen has turned it in. If you're unable to recover your smartphone, Android gives you the option to erase the data on the phone remotely using the Find My Device service mentioned above.

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If only takes a few seconds to reset the phone and the thief won't be able to stop it once it's started , but it's irreversible, so consider this option carefully before doing it. This is why recommend to always do regular backups of important documents, photos and more. Here's a guide on how to do it effectively:. If your phone is stolen, it is important to report the theft to the police as soon as possible within 48 hours at most.

This is especially important if your phone is covered by insurance. The police report will allow the authorities to block the phone from being used on other networks. Pay close attention to what you tell them, as it could mean the difference between seeing the benefits of your policy or being left with no recourse. Whoever stole your cell phone might like to rack up a large phone bill on your behalf by calling paid numbers with your phone. To avoid this, you need to notify your service provider that your phone has been lost or stolen as soon as possible.

Then, your mobile provider can shut off your phone service. You can suspend service to your number through your carrier's website, in their shops or by calling customer service. If you suspend your service, it will stop working instantly, thus avoiding fraudulent use. In most cases, you'll still be able to call your voicemail from another phone without incurring any additional costs.

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For more tips, check out these articles:. Have you ever been a victim of smartphone theft? Were you able to recover your phone? Share your tips in the comments. Google's Find My Device does practically everything you need, which is more than I can say for Apple good luck if your iPhone gets stolen. Being more cautious when using your smartphone out in the world anywhere , I can't stress this enough. The only thing that stopped me from having my smart phone stolen was quickly acting upon it I guess when you stick your 9 mm in the thief's mouth they get the hint.

We use cookies on our websites. You will get more money from a retailer for an unlocked phone compared to a network-locked device. It is quite healthy in the case of device stolen. How to Unlock a Motorola Android if You Forget Your Gmail Account your only other alternatives are to reset your Motorola device or try to retrieve your login details from Google directly.

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Have you lost your data to Ransomware? It may not be gone, Your Mobile can attempt a data recovery and in some cases even decrypt the encrypted files. This guide and software available for downloading from this page are to help you how to unlock android phone. Follow these instructions - Switch off your phone. It is important to note that performing Factory Reset on a device should not change data on the SD card and the SD card should be removed before resetting the device.

Remember hard reset will erase all the data stored on your phone. In general, we can unlock by resetting the phone.

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Scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap General Managament. The best way to completely wipe your Android device. Simply turn off your device. I presume that you back up most of your data to cloud memory. Motorola Droid 4 Hard Reset. Click Here to Purchase an Unlock Code. Alternative option:. Visit Community. Then Completed Hard Reset. After it reboots go to step 8.

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Ask Your Question Fast!. A factory reset basically resets everything. If you want to disable it, you just need to delete your account. Touch Reset Phone. You can easily unlock your Motorola One using this method.

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It will not erase your pictures or delete your phone book. First remove your sim and memory card. It provides a fast, secure, and reliable way to unlock your device without causing any harm or removing its. How to reset your Android screen lock security pattern. Using business name or keywords instead of your real name will lead to the comment being deleted. Check the options to remotely locate your device and to allow remote lock and factory reset if not already checked. Go to Setting option. If it still says unlock code not accepted, keep entering the unlock code over and over again.

If it doesn't, wait 20 seconds then power it back on. Windows Phone 8. Steps to get Motorola moto G7 power unlock code. It will start to reset the Motorola Moto G6 Plus phone.

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Factory Data Reset will retain your phone to its factory default state. We will see red triangle at LCD screen. How to Unlock Motorola Phones with Windows. Lost, deleted and encrypted. A factory reset to your Motorola E is recommended in a various situation such as in case you bricked the phone, want to boost the performance of the phone, forgot the password or pin to unlock the phone. Doing factory reset of phone also erases all data stored within the device. Otherwise, you can visit www. While still holding these keys press the Power key for a short while and release all buttons.

Upon receiving your unlock code, you can move forward with unlocking your phone.