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Instead of the typical 60Hz refresh rate we see on most flagship smartphones, this panel is capable of a refresh rate of 90Hz. That equates to 90 frames-per-second. Given that Hollywood blockbusters are projected at 24 frames-per-second, that should give you a rough idea of just how smooth the screen looks.

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It's not always noticeable when you're swiping around the home screen, but whenever you're scrolling through a list the effect looks breathtaking. The animations look smoother than any other smartphone display. This is easily the best handset on sale right now to mindlessly scroll your Twitter and Instagram feed, bar none. It's a brilliant addition to the OnePlus 7 Pro and you'll really miss it when you pick-up a smartphone with a bog standard refresh rate. However, it's not quite transformative in the way that we would've hoped.

Sure, it makes scrolling around your favourite apps look nicer and makes the system animations look slicker, but it's not essential.

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You won't notice a difference when watching Netflix or YouTube videos on your OnePlus 7 Pro since these aren't shot in the higher frame-rate. Of course, the display on the OnePlus 7 Pro isn't just about the 90Hz refresh rate. For our money, it's still not quite as lavish as the display on the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus , but its damn near close for a smartphone that costs half the price.

To accommodate that monstrously large 6. There is a very small curved bezel at the top and bottom of the screen, but it's hardly noticeable — especially when compared to the eye-spanking notch on the rival Google Pixel 3 XL. Despite taking the screen to the very edge of the chassis, OnePlus 7 Pro is still a very big smartphone. It's extremely tall — and feels very unwieldy in your hand when trying to reach apps at the top of the App Drawer, or the Quick Settings at the top of the Notification Shade.

Make no mistake, in landscape this is a stunning screen that is perfect for catching up on the television shows and movies that everyone is talking about at the water-cooler. Another quibble with the elongated footprint of the OnePlus 7 Pro is the button placement. The trademark Alert Slider, which lets you cycle through Silent, Vibrate-Only and Ring modes without delving into the settings menu, makes a very welcome return. But it has been placed exactly where your thumb naturally falls on the side of the device, meaning we found ourselves constantly and fruitlessly pressing it in an attempt to wake the device.

The small teardrop-like notch seen on the OnePlus 6T has also been sacrificed at the expense of the all-screen design. According to OnePlus, there's no need to fret about durability as the pop-up will automatically withdraw back into the phone whenever it detects that it's falling. We tested it a few times, and it worked like a treat. Pushing on the pop-up also triggered the motor to retract the drawer — and surfaces a scolding message not to manually push on it on the screen. OnePlus says it rates the mechanism for at least , return journeys out of the chassis. That equates to raising the selfie camera times a day for three years, which is a lot of selfies, or times a day for five-and-a-half years for the less selfie-prone among us.

However, if you want to use the unbelievably fast Face Unlock feature that OnePlus includes with its handsets, then that could be used much faster. Research shows that the most smartphone-dependent amongst us can pick-up and unlock their devices thousands of times every day. If that sounds like you, it might be worth avoiding Face Unlock or you could find yourself burning through your , selfie camera pop-ups much faster than three years. Even if you're the sort of person who doesn't hold onto a phone for more than two years, it could still negatively impact the re-sale value. Of course, it's unlikely that your selfie camera will immediately fall apart on the ,st pop-up, but it's just something to keep in mind that you didn't have to with the OnePlus 6T.

There's no getting around it, the selfie camera drawer is a really inelegant solution. It looks weird, not least because it's slightly off-centre at the top of the device and it makes an infuriating wrrizzz noise every time that it emerges. We definitely got more than our fair share of odd glances on public transport as the pop-up noisily hoiked itself out of the phone, like a bit of spy apparatus from The Naked Gun.

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If you're not a fan of waiting the 0. According to OnePlus, the scanner can now unlock in 0. It looks weird and it makes an infuriating wrrizz noise every time that it emerges. In our experience, it feels even faster than that. With the OnePlus 7 Pro, it seems in-display fingerprint scanners have finally matched their physical counterparts in terms of speed and accuracy.

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Remember, this is still an optical sensor, which means it uses light to illuminate your fingertip to check the print — so don't expect to be able to use it in heavy rainfall, like the ultrasonic variant included in the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus. It also means that if your fingertip isn't completely covering the portion of the screen used to check the print first thing in the morning your room will be illuminated by a glaring flash of radioactive-green light.

Not ideal. That's because getting the handset officially certified costs money and OnePlus says it prefers to conduct its own internal tests and pass the savings onto you. Call us old fashioned, but we'd much rather pay a little more and be safe in the knowledge that our handset has passed a standardised, industry-recognised test.

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Would you buy a car from a manufacturer that said it saved money by forgoing any official certification but the airbags definitely deployed in its own internal tests? OnePlus 7 Pro carries a triple-camera on its rear panel — a first for the company. But this isn't simply a case of slapping an extra lens onto the camera found on its predecessor, this is an all-new set-up engineered from the ground-up. According to OnePlus, it's well aware that cameras have been one of the weakest elements of its past handsets — and that's something it's desperate to change with its latest effort.

As such, the new system is designed to be able to stand toe-to-toe with the flagship rivals that OnePlus has always positioned itself against. Combined, these two additional cameras mean the OnePlus 7 Pro is able to keep up with all the latest tricks you'll find on rival flagships, including fish eye touting ultra-wide shots and 3x lossless optical zoom. The latter works well and means you'll be able to convince Instagram followers that you were much closer to the front of the gig than you actually were.

There's also 10x digital zoom, but frankly, the quality starts to erode pretty darn quickly as you approach that upper limit. If you're looking for the best zoom available, this ain't it — you'll be happier with a Huawei P30 Pro. Overall, photos from the OnePlus 7 Pro are solid. Colours are vivid — but not over-saturated and zingy like those from the Samsung Galaxy S10 , and details are sharp.

It's definitely a step-up from past efforts from the company. However, it's not going to take podium position in the smartphone photography wars anytime soon. The triple-camera on the OnePlus 7 Pro can muster all the usual effects and tricks you'd expect from a modern flagship smartphone, including portrait photos with artificial bokeh-style blur behind the subject.

These look pretty good, although if there is a dramatic light source in the background details can quickly get lost, something that doesn't happen with the Pixel 3 series. It's also a shame that the amount of blur can't be altered after the fact. The default is pretty aggressive, which might suit your tastes, but it's a shame the option for something softer isn't there — something you'll find on almost every OnePlus 7 Pro rival in this price range.

Video performance is solid, although not revolutionary. However, slow-motion is now available all the way up to a ridiculously sloooooooow frames-per-second, which is good fun and should result in some pretty unique moments for the Instagram feed. As you'd expect from OnePlus — a company that has adopted "Fast and Smooth" as its mantra for software and hardware — this feels seriously slick. It's baffling that OnePlus can create such an exemplary, buttery-smooth Android experience when Google, the company that actually designs the open-source mobile OS, cannot match this level of performance with its flagship Pixel 3 series, which has been plagued with stuttering animations and crashing apps since its launch.

OnePlus favoured UFS 2. All of this means that if you're looking for the best showcase of what Android OS can be, look no further than the OnePlus 7 Pro. Out of the box, OnePlus 7 Pro runs Android 9. The ability to record your screen, like on iOS, and edit and share the video from directly within the Gallery has been added to the latest version of the OxygenOS operating system, as well as a new "Zen Mode". The latter locks your handset for 20 minutes, stopping you from doing everything except make and receive emergency calls and take photos. OnePlus believes the restrictive new mode will appeal to students and families with phone-obsessed offspring.

Although there are plenty of warnings before you initiate the software feature — to make sure you don't accidentally switch it on in your pocket just before you really need to access your phone, there isn't currently a way to deactivate the feature early It's a nice idea, but feels like the kind of gimmick that Samsung used to pour into its own version of Android. Sure, this might help a handful of students go cold turkey during exam season, but it's not got anything like the depth or value of something like Digital Wellbeing — the usage tracking feature built into all Pixel smartphones — can offer.

Hopefully, OnePlus relegates this type of feature to an optional, standalone app in future, as one of the biggest appeals of its OxygenOS thus far has been its exemplary restraint with additional features. Elsewhere, OnePlus 7 Pro is fitted with an improved vibration motor designed to make notifications and calls more noticeable. It's also used to make the small haptic taps that have been scattered across Android 9.

These are a lovely addition and makes it feel like you're really interacting with the operating system. Android still doesn't use its haptics quite as well as iOS, which has a little more consistency about when you'll get a tap from the software. Here is a most commonly used spying method:. To spy on a Opp mobile phone, another effective and easy approach is to use a spyware program. There are different spy applications available in the market. You can track the activities of the phone, location log, contacts, and much more. It offers a number of basic and advanced features for Android mobile phones.

Oppo Spy App is offering two subscription plans: Basic and premium. These plans can be opted by selecting a billing option: Monthly, quarterly, and yearly. Opp Spy Software offers more than 30 features for Oppo Android smartphones. The features are further subdivided into two categories, Basic and premium, based on the pricing plans.

The features are discussed in detail below:.

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Phone calls and text messages : Using Oppo monitoring software, you can view phone calls log of any Oppo mobile device. You can view all their incoming, outgoing, and missed calls. Oppo Spyware automatically records all the calls for you with a premium version. Ambient listening : You can also record the surroundings of a Oppo phone.

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This is an advanced feature of Oppo Spy App that can be availed by opting for a premium subscription plan from Oppo Spy App. However, Oppo Spy Software premium version allows you access all the calls, chats, and photos shared on the social media sites, like WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Facebook, Line, Kik, Instagram, and Tinder without rooting the device. Internet and Emails : It gives you access to the internet browsing history and Gmail app on the Oppo mobile. Installed Apps : On a Oppo mobile, you can view the list of installed apps and block any application using Oppo tracker.

Geo-Fencing : Oppo Spy App uses the geofencing technology to create location watch lists.