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Storage : 32 GB. OS : Android 8. Maoni Yetu Maoni yetu baada ya kuchambua simu. Muundo Type Design Type called form factor refers to a mobile phone's size, shape, and style as well as the layout and position of major components of phone. Ocean Blue, Charcoal Black. Mtandao 2G Network. This allows the phone using the card to attach to a mobile network.

Moving a SIM card from one phone to another allows a subscriber to switch mobile phones without having to contact their mobile network carrier.

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SIM cards can also be used by a phone to store limited amounts of data, such as phone numbers and text messages. Pixel Density Pixel Density PPI is refers to the concentration of pixels on a particular display, measured in pixels per inch ppi. Pixel density is calculated by dividing the diagonal pixel resolution of a display by its diagonal size, higher pixel density better display quality.

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Media FM Radio. Referred to as Single, Dual or Triple. Main Camera Camera is able to capture photographs and usually videos, The most important characteristics of a camera are the resolution measured in megapixels , lens focus type fixed or automatic , higher megapixel cameras are known to capture higher quality photos, but not always a good measurement of the photos quality. Selfie Set The total number of lenses contained within the Selfie camera systems.

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Operating System controls all basic operations of the computer such as smartphone, PDAs, tablet computers and other handheld devices. The Operating System allows the user to install and run third party applications apps , apps are used to add new functionality to the device. User Interface UI or user interface of a device is the look and feel of the on-screen menu system.

How it works, its color scheme, how it responds to button presses, all of these things are part of the user interface. Sifa za Ndani Chipset Chipset is a group of integrated circuits designed to perform one or a more dedicated functions, often with real time computing constraints, Popular smartphones are equipped with more advanced embedded chipsets that can do many different tasks depending on their programming. Processors are often described as the brain of computers, smartphones and tablets, Smartphones and tablets rely on processors to carry out their every task, Processors are an incredibly important factor in selecting any type of computing device, including your smartphone.

GPU GPU Graphics Processing Unit is a single-chip processor designed to rapidly manipulate and alter memory to accelerate the creation of images in a frame buffer intended for output to a display, This includes things such as lighting effects, object transformations, and 3D motion. As several reviewers mentioned, this is not the fastest SSD out Works with many different brands of phones because of the RJ9 audio jack and 3.

I wish the line had more controls, but it is comfortable to use and has good audio quality.

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I use this a lot for work, but had some audio issues due to the cable. Customer service was quick to respond and provided a replacement for me. Edit: Has reliability issues. I like being able to charge more than 1 item, however, now one of the cords doesn't charge properly.

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I have tried it on multiple devices and that one cord charges very slowly. The other one works fine! Not only is my entire order being replaced, but they're throwing in a gift for my inconvenience!!!! Outstanding company! They've made me a loyal customer! Just returned from Orlando yesterday, used these at Discovery Cove and they worked perfect, could not be happier!

I have a Samsung Galaxy 3, took photos above and underwater.

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I can not believe how clear the underwater photos can out, I figured they would be blurry but they were beautiful! I was very concerned about easy of use and waterproof but the product is easy to use, just opened it up, put my phone in case and all, sealed it up and was good to go. To a bit to text but taking pictures even underwater was easy, used it all day, no leaks, not a drop. I did the test on both at home before we left for vacation and both passed.

Dry off the outside as good as you can before removing your phone, you may get a few small droplets in the case when you take your Only 8 left in stock - order soon. I was having boot-up issues, with the computer freezing at the log-in screen for several minutes, and app icons seemed to bounce endlessly before the app would open. Now, from pressing the power button to the desktop takes 30 seconds, and apps open in a mere two bounces of the icon. Awesome tough to bend into shape but that's what's best about it, it won't be moving around on you while your driving and the adjustable arms on the bottom is perfect to customize it to fit any charger.

Great value. The sounds quality is amazing. Crystal clear. Works really well.

How to locate or track a Samsung Galaxy M10

The only downside is that it doesn't seem to work in the headphone jack of the MacBook Pro. I can hear the other person, but they can't hear me. So I guess it only works with phones. Regardless, I still give it 5 stars.