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Lockdown is an open-source firewall app that block all trackers, not just within web browsers, but also those baked into the apps you use. Better still, Lockdown is an on-device firewall, and doesn't send any of your data to a third-party server. There's a free one-week trial of the VPN service for those who want to take it for a spin before paying.

Lockdown comes loaded with a default configuration, but you can customize and personalize this to your heart's content. Must read: The ultimate MacBook Pro accessory just got cheaper. Lockdown is available for iOS and macOS , with support for other platforms in the pipeline. Free resource to help parents keep kids safe online as schools move to eLearning. The best online collaboration tools in How remote teams stay productive.

What kind of germs live on your smartphone, and are they all harmful? Has Apple fixed its biggest blunder? By registering, you agree to the Terms of Use and acknowledge the data practices outlined in the Privacy Policy.

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    Simple, frictionless video meetings for G Suite from Hangouts. See more. Health Mate - Total Health Tracking. Monitor your health with Withings products. Samsung Health.

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    Samsung Electronics Co. Huawei Health. Huawei Internet Service. Your chief exercise and health Expert. Treadmill Workout. Our Detrack app has been specially designed to be easy to use even for non tech-savvy drivers. Minimal interaction is required between your driver and the app, and submitting a POD is as easy as tapping on a few big color-coded buttons. From smart sorting of deliveries to capturing POD, Detrack does it all in one simple app. Your data security is our topmost priority.

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    That is why we work with CREST certified security consultants to perform regular penetration tests and implement security measures and safeguards based on best-in-class cybersecurity strategies. Download our free Detrack app from App Store or Google Play , add your driver to your dashboard, and start tracking your deliveries right away. Dear Detrack User,We are truly living in extraordinary times.

    Do you love how easy it is to sell your products on Shopify and WooCommerce? Zapier Integration Thanks Like Hollywood famous. Whatever expectations I had coming into the year has been blown out of the water. Reaching crucial milestones, releasing We just completed a rollout of Detrack for 25 vehicles across 4 warehouse locations. Your prompt responses to our queries and questions is much appreciated.

    I managed to get Detrack working in no time. Please inform the entire team what a great system they have developed.

    Getting Started: iOS Location Tracking and Streaming w/ Swift

    Totally amazing app. The app was easy for our drivers to use and the dashboard was quick and easy to customise for our business. Customers loved the fact that they got notifications of their delivery and the details of it almost in real time. Proof of delivery documents recorded at our remote locations that used to be non-accessible can now be retrieved easily at all our locations using the same software. Easy to use and configure — fantastic driver application that is user-friendly and simple, yet very functional. Customer feedback has been very impressive.

    Thank you for producing such a fantastic product, and I look forward to seeing your business develop. We could not be more pleased with our decision, and we selfishly hope our competitors steer clear of this fabulous software application so it can be a genuine point of difference for us for as long as possible! PAN Logistics highly recommend Detrack System to large or small transport companies looking to integrate drivers and customers on one system.

    Regarding the app, it is practical to use, efficient and very complete as well.

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    I have an absolutely good experience using it. We are currently using Detrack for our delivery truck. Working really well for us and enjoying the benefits. Everything is working perfectly.

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    And for us, Detrack seems to be one of the best solutions for B2C deliveries. We utilise technology as much as we can in our business to keep our overheads and prices as low as possible. This, combined with excellent customer support, makes Detrack our provider of choice. Detrack is very easily implemented and its interface is very intuitive. Looking forward to integrating this into our workflow as soon as possible. Being able to send photo PODs to our clients upon the completion of our setups the brides are usually not around at that time has greatly boosted the trust and satisfaction our clients have towards our service.

    The best point of delivery app. Well done guys for creating something that allows SMEs like us to manage delivery like professionals!