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How We Recruit Post Vacancy. Shyama Trading Pvt. The only minor disappointment is that it ships on Android 9, not the new Android 10 , although Fairphone aims to provide security and software updates for five years from release.

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Anyone who has used Android in the last five years will be familiar with it, while switching to it from an iPhone is fairly straightforward. In good lighting the Fairphone 3 shoots reasonable pictures with a solid amount of detail and colour. The same goes for selfies and portraits.

Shots taken indoors at night with a mixture of overhead and lamp lighting produced dark, grainy and indistinct images. Other than efforts from the company to source materials ethically, and to pay the factory workers who put together the phone a top-up to a living wage , the most exciting thing about the Fairphone 3 is its modular nature. Starting from the removable back and battery, the rest of the phone can be pulled apart with standard screws. Fairphone even includes the correct screwdriver in the box. If a part breaks, buy a replacement module, screw it in place and away you go.

Fairphone includes a bumper case in the box that wraps the sides of the phone while leaving the back open. Bluetooth performance is poor, causing hiccups with headphones that are rock-solid with other devices. The 5.

Key Android 10 update features

It has USB-C and a headphone socket, both of which are welcome, but the odd speaker placement makes it easy to block. The inside is the same. Dual-sim and microSD card support is great too, but Bluetooth performance was pretty poor. You can genuinely repair this phone yourself with modular components you simply unscrew and replace. The TiSPY software allows parents to monitor all the calls that were made by the host's smartphone and contacts those were added or removed from the host's phone.

The parental software has a unique capability of monitoring and controlling all the social media channels like Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Instagram, Viber, Tinder and many more and let parents view messages and media files sent through them. Parents can avail software's location tracking feature to track the current location of their kid and check the path of the journey. The Geo-Fencing alert feature sends an alert to the parents when their kid accidentally enters a restricted area.

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The TiSpy's geofence feature allows parents to set boundaries for their kid. This feature sends an immediate alert if children leave or enter a geofenced area. The prominent feature of the TiSPY software is its surveillance. It captures lives activity on the host smartphone and records both audio, video.

Chunky, translucent plastic

The recorded media files get stored on the user's dashboard. The software also comes along with an anti-theft feature which alarms an environment by ringing loudly. The anti-theft feature of the parental software will not cease even if the phone is unlocked. The all-in-one scheduler is another dominating feature of this software.

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Parents can avail this feature to schedule a pre-planned photo capture. The all-in-one scheduler can be used to schedule all the features of the smartphone. The records get saved on the user's dashboard when the host smartphone has the internet connectivity. The installation process of the TiSPY software is a piece of cake.

Why People Use a Huawei Spy

The parental monitoring software has to be installed on your kid's smartphone. The parent needs to sign up with a valid E-mail address and confirm it. Once the confirmation is authentic, parents can monitor their kid's smartphone activity remotely on their smartphone.