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Your photos will be clearer, brighter and more realistic compared to other 5P lens phones. The improved Kirin F octa-core chipset efficiently enhances the running speed and lowers power consumption. Your phone will run smoothly even if you are playing graphics-intensive games and live-streaming. AI will store your photos in a way you never experienced before.

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Auto Pop-up front camera for a notch-free full view display experience. Fast Speed, High Efficiency The improved Kirin F octa-core chipset efficiently enhances the running speed and lowers power consumption. We test each camera under normalized conditions in our lab using the X-Rite ColorChecker Passport reference card. The reference color can be seen at the bottom of each square.

It is quite possible that this was a deliberate decision since photos tend to look more interesting and colorful with these settings applied. Our test chart was sharp and crisp not just in the center, but also towards the edges. Many smartphone cameras show a significant drop in sharpness further away from the center of the photo. In addition to a quick start guide, a warranty leaflet, a MicroUSB cable, and a 2A charger the box also contains a headset of mediocre quality.

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The phone is equipped with a screen protector by default. There are no additional accessories available for the P Smart, not even a protective case. Thus, extras have to be purchased from third party manufacturers. Huawei sells the P Smart with a month limited warranty on the device, a 6-month limited warranty on the battery, and a 3-month limited warranty on the headset. The default keyboard application is SwiftKey, and GBoard can be downloaded and installed from the Play Store if necessary.

SwiftKey offers a plethora of settings - in addition to various layouts one can for example, use a background photo or customize the keyboard quite extensively. Even the duration of the optional feedback vibration can be configured in the SwitchKey settings.

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The point multitouch display was decently calibrated, and we have not had any trouble tapping even the smallest of user interface elements reliably. Unfortunately, the P Smart was not able to keep up with the iPhone. On the plus side, Huawei is known for its blazingly fast fingerprint readers, and the P Smart does not disappoint in this regard either. The reader was very quick and reliable.

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This taller display ratio is very popular right now as it allows for higher resolutions for videos and games without sacrificing manageability by being too wide. The comparatively high black level of 0. At its maximum brightness of nits at the center the contrast ratio was Brightness distribution was not the best either, and maximum brightness varied between and nits with an average of a very decent nits. The display also features automatic ambient light based brightness control, which can be disabled via the shortcuts that can be swiped down from the top of the display. Many other smartphones force users into their settings app in order to disable this feature.

If PWM was detected, an average of minimum: 5 - maximum: Hz was measured. In addition to three preconfigured color temperature profiles - Standard, Warm, and Cold - users can choose one from a chromatic circle at will. A feature for reducing eye strain is also available - it lowers the share of blue in colors either manually or timed to help you fall asleep faster.

The Standard profile results in a fairly inaccurate color representation due to the increased percentage of Cyan. The Warm profile is much more natural and balanced, and DeltaE drops from 5. These deviations are just high enough to be noticeable with the naked eye.

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Despite its mediocre contrast ratio the P Smart was quite usable outdoors thanks to its high display brightness. We have not noticed any color distortions whatsoever. Brightness dropped very early on but remained at this reduced level afterwards.

It features two clusters of four Cortex A53 cores each, the faster of which runs at up to 2. The P Smart landed in the upper midfield in three of the four conducted benchmarks. Internal transfer rates were on a par with the Honor 9 Lite, both of which are still equipped with regular eMMC storage just like many other smartphones in our test group. Smartphones equipped with the newer UFS memory tend to offer much higher transfer rates.

Unsurprisingly, most devices do not get anywhere near these data rates, and the P Smart was no exception to this rule. However, the first-person shooter ran just fine at 60 FPS as well. The Huawei P Smart remained fairly cool by and large, particularly its rear cover where it barely got any warmer while gaming. Even before looking at the lab results we were already disappointed by the speaker after using it for a short while. Highs are excessively exaggerated, which was confirmed by the lab results showing an utter lack of bass with overemphasized highs.

As always the audio experience can be massively improved by using an external headset, which also enables the included Histen audio algorithms. Thanks to predefined and individually configurable profiles, these can improve upon individual subjective audio experience significantly. Standby power consumption is much better, though. The P Smart may not be the most efficient phone in this respect, but 1. Charging the device from near empty to full takes around 2. When compared to Samsung smartphones, their respective longer battery life is a direct effect of larger batteries Galaxy J7 or a lower display resolution Galaxy A3, the only HD display in our test group.

But even compared to other Huawei devices the P Smart does not look too good. That said, we have to keep in mind that the Mate 10 Lite has a significantly larger battery and the P8 a slightly lower resolution of x as opposed to x While these excuses may well explain why the P Smart was outclassed by its competitors, it still does not hide the fact that its overall battery life was pretty poor regardless of load or usage scenario.

The Huawei P Smart is like an image campaign for mid-range smartphones.

And unlike the Mate 10 Lite the P Smart is not subject to a direct comparison with an equally named yet better equipped top model. The Huawei P Smart is a decent mid-range smartphone with no ambitions to take on any of the well-known flagships. Price-performance ratio is decent, and so is its overall performance - it is not the fastest by any means, but by and large always in the top half.

Operating system and EMUI are up-to-date. HiSilicon Kirin , Kirin Huawei homepage. The P20 features a megapixel colour sensor, while the P20 Pro features two cameras—a megapixel wide-angle IMX sensor, and an 8-megapixel sensor with 3x optical zoom. By default, output from "quad pixels" on the P20 Pro's megapixel sensor is pixel binned into megapixel photos "Light Fusion", similar to Nokia PureView 's "pixel oversampling " , which is used to improve image quality and the brightness of low-light images, or for intentional monochrome photography.

The megapixel front-facing camera also uses Light Fusion. The P20 ships with Android 8. CNET praised the design of the P20 Pro, noting that its "Twilight" color finish was reminiscent of when phones "dared to look different" in the early s, but that its glass backing was likely to attract fingerprints.

However, it was argued that the automatic enhancement mode often resulted in oversaturated and unnatural-looking photos. On graphics benchmarks, the P20 Pro was shown to have a frame rate advantage over its competitors due to its lower resolution.

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In conclusion, the S9 was deemed to be a better "all-round" phone, but the P20 Pro was best for users who wanted the "most versatile" cameras of a current smartphone. The Verge similarly praised its design for having many subtle details and a "satisfying sense of density that only Apple's iPhone X can match".

Its display was considered to be competitive with those of the iPhone X and Galaxy S9, also noting its inclusion of display temperature adjustment based on lighting conditions, similarly to Apple's "True Tone" feature.

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Huawei's software was considered to be less "irritating" than Samsung Experience , and maturing beyond being a clone of iOS , although bugs were noted in its handling of the display notch on the stock software. The P20 Pro's cameras were deemed the company's best to-date, to have "shockingly impressive low-light performance" outperforming the Pixel 2 , and a long-exposure "Night" mode that "somehow manages to produce handheld photos that remain sharp, accurate, and practically noise-free", but noting Huawei's aggressive post-processing, and that the "Master AI" mode was inconsistent.

In conclusion, it was argued that "Instead of gimmicks and gaudiness, the Huawei P20 Pro delivers refinement and efficiency. That's a major change for Huawei, which could previously be relied upon to be the fastest iPhone copycat in the East.