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Apple explained that it's because the new phones, including the non-pro iPhone 11, use an ultra wideband chip that still isn't universally approved. The devices need to perform regular location checks, so it can switch off the chip where it can't legally be used. While Apple emphasized that the company isn't collecting location data and that the UWB checks take place "entirely on the device," it promised to roll out a dedicated toggle for the chip to assuage people's fears. So iOS Apple's devices use the UWB chip for highly precise location finding.

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One of its benefits is giving users the capability to quickly find the right person to AirDrop in a place full of iPhone users. Buyer's Guide.

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Log in. Doing so means that you still have access to your information — at least to some degree — even if your smartphone goes missing.

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Apple conveniently offers iCloud which basically makes a backup of your iPhone which then can be transferred to a new phone. There is a very detailed explanation available on its Support pages when it comes to how to configure automatic backups, so feel free to take a look. These seven easy steps should help protecting you and your devices. Easy right?

So go on — watch the Apple Keynote, buy the new iPhone 11, and enjoy all it as to offer — securely. This article is also available in: German. Discover Avira's free privacy and security app for iOS. Larisa Ioana. How to secure your new iPhone 11? So, go ahead, buy that new iPhone 11 and follow these 7 simple steps afterwards: 1. Use fingerprint login Long gone are the days where you needed to enter your username and pin to access your mobile. Create strong passwords Weak passwords are one of the top reasons for breached accounts so make sure to always use strong and varied passwords for all of your online services.

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Download only official apps Another simple way for hackers to gain access to smartphones is to modify the code of certain well-known apps and hide their own malignant strings. Create backups Another important step is to make regular backups. Once you've set a passcode, scroll down to the bottom of the Passcode settings page. Be sure to keep the password you use here safe: restoring from backups is a rare event, but extra painful if you cannot remember the password to unlock the backup in an emergency.

If you back up to Apple's iCloud, you should use a long passphrase to protect the data, and keep that passphrase safe. While Apple encrypts most data in its backups, it may be possible for the company to obtain access for law enforcement purposes since Apple also controls the keys used for iCloud encryption.

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If you turn on data protection as described above, you will also be able to delete your data on your device securely and quickly. If you do this be sure your phone is backed up in case someone purposefully enters your passcode incorrectly. Please note the only categories of user generated active files that can be provided to law enforcement, pursuant to a valid search warrant, are: SMS, photos, videos, contacts, audio recording, and call history.

Apple cannot provide: email, calendar entries, or any third-party App data.

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REMEMBER: While Apple will be unable to extract data directly off a phone, if the device is set to sync with iCloud, or backup to a computer, much of the same data will indeed be accessible to law enforcement. Under most circumstances, iOS encryption is only effective when a device has been fully powered down or freshly-rebooted, without being unlocked. Some attackers might be able to take valuable data from your device's memory when it's turned on.