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Rules put in place recently at Instagram added drawings and other fictional content to the list to a ban on images that might encourage suicide or self harm. The Facebook-owned image and video sharing service early this year clamped down on images of self-injury after a British teen who went online to read about suicide took her own life in The year-old's social media history revealed that she followed accounts about depression and suicide. The case sparked a vigorous debate in Britain about parental control and state regulation of children's social media use.

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With a rule change early this year, Instagram began removing references to non-graphic content related to people hurting themselves from its searches and recommendation features. The measures were meant to make such images more difficult to find for depressed teens who might have suicidal tendencies.

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He doubled down on his reasoning for the policy: the importance of free expression. There is no clear answer here.

Enterprise I. Last week, when it chose Microsoft to deliver its year cloud computing contract , the Defense Department defied expectations — that is, having Amazon Web Services do it — and stoked the controversy that has surrounded this unusually compelling government procurement process.

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Google pulled out. Microsoft had to add capabilities to stay in the running, which it did.

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  5. Along the way, Oracle sued the Defense Department, claiming a conflict of interest that helped Amazon. The case was dismissed. President Trump stirred things up, and reportedly attempted to push Amazon out of the bidding.

    Now, Amazon was the favorite because it had built cloud services for the C. Despite the runaway success of AW. Government Accountability Office rules say that Amazon has 10 days from the date of contract award, or five days from its official debriefing, in which to protest. I can only assume the next installment will be oddly compelling too. The Federal Communications Commission may clamp down on Huawei.

    It will vote in November on whether to bar cellular providers from using government subsidies to buy equipment from Huawei and ZTE. Russia has been testing new disinformation tactics in an enormous and increasingly sophisticated campaign waged on Facebook in Africa. The social network says it shut down the scheme.

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    Also: It switched on its first 5G network. Robots will help companies deal with the holiday rush, according to The Wall Street Journal. Rented collaborative robots will be drafted, much like seasonal labor. A DeepMind A.