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The V15 Pro is 8. A large camera bump sits on the left of the back and contains three camera lenses — the main megapixel lens, an 8-megapixel ultra-wide lens, and a 5-megapixel lens for measuring depth. Vivo has added artificial intelligence for scene recognition, portrait lighting, and an artificial intelligence-enhanced night mode. The megapixel mode is activated as standard, and pictures are rich with detail.

Vivo V15 review

It happily adapts to light and dark lighting transitions, but did struggle slightly when the sun was peaking out behind buildings, where other cameras would have better handled the scene. The A. Pauls Cathedral in London, crucially without losing atmosphere and making the picture look unrealistic. How about the motorized selfie camera?

If beauty modes are your thing, then the Vivo V15 Pro will be right up your street.

Vivo V15 review: Cheapest pop-up camera phone with great design and battery life

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Vivo V15 Pro announced with 32MP pop-up selfie cam, triple rear cameras

I am a person who loves colours, and those boring gold and rose gold phones are just getting on my nerves. I especially love the way the colour on the rear of the Vivo V15 Pro wraps inwards along the edges of the phone, towards the display, to maintain that snazzy look. I like, I really like!

Sadly, that glossy back sure lives for smudges. The Vivo V15 Pro has a 6. The colours on the display are crisp and bright and the video viewing experience on the phone is amazing, especially because there is no notch to get in your way. The 6. At least I found it tough to fit in my pocket and to take one-handed selfies.

Thanks to the large display, while taking selfies, I often got blurry pictures because the phone would keep slipping out of my hand. I mentioned that the phone has an almost-bezel less, completely notch-less display.

Vivo V15 - Specs

That begs the question, where is the front camera located? Well, the Vivo V15 Pro borrows some inspiration from the NEX and hides the front camera on the top edge which comes with a mechanical slider. I may have used the pop-up camera hundreds of times during my testing period. Because, selfies. What I also found improved in the Vivo V15 Pro was the in-display fingerprint sensor. But on the V15 Pro, setting up is pretty easy, and so is the fingerprint recognition. However, I did realise that with this phone, you need to be a little careful of the amount of pressure you put on the display.

If that pressure is too little or too much, you might get an error when attempting to unlock the phone. In addition to an in-display fingerprint scanner, Vivo has also added facial recognition to the phone which was missing in the NEX. For the 2D face unlock, the phone uses the pop-up camera. But beware, this way of unlocking the device isn't really the safest. It's best to use either pattern lock or PIN or in-display fingerprint scanner to lock your phone. I mostly used the in-display recognition sensor, though. On the front, the Vivo V15 Pro spots a 32 MP camera, which comes with a beauty mode, a portrait mode, AR stickers and a selfie video mode.