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This is a "remote control" for one of the dedicated hardware GPS trackers from the list of compatible models. However, you can still use the LIVE tracking features. It will then try to match it against known formats. All data can then usually be visualized on the map. Some tracker models can be monitored via the internet. After you made the tracker connect to the server, the feature can be activated with an InApp purchase.

Still, an iPad would be a good choice for the live tracking part. This makes copying a whole message impossible. You might have to miss out on the app's ability to visualize an incoming message from certain trackers. If you experience any problem or have a feature request, please send us an e-mail. You find the address in the app's help section. Best app for multiple devices. I'm hoping there's a web page to do the little detailed things like geo fence.

I like how it supports dozens of tracker types. The interface is simple - yet powerful. I was also surprised how the app was capable of locating cell ids when it was suddenly necessary. Apple does not allow apps to access the messages directly.

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Apart from that I can recommend this app to anyone with a compatible tracker. You can even check the compatibility beforehand on the developers website. I have a TK and this app makes it enjoyable! You can configure multiple trackers.

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Works stealthily in the background. Supported OS - Android 2.

Features Locate your kids in real time easily. It is also possible to share your own location. You can hide your own location from your kids. Set Geofences and get alerts when your kids arrive or leave a certain location.

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Flexispy Phone Tracker Do you think your kids lie to you about their location? Features Highly accurate and reliable GPS location tracker. Know your children current as well as past location.

It can work in the background. You can find date and time when the target was at a certain location.

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Features You can track the location of the target anytime. Accurate and reliable GPS location. Can track location even when there is no GPS. Features Track multiple devices at the same time. It runs in the background and keeps sending the location of the target. Record location data even when no internet is available.

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Features Get GPS location in real time. Set the intervals at which to receive location updates. View location history of the target. Features An easy to use tool for tracking GPS location of your kids. Get a full report of the location history of all the paces that the target went to. Also get date and time details for a particular location. Track location remotely. Supported OS - Supports Android up to 7. Features Check the current location of your kids.

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Track the route followed by the target. Set an unlimited number of Geofenced zones. Get alerts about when your kid arrives or leaves a particular geofenced zone. Features Track current location of your kids through an online It shows complete latitude and longitude of the target. Check the route taken by the target and complete location history.

Supported OS - Android up to 8. Thomas Jones chief Editor. Related Articles. Top 10 iPhone Tracker in iPhone Tracker.