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We are committed to openness and transparency in everything we do. As a publicly traded company, we are committed to adhering to all applicable laws and regulations of the United States, work with carriers to pass strict testing protocols, and adhere to the highest business standards. Our mobile phones and other devices incorporate US-made chipsets, US-made operating systems and other components.

ZTE takes cybersecurity and privacy seriously and remains a trusted partner to our US suppliers, US customers and the people who use our high quality and affordable products for their communications needs. If you're Huawei, you'd be upset, too. Especially since there's been no evidence that Huawei's phones are really spying on anyone. And that's really the issue here. There isn't any hard evidence at this time to back up any claims that Huawei phones are a threat to personal or national security. It's just a lot of smoke from Washington. Ironically, the only known hacking we know of that's closely related to Huawei wasn't done by the company or the Chinese government, but by the NSA.

In , it was revealed the NSA had made a program called "Shotgiant" that created backdoors into Huawei-made networking equipment in order to monitor communications around the world and find ties between the Chinese company and China's People's Liberation Army. Per the New York Times :. Two years after Shotgiant became a major program, the House Intelligence Committee delivered an unclassified report on Huawei and another Chinese company, ZTE, that cited no evidence confirming the suspicions about Chinese government ties. Just imagine if any other government said this.

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For example, imagine if the Chinese government accused Apple's iPhones of spying on its citizens even though there's no evidence to suggest so. It then bans iPhones and labels Apple as untrustworthy because it could be working with, say, the NSA, to monitor Chinese communications. Would that be fair?

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Support for updates, hardware accessory ecosystems, and resale value should also be included in your buying process. Buying a phone from a relatively unknown smartphone company makes it much harder to find compatible accessories at competitive prices. And as someone who has sold more than a few smartphones in his time, let me tell you: no one wants your off-brand Chinese smartphone. Not even the United States, apparently. The A. Some Huawei employees initiated legal challenges against the company regarding the employee stock for the year on a Chinese court, however both the Shenzhen city Intermediate people's court and the Guangdong province High people's court ruled that their stock ownership are for reference only and there are no legal basis to employees' claims on their ownership of Huawei's stock.

Army Strategic Studies Institute report on Argentina published in September describes Huawei as "known to bribe and trap clients". The report details unfair business practices, such as customers framed by "full-paid trips" to China and monetary "presents" offered and later used by Huawei as "a form of extortion".

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According to a WikiLeaks cable, in , Michael Joseph, then-CEO of Safaricom Ltd, allegedly struggled to cancel a contract with Huawei due to poor after-sales experience, after which the Kenyan government pressured him to reinstate the contract. In October , 7, Huawei employees resigned and were then rehired on short-term contracts, thereby apparently avoiding the unlimited contract provisions of the Labour Contract Law of the People's Republic of China.

The company denied it was exploiting loopholes in the law, while the move was condemned by local government and trade unions. Huawei's treatment of its workforce in Guangdong , Southern China also triggered a media outcry after a year-old software engineer, Hu Xinyu, died in May from bacterial encephalitis , as a result of what is believed [ by whom? In its Corporate Social Responsibility report, Huawei highlighted the importance of employee health and safety. In , Huawei provided annual health checks to all full-time employees and performed 3, checks to employees exposed to occupational health risks.

Li asked for compensation based on the Labor Law of China. In late , Huawei's HR transferred , yuan to Li via a personal account. Then Huawei reported to the police for racketeering and blackmailing because Huawei asserted that Li threatened to "report business fraud" as a condition of resignation. The police then detained Li on 16 December and arrested him on 22 January According to a secret recording tape provided by Li's wife, the two-hour negotiation between Li and Huawei's HR did not mention any Huawei's allegations. Li was released after days in prison. Reports and trending hashtags about the detentions have been censored in China, and the Communist Youth League of China posted an article online claiming that protesters in Hong Kong had passed information about Li's case to destabilise China after The Guardian reported the case.

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According to report, Huawei have been working closely with China Development Bank in foreign market starting from year Huawei has been reported to be a key recipient of Chinese state subsidies, having acquired land at below-market prices. In year , the U. Export-Import Bank President Fred Hochberg alleged the China Development Bank credit as one of the main reason behind Huawei's rapid growth, however Huawei rejected the claim as "fundamentally incorrect" despite admitting the existence of those credits. In , Huawei president Ren Zhengfei have stated that, "without government protection, Huawei would no longer be alive.

In , European Union found that Huawei and ZTE have violated EU's anti-dumping and anti-subsidy guidelines, however Huawei denied the finding and claim they are always playing fairly. In , The Indian government found that Chinese telecommunication equipment makers including Huawei have been continually dumping equipment into the Indian market and causing injury to local companies. As a result, the Indian government applied anti-dumping duty to equipment imported from Chinese equipment makers, including Huawei.

The duties applied to Huawei were levied at a rate of Specifically, the Andrew antennas were part of a large order for Huawei telecommunications gear that MTN Irancell had placed through Soda Gostar, but the MTN Irancell says it cancelled the deal with Huawei when it learned the items were subject to sanctions and before any equipment was delivered. In April , it was reported that the U.

Justice Department had joined the U. The U. She faces extradition to the United States on charges of violating sanctions against Iran. None of the allegations have been proven in court. On 28 January , U. Huawei responded to the charges and that it "denies that it or its subsidiary or affiliate have committed any of the asserted violations", as well as asserted Meng was similarly innocent.

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According to a report by Iraqi official, Huawei supplied "optic fibre and switching equipment" to Iraqi military in year — when the country was ruled by Saddam Hussein 's government during the Ba'athist Iraq period, violating United Nation sanctions. In , Reuters reported that Huawei was linked to a suspicious front company in Mauritius which has conducted operations in Syria - despite Huawei's claim that they are unrelated. In , Washington Post reported that Huawei was linked to a suspicious Chinese state-owned firm which has conducted operations in North Korea.

Huawei have been reported as one of the key suppliers for China's Great Firewall of China internet censorship program. In October , The Wall Street Journal reported that Huawei had become Iran's leading provider of telecommunications equipment, including monitoring technologies that could be used for surveillance. According to report, Russian telecom equipment manufacturer Bulat was in talk with Huawei to acquire technology to store user data when they are using the network. In , it was alleged that Huawei Technologies India had developed telecommunications surveillance equipment for the Taliban in Afghanistan, and newspapers reported that the Indian government had launched a probe into the firm's operations.

In September , AnandTech reported that recent Huawei and Honor phones, including the Huawei P20 and Honor Play, had been configured to activate a high-performance mode when certain benchmarking software was detected, causing increased frame rates at the expense of efficiency and battery life. A Huawei executive admitted that the company was attempting to compete with domestic vendors, including one it accused of providing "unrealistic" scores.

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However, he also expressed an opinion that manufacturers should evaluate their phones on benchmarks that more accurately reflect real-world use, and that the company would vet its benchmark scores via third-parties before publishing them as promotional material. After confirming the behavior with a version of its software that could not be easily detected, 3DMark delisted scores for several Huawei and Honor devices from its database. On several occasions, Huawei has issued promotional materials promoting the camera capabilities on its smartphones, that were later found to have actually used professional DSLR cameras instead.

It was pointed out that Exif metadata on the photo identified it as having been taken with a Canon EOS 5D Mark III , and the wording and intent of the post could potentially mislead readers into believing that the photo itself was also taken with a P9. Huawei pulled the post and apologized, stating that it was meant to "inspire our community", and that the caption should have been more clear.

In , behind-the-scenes photos from the filming of a Nova 3 commercial by Huawei's Egyptian branch revealed that a DSLR had been used for certain scenes, implied to have been taken with the phone itself during the commercial. An actor was seen miming the taking of a selfie , without actually having a phone in his hand. It is not explicitly disclaimed in the ad. In its promotion of the Huawei P30 , the company was caught using stock photos on promotional posts for the device on Sina Weibo.

The posts were later amended with fine print stating that they were for "reference" purposes only. A new AI mode on the P30 is designed for taking photos of the Moon , and states that it can "adequately capture the beauty of the moon along with fine details like moonbeams and shadows".

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However, it was later discovered that this mode merely composes existing imagery of the moon into the photo. In November , Chinese users discovered the Salah Islamic prayer notification feature in Huawei Mate 10 phone, on the company's website for Mainland China. Significant backlash has formed on the Chinese internet and some have even tried to boycott Huawei phones for including such feature, and make fun of the phone by calling it "the first phone with a Halal prayer feature" and describe the event as the "Islamic conversion of Huawei".

Later, Huawei published an official statement via Sina Weibo , [] stating that the feature was only a personalized notification service designed for "certain overseas regions" that was not available in China. Netizens questioned why promotion of that feature was available on the company's Chinese website in the first place if that was not the intended area but those comments were deleted before getting any response. A Taoist priest commented that the mosque-finding service on the device was also available in mainland China, inconsistent with the official explanation about these religious features.

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In January , people found out that Chou Tzu-yu , a Taiwanese artist performing at South Korea and endorsed the Huawei Y6 in advertisement beforehand, was displaying the flag of Republic of China in a Korean entertainment show and accused the artist's behavior as supporting Taiwanese independence. In August Chinese netizens criticized Huawei because their P-series phones listed Taiwan as a separate country when set to use traditional Chinese characters.

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