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In the right corner of the map will be displayed your phone, there will be available a few buttons:. It's no secret that the operating system MIUI is based on Google Android, it not only adds convenience but also brings some useful features from Android to your Mi phone. To activate this feature, you should sign in Google Account on your Mi device. To do this you need to go to the website google. With this service you will be able to track your Android phone, to ring it, to lock or wipe it with all personal data.

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Thanks a lot for your support this is my IMIE no pls in form me. I didn't switch on find my device folder.

Xiaomi Mi A1 - 5.5 - 64GB - Android - black

Thanks a lot for your support. I lost my mobile phone MI Max.

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Two sims inserted in that. How can i recover all data from the phone.

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From the time it lost it shows switched off. How do I locate my phone without using the gps? I mean, it's not a good idea for the robber to get a notification that find device is active!

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