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Do I need to be tied to a contract upon signing up P99? There is no contract for P P99 is designed for smartphone usage only.

Can I use my smartphone as a mobile hotspot? What happens if I finished my mobile hotspot quota? You can continue to use mobile hotspot at a reduced speed of up to 64kbps. Can I sign up member line with P99? Yes, you can sign up maximum of 3 member lines of Share How much data can I share with member line s? How does Roam-Onz work for P99?

Samsung Galaxy S20 vs. iPhone 11 Pro: A deeper division lurks beneath the spec sheets

Can I opt-out from Video-Onz service? You are not able to opt-out from this free service. What is UPackage plan? What do I need to do in order to sign up for UPackage plan?

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How many lines that a customer can sign up with UPackage? Which rate plans are available for UPackage sign-up? I am currently on a Postpaid plan with an active contract. Can I sign up for UPackage? What if I cancel my UPackage plan, terminate my line with U Mobile or if I want to make a full settlement after a few months signing up for the U Package plan? Can I trade in my phone and get discount for new phone when I sign up UPackage? Unfortunately, device trade-in is not applicable for UPackage sign-up. What is P? What is P promotion? Who is eligible for P promotion? What does HD Streaming mean?

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P enables customers to enjoy a better viewing experience with high definition streaming. Where can I sign up for device bundle service? How do I enjoy the Upfront Payment waiver upon registration? These additional terms and conditions and any add-on services such as voice or SMS Postpaid Add-on Packs are governed by separate terms and conditions collectively, the Terms , all of which are available on www. We may from time to time change the device requirements for P99 or P at our absolute discretion. You must only use the voice service strictly as part of normal everyday mobile voice usage and not for commercial use.

P99 or P shall not be: re-sold, rented or utilised in any other way; used for multiple simultaneous calling, conference calling, re-supply, call centre usage, telemarketing, application-to-person communication, continuous calling for extended period of time, auto-dialling, machine-to- machine communication; used for wholesale or for SIM boxing or aggregate minutes on our network; used in connection with a device, software or application which re-routes calls; used to set up switch devices which could keep a line open potentially for hours and limiting the ability of other customers to access our network; or used for any other activity that U Mobile considers to be non-standard usage.

In addition to our other rights and remedies, we may suspend or terminate your P99 or P if you breach any of the Terms. When there is a network failure, your normal non-hotspot data usage may inadvertently be deducted from your mobile hotspot quota. You acknowledge the possibility of this happening and agree not to hold us liable. Data is only applicable for domestic usage and will not be available when you are roaming overseas.

Share 20 member lines You may subscribe up to 3 Share 20 member lines under P99 or P We continually check thousands of prices to show you the best deals. If you buy a product through our site we will earn a small commission from the retailer — a sort of automated referral fee — but our reviewers are always kept separate from this process.

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You can read more about how we make money in our Ethics Policy. See below for the price variations depending on how much storage you need. Related: Best iPhone Deals. Prefer an iPhone with a better screen? Our iPhone 11 Pro review is for you.

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The shorter verdict is that these new rear cameras are excellent. There are two cameras on the back of the iPhone Apple has also added 4K60 video recording, made improvements to its Smart HDR feature that was introduced last time around and has finally built a Night mode into the camera app for much better shooting when the light is poor.

Snaps taken with the Night mode automatically enabled are, on the whole, fantastic. You get clean, crisp photo which matches — and can exceed — the Pixel 3 and P30 Pro. Pictures taken in less taxing environments are predictably excellent. Detail has been dramatically upped from the previous iPhones and, to my eye, dynamic range is better — giving you a clearer definition between the lightest and darkest elements of the picture.


For the heavy mobile users out there, this is the plan for you, offering an endless allowance to ensure your bingeing needs are seen to. You can shoot on both cameras up to 4K60fps and the colours and tone are well-balanced across both. These slow-motion selfies are surprisingly fun but also a bit gimmicky. Apple seems more settled than usual with the designs of its trio of iPhones. The iPhone 11 Pro line has been virtually unchanged since the iPhone X arrived and just about killed the bezel, while the iPhone 11 keeps the same look and feel as the iPhone XR.

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It still weighs the same, at g, keeps the 8. What that really means for you, if you accidentally drop your shiny new phone on a stone floor, remains to be seen. I have already seen plenty of examples of cracked iPhone 11s. Where the design differences are most obvious is the new, larger camera housing. The iPhone 11 adds a second camera into the mix, making both sensors physically larger in the process. The iPhone XR introduced bright colours to the iPhone line for the first time since the often derided iPhone 5C and they remain here. For the iPhone 11, Apple has muted some of the brighter colours, giving them more of a pastel finish.

A deep Product RED version rounds off the selection. General surfing on the internet requires no more than 1 Mbps. Therefore, the data speed limit of 2 Mbps, will allow you to carry out your light browsing activities comfortably. Therefore, the data speed limit of 10 Mbps, will allow you to carry out your browse comfortably. Facebook, including chat recommends 0. Therefore, the data speed limit of 2 Mbps will allow you to enjoy unlimited browsing on Facebook. Therefore, the data speed limit of 10 Mbps will allow you to enjoy unlimited browsing on Facebook.

Spotify recommends 0. Therefore, the data speed limit of 2Mbps will allow you to enjoy unlimited music on Spotify. Therefore, the data speed limit of 10 Mbps will allow you to enjoy unlimited music on Spotify. All Phones. Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max. Choose storage:. Free delivery.