Track where a smartphone is Redmi 7

Change PIN. Pair a Bluetooth device with mobile phone.

Xiaomi and Three.

The information about your location can be used by a number of applications on your mobile phone such as navigation, the search function or weather forecast. Find " Location ".

Tap Settings. Tap Additional settings.

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Tap Privacy. Tap Location.

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Tap the indicator next to "Access to my location" to turn the function on or off. If you select High accuracy , your mobile phone can find your exact position using GPS satellites, the mobile network and nearby Wi-Fi networks. Satellite-based GPS requires a clear view of the sky. If you select Battery saving , your mobile phone can find your approximate position using the mobile network and nearby Wi-Fi networks.

If you select Device only , your mobile phone can find your exact position but it may take longer as there is no access to supplementary information from nearby mobile or Wi-Fi networks. Tap the Home key to return to the home screen. On the Play Alarm prompt, click Play alarm.

Real-Time GPS Tracking Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro

The phone will play the default alarm sound at the highest volume until you manually disable it on the phone. Lock you device remotely On the Find Device page, click the Lock button. Enter the 4-digit PIN that you want to lock your phone, then hit Lock. On your phone, enter the 4-digit PIN you have set in Step 2 to unlock the phone. Factory reset your device remotely On the Find Device page, click the Wipe button.

Mi phone tracking

On the Erase data dialog box, click Erase data. Note: This process will delete all the data from both the phone and external SDcard storages. Share this: Facebook Twitter WhatsApp. Comments i loss my read mi mobile handset. Morning forest. Night grove. Productivity reimagined Powerful tools for life and work.

Mi Share.

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Share photos, files, and even apps to other mobile devices wirelessly. Work with documents.

Xiaomi Redmi 4A

Mi Doc Viewer works with any document stored on your phone. Instant previews make working with documents fast and effective. Wireless printing.


View any document saved on your device using MIUI's built-in document viewer. MIUI 11 allows you to print photos and documents wirelessly without installing additional apps. Convenient settings and more than supported printer models make printing easier than ever before. View help to learn more about compatible devices. You can create and track your daily tasks in the Notes app.

3 Ways to Hack a Xiaomi Phone Remotely

Receive reminders and use gestures to manage all things on your to-do list. View activity stats and set goals directly in App vault. Compatible devices.