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Thank you for actually helping me. But in one review, a user claimed: "In those 3 days I found out my sig other was in fact cheating on me The app's website includes a disclaimer, saying it is a violation to install the software onto a device you do not own.

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They said the only way someone could install the app on a person's phone was to unlock it, and install the monitoring software. A spokesperson added: "Both situations unlocking and reading your personal information, and unlocking to install software are illegal, so we trust that law abiding people will use our app legally. We pay for your stories! Do you have a story for The Sun Online news team?

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Parents can see real-time graphs of who their kids message and how often. All these features are free to parents and customizable for each child. Cons: Only provides monitoring for messages and pictures sent on Village Social. Since Village Social is a new and private network, you and your kid will likely have to invite other families to join with you to take advantage of their features.

The games and photo filters that many kids expect on social apps are not available on Village Social. Pros: Almost every social media app is able to be monitored with Bark. Parents can even receive alerts for when new apps are downloaded on their child's device. Bark also has the ability to monitor a student's second Instagram Finstagram account. Cons: Bark can interfere with other parental control softwares and doesn't allow parents to set screen time limits. Some parents have reported that they received alerts when they weren't necessary.

Pros: There is no limit to how many children or devices parents can monitor with Circle. Parents can filter content and apply time limits. Cons: Circle does not offer remote management or include social media monitoring. The app encourages kids to get moving by allowing them to trade daily steps for more screen time. Kids can also rollover unused screen time to the next day.

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Pros: There is no limit to how many children or devices parents can monitor with Clean Router. Parents can filter and manage all of the devices in the house as well as set time limitations for their children. Cons: Clean Router does not offer unique user-settings if parents have children with different monitoring needs and restrictions. Pros: Parents can block devices from accessing their network or pause the internet connection on specific devices.

Fingbox offers digital presence which allows parents to see who is at home and what devices are being used. Also, Fingbox stores your data in their cloud as opposed to locally which is a concern for some users. Compatible devices: Any device that is connected to the internet, including smartphones, tablets, computers, gaming consoles, laptops, and Smart TVs. Requires users to have an iOS or Android mobile device.

Pros: A screenshot capture feature offers parents the ability to monitor their child by seeing screenshots of their activity, as opposed to textual data. Cons: The software delivers a lot of monitoring data in text form and sometimes that data can be confusing. Pros: Parents can choose to filter out specific content that is inappropriate and schedule access times for each child.

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HomeHalo sends alerts to parents if their children try to tamper with any parental controls. Cons: Some users have reported that HomeHalo slows down web page loading and a lot of the times will end with the page timing out. There is no customer support offered on the weekends, so if parents experience an issue they have to wait until the work week to resolve the issue with the support team. Warning: The US government has signed a law that bans agencies from using Kaspersky Lab software due to alleged ties to the Russian government.

Also, Twitter has banned Kaspersky Lab from advertising on their platform. Pros: There is no limit to how many children or devices parents can monitor with Kaspersky Safe Kids.

Also, parents can set up content filters that block or warn their children, as well as set time limitations for certain apps. The US Government has banned this software from government agencies. Pros: Parents can easily set screen time limits based on the app being used or the day of the week. There is no limit to how many children or mobile devices parents can monitor with Kidslox. Some users have reported that the app scrambles the apps and folders on their phone, causing them to have to reorganize their device.

Pros: Families can see the location of family members on a private map. Cons: Some users have reported that the app sometimes has trouble accurately updating locations in real-time and that customer support is difficult to get in contact with. Pros: Easily accessible for Mac users through the parental control options in system preferences. Offers time limits, as well as the option to block certain apps, sites and messaging with specific people. A fairly robust option for Mac users.

Cons: The Mac OS X parental controls are only available on Apple devices which leaves all other devices vulnerable including phones, tablets, gaming devices, e-readers, and more. Register here for Josh's iPhone parental control setup course. Cons: While parents can monitor an unlimited amount of devices, they are limited to only monitoring 10 children or less and Mobicip does not include social media monitoring or real time notifications for parents, if there is any abuse.

Pros: The software sends parents alerts for unsafe driving behaviors. Parents can monitor their teen's driving in real time and set a curfew so that if their teen uses the car after curfew they receive an alert. MOTOsafety also allows parents to see where their teen has stopped and for how long. Cons: Some users report that it can be hard to reach customer service and that the data provided isn't always accurate. Note from the SmartSocial. If parents want to monitor more than one device they will have to pay for additional accounts. Customer support is offered by email or instant messaging but MSpy charges users if they want to speak to support by phone.

Pros: There is no limit to how many devices parents can monitor with Net Nanny Social. Offers parents the ability to set an Internet time allowance across multiple devices. Cons: Some of the best features available on the Norton Core router require a yearly subscription to access.

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It can be easy for tech savvy teens to bypass the restrictions set up by Norton Core. Pros: There is no limit to how many children or devices parents can monitor with Norton Family. The software encourages parents to engage with their kids and let them know what the digital house rules are.

Cons: Norton Family does not offer social network monitoring and offers limited iOS support. Also, all of the essential functions of the software can be found in the free version. Cons: OpenDNS does not offer unique user-settings if parents have children with different monitoring needs and restrictions. Also, there are no real time notifications for parents, if there is any abuse or remote management.

Pros: Parents can use OurPact to create device usage schedules, block apps, limit screen time, block devices at any time even while they're in use , locate their family, and block inappropriate content. Cons: Some parents have reported that it can be difficult to get OurPact set up on iOS devices and without wifi it can be tricky for kids to pause and start their screen time. Pros: The device alerts children when their screen time limit is approaching and automatically turns off the gaming console and TV when the limit has been reached.