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Easy Call Forwarding helps you to easily configure your call forwarding settings. There are different types of SD cards out there. If the type of card is old while your device is brand new, then you might face these compatibility issues. Chances are that your device, the card slot, or the SD card could be damaged as well. You can attach the SD card to any other Android device to make sure there is no problem with the card itself.

Fix 3: Remove the SD card and mount it again. If the SD card is not getting detected at first, then simply remove it from your device. After waiting for a while, attach the SD card again and see if it fixes the issue. If there is a drastic issue with your SD card, then you might get a prompt stating that your SD card has been corrupted.

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In this case, you can implement the following suggestions. If you are lucky, then chances are that there could be a minor glitch with your SD card. Simply restart your device and let it load the SD card again. Most likely, the issue will be resolved this way. If your SD card has been corrupted by the presence of a malware, then you should scan it with an anti-virus software. Connect it to your system and choose to scan it thoroughly with a reliable anti-virus tool. In this way, a minor malware from your SD card will be removed on its own.

If nothing else would seem to work, then you can just format the SD card as well. Though, this will delete all the existing data from the memory card. To format your SD card, connect it to your Windows system. Once the SD card is formatted, you can use it again like a brand new memory card. In this case, you can try the following suggestions.

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The easiest way to fix this issue is by restarting your data. This will load your SD card again to your device. Since your Android device will read it again, it might detect the available space. Another way to fix this issue is by formatting your SD card. You can go to the SD card settings in your device to format it. From here, you can unmount the SD card and check its available space as well. It might happen that your SD card could be cluttered with too much content. You can just cut and paste the photos and media files the usual way.

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Additionally, you can go to the App Settings on your phone to move the app data. From here, you can clear the cache data from apps as well. Method 3 : How to recover deleted files from internal memory for free? This would later be converted into a VHD format. Once the virtual hard disk would be mounted to your Windows disk management, we can scan it using any reliable data recovery tool.

Okay — I agree, it does sound complicated. To make it easier for you to perform internal memory recovery using this technique, I have broken down the process into different steps. To do this, we will take the assistance of FileZilla. You can just install the FileZilla server on your system and run it. Just make sure you are running it as an administrator. Once FileZilla is launched, go to its general settings. Also, in the timeout settings here, provide 0 for the connection timeout.

Now, go to the Users settings and choose to add a new user. You can specify any other name as well. Also, set a password for the user. Here, C: is the drive where Windows is installed. Once it is done, you need to install the Android SDK on your system. After installing it, copy the adb. Connect your Android phone to the system.

Just make sure that the USB Debugging option is enabled on it beforehand. Open the Command Prompt and enter the following commands. This will let you obtain a list of the available drives. In this way, you can simply copy a selected drive instead of the entire phone storage. Give the following command to copy it to a safe location. Later, you can open this file and manually look for any information regarding your missing data. Open a new console window and enter the following details. This is followed by the port number and the server address. Launch another console and type the following commands:.

This can vary from one phone to another. You would have to wait for a while for the process to be completed. When it is done, you have to copy the VHDTool.

In our case, it is the folder. Launch console once again, go to the folder, and type the following:. While the converted file name will have the RAW extension, it can be used as a virtual hard disk. Step 3: Mounting it as virtual hard disk in Windows. You are almost there!

Oppo Reno 10x Zoom tips and tricks: Master ColorOS

Now, all you need to do is mount the virtual hard disk in Windows. To do this, go to the Disk Management settings on Windows. Remember, the name of your file would be different here.