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OnePlus 8 release date: New OnePlus handsets could ALL be 5G-ready

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If purists swear by the stock version of Android, OxygenOS is, in my opinion, one of the best, if not the best Android offering in terms of versatility, simplicity, and efficiency. Well, I'll grant you, only a tiny minority of consumers really care about those kinds of details. But the fluidity of the system animations almost as good as on iOS , the complete and much clearer settings than at Samsung, and especially the speed at which Android updates arrive make the user experience particularly enjoyable.

Everything runs smoothly. You really feel like you have a good grip on your phone and you're not overwhelmed by the machine. Another detail, the haptic feedback is quite impressive on the OnePlus 7 line. Once again, we're into technical details here and I don't even notice it after days. But I've only found comparably good haptic feedback at Apple and Google, nowhere else. The OnePlus 7T launched with version 2. And it is clear that these figures are anything but an empty promise.

The lack of wireless charging didn't bother me at all and I never really felt the need for it. But I understand and find perfectly legitimate the complaints of those who regret not having this feature on a high-end smartphone in But that was before.

OnePlus 7T Google Camera vs Stock Camera - GCAM DEFEATED?!

That's enough to easily last a day and a half without the need to plug it into the mains. But after several months of fairly intensive use of the OnePlus 7T, which I use as a personal and professional phone at the same time, as well as a games console in the evening, I can no longer go beyond a day's use without having to connect it to the power cable. On the back, the OnePus 7T's photo module is composed of a megapixel wide-angle main sensor, a megapixel telephoto lens and, new, a megapixel wide-angle sensor.

I really don't mind the layout of the lenses in a circular island and I prefer it to the squares or even rectangles chosen by Apple and Samsung that make the smartphone wobbly when laid flat.

But I have to admit that after days of testing photophones like Google's Pixel 4 XL or the Huawei P30 Pro , the OnePlus 7T's camera is not up to the industry's best, but by day, the wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle sensor duo is doing quite well. Overall, I still feel that the dynamic range the ratio between the darkest and lightest areas of a scene is unbalanced.

The level of detail is quite satisfying but the colors are far too bland. The responsiveness of the photo module is not the best either. During a guided tour last weekend, I wanted to take a few pictures on the sly despite my guide's ban. It took so long for the camera to go off that I had a hard time taking steady shots before I had to hide my smartphone to avoid being caught red-handed. I rarely used it anyway, during my days with the smartphone.

But the shots have the merit of being very well exposed with a well-lit scene, without being drowned out by digital noise. Overall, I really regret not having a Pixel 4 on hand to take pictures. The OnePlus offers a correct rendering but I feel a real shift in the range - downwards - every time I compare my pictures taken with the OnePlus to those of other premium photophones.

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This is really the only thing the brand still needs to work on in order to offer a complete high-end smartphone. After more than days together, the OnePlus 7T and I have been getting along very well. It is, in my opinion, the best smartphone of the brand so far and one of the best premium smartphones in terms of value for money. Certainly, OnePlus has abandoned its flagship-killer philosophy and no longer really breaks the price barrier on its new models.

But I don't see this new direction taken by OnePlus as a betrayal.

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The manufacturer has given itself the means to achieve its ambitions with the OnePlus 7T and the experience offered is worth its weight in gold. I still love the customization possibilities that OxygenOS allows, which makes me feel like I'm really in control of my device and not a slave to it by being forced to bend to the way it works. At its release, the OnePlus 7T was almost universally considered one of the most powerful Android smartphones on the market. The configuration is still very competitive in , and it's still very competitive on the greediest games, which run smoothly.

In short, because we must conclude this sooner or later, I would finally say that the OnePlus 7T is a very complete smartphone that has everything a high-end phone should. It marks a transition in the OnePlus strategy that I see rather positively for now.

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