Viber location for Galaxy A5

I tested this on a galaxy s8, galaxy A5 , all running android 7.

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So I have done a fresh test by hard resetting a Samsung A5 and installing only Viber onto the fresh phone. After the install, I have not even logged into Viber and it had not had a chance to ask me of any permissions at all , I immediately checked the Battery Optimisation whitelist and Viber was there. So the first question is how - according to Android specs an app must ask the user to explicitly allow whitelisting Am I wrong here?

The second question - is this maybe possible on Samsung despite the spec. The third question - maybe Samsung just knows some well known apps and whitelists them by default itself?

Turn notifications on your Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) Android 6.0 on or off

But then I searched with "samsung smart manager whitelist" and found the following. Funny thing - the user asks a question and a part of the question is the same as mine - why Viber etc are whitelisted.

How To Disable Samsung Galaxy A5 Location Tracking

The answer is carefully avoiding that part and only answers the other part - that he should ask the users consent or use Knox also asking the user for permission. Samsung is reluctant to talk about it see above SEAP link or maybe not everybody there is aware of the fact. If you have an issue with Samsung doze-mode, do not google for "Samsung doze-mode", google for smth.

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It's a common practice in China to have a built-in battery optimization whitelist to contain famous Chinese apps like QQ and WeChat and Weibo and such for convenience issues. So I suppose it's not restricted to China, but also that Samsung could make the same approach. Partially wrong here. An app cannot whitelist itself without user intervention. But it's not required that the ROM does the job instead. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top.

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How to Allow or Deny Apps Access to Your Location on Android | NDTV Gadgetscom

The answer is carefully avoiding that part and only answers the other part - that he should ask the users consent or use Knox also asking the user for permission So answers to my own questions According to the spec the app must ask users consent to be whitelisted - yes. Given this, it is entirely possible that the odd behavior you see, be some kind of Samsung idea to avoid any delay in message delivery.

Note that I have no proof of this. Tell me, do you mean this "Game Enhancer" literally pops up like displaying some window?

It pops up in the same fashion as when you receive a notification of a new message. Interact with an unlimited number of people, about a shared topic or passion.

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If you subscribe via play store, payment will be charged to your account when the purchase is confirmed. Subscriptions automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Your Account will be charged for this renewal up to 24 hours before the end of the current period at the rate of your selected plan.

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