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For example, if a mobile phone is stolen, the owner can call his or her network provider and instruct them to "blacklist" the phone using its IMEI number. In addition, if you lost cell phone you can tell the police what the IMEI number is.

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When your phone gets lost, you want to try everything to get it back. But what if it gets lost forever even though you've tried your best? At that time, you should make sure you could retrieve the lost data as soon as possible for your normal daily life. The risk of data loss would be seriously unaffordable for every mobile phone user since we stored almost everything important on our cellphone.

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You may have to wipe all data on your lost or stolen phone when it's necessary. That means you'll lost everything important even if you find your lost phone. You really need a full backup of your phone in case of any loss. Syncios Data Transfer supports to transfer different kinds of data including contacts, text messages, call history, photos, songs, videos, apps, bookmarks etc with only one click. At first, Syncios Data Transfer needs to be installed on your computer. Syncios Data Transfer provide both Windows and Mac version.

Three modes are available on the main interface: ' Transfer ', ' Restore ', and ' Backup '. To backup Huawei to computer, select Backup mode on the primary interface. And click on Next to move on after the connection. All transferrable contents will be displayed on the content interface. Select contents you need. Syncios will start loading the selected contents.

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If you need to change the saving path, navigate to "setting" button on the top right to set a proper exporting location. Then click Next to launch the transfer process. When you phone gets lost, you could restore the saved backup to any iOS or Android device. Connect your new device to computer. On the start-up interface, choose Restore mode and tap Syncios Backup. Syncios will list all saved backups on your computer. Choose one backup you need and click on Next to move on. On the content interface, tick off contents for restoring and wait for data loading.

Then click on Next to launch the restore process. Syncios will restore backup files to the connected device.

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Wait for a while, the backup files will be restored to your phone. You should read all solutions in detail in case of any loss in the future.

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  6. You can act quickly once anything happens. If you don't have a lock, you can set one. To help someone return your device to you, you can add a message or phone number to the lock screen.

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    After you erase, Find My Device won't work on the device. Remote Control : App blocker, Schedule restriction. Step 2: Select A Subscription. What else you can do? Extra Tip. Step 3: Select Backup to Restore. Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only.

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