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A software update should probably fix that. The usual battery settings are tucked away in the General management menu as opposed to the Device care menu that we usually find in other Samsung phones. Anyway, the battery menu provides the usual stats such as apps and hardware that used the most juice since the last full charge. Three power settings are available — Optimized, Medium power saving and Maximum power saving.

Battery menu and features. More advanced options can be found in the three-dot menu positioned in the upper-right corner of the battery section. It gives you more control over notifications and background apps as well as blacklist certain apps and prevent them from ever running. The One UI on this phone ran relatively smoothly. Software updates will surely optimize the experience further as the Snapdragon chipset is a competent mid-range solution.

The GPU is Adreno As expected, the chip is doing exceptionally well in the single-core and multi-core benchmark tests and it stands well ahead of the pack of midrangers.

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The Cotex-A76 derivatives definitely have something to say about it. The GPU performance is where the Snapdragon falls short although the difference is not as easily felt in day-to-day usage. All in all, the chip in the Galaxy A60 is ideal for multi-tasking and general use for years to come.

It offers exceptional computing performance — in multi-threaded and single-threaded workloads. Opening the default camera app greets us with a familiar UI and icons. In fact, nowadays the default camera apps on all phones are pretty similar to one another. The arrangement of the camera modes, the additional settings and the styling of the icons is what sets them apart. Anyway, swiping left and right will switch between modes while the small tree icons on the viewfinder are for switching between the main cam and the ultra-wide one.

For additional settings, you need to tap on the Settings icon in the upper-left corner of the viewfinder. It gives you control over the scene optimizer not that it does anything, except recognizing documents, for example , the HDR, re-arranging camera modes and choosing the video resolution. Camera settings and features. Also, keep in mind that in the standard Photo mode, the toggle shoots in the standard 12MP while the H icon means 32MP mode.

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The 12MP images from the main camera come out with good dynamic range, and color reproduction is rather accurate. For the pixel peepers out there — the image processing also applied some heavy sharpening halos around straight lines. Strangest of all, we observed severe corner softness in photos with distant subjects while photos with close-by subjects were just fine. Switching to 32MP mode will result in slightly better detail but the sharpening halos are still there. Additionally, the corner softness we observed in the 12MP images is present here as well.

The ultra-wide camera delivers good colors, contrast and dynamic range are just as nice as on the main cam.

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Daylight ultra wide-angle samples. However, we did notice some improvements compared to the Galaxy A The A60 offers more definition but increased noise too. It would greatly improve the highlights and restore some detail in the shadows. This should do for the lack of dedicated night mode.

Main camera nighttime samples. And as for the ultra-wide camera, we suggest you refrain from using it at all during the night. Ultra wide-angle camera nighttime samples. The edge detection algorithm looks pretty nice, though, and does a good job when presented with a non-complex background.

Dynamic range and skin tones look nice, though.

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The portrait mode struggles with edge detection. The phone can record videos in p 30fps and p videos at up to 60fps with the main camera. You can also use the ultra wide-angle camera, which is capped at p 30fps. The p video looks nice with punchy colors and good contrast. The dynamic range is good once again but some loss in detail in the shadows can be observed. The whole video looks a bit darker. The same pros and cons apply here. To be honest, the Galaxy A60 is not as competitive as it needs to become a market hit.

Unfortunately, the mid-range market is incredibly competitive in India these days and that market is incredibly price-conscious. Even in China and Europe where the Galaxy A60 is currently available, the smartphone from the Chinese competitors have a lot to offer for less or at least in the same ballpark of pricing while the Galaxy A60 comes with too many tradeoffs to deserve our full-on recommendation. A higher number in a smartphone lineup usually denotes superior specs and price but this is not the case with the Galaxy A60 and A In Europe, for example, the A50 is pricier than the A60 and for a good reason.

The considerably better battery life is another advantage worth considering.

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All of this makes the Galaxy A50 the noticeably better Samsung phone to get. The key selling point of the G7 Plus over the A60 is the headphone jack, the better camera, the stereo loudspeakers, the exceptionally fast charging and the arguably better display. However, the Galaxy A60 fires back with considerably longer battery life and a more powerful and up-to-date SoC. Pure Android fans will also be drawn to this offering from Xiaomi.

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In short, the Mi A3 beats the Galaxy A60 in almost every aspect while the same in return. Samsung Galaxy A50 Support. Shop online and save. For a limited time, we'll waive your activation fees. Plus, free 2-day shipping. Wireless In Home Business. Phones list Phones Back. Samsung Galaxy A Home Smartphones. It's time to choose the Galaxy A Series that's right for you. The Samsung Galaxy A50 features an advanced multi-lens camera for every occasion. Color and storage. Payment options.

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