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Below you'll see the results that this device achieved in our benchmark tests, in comparison to two smartphones that are in the same price range HTC U12 Life and Moto G6 Plus. The audio is acceptable, and reaches quite a remarkable volume without suffering from any distortion.

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There is, however, only one speaker at the bottom of the device. It's about time Samsung equipped its mid-range phones with stereo speakers, since this really takes a toll on the audio quality. There's good news for lovers of classic headphones: the device has kept the 3. The bad news is that the headphones included in the box are lackluster.

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This is the key point of our test, and Samsung created a lot of buzz with its first triple-camera smartphone. So first let's look at what each sensor does. The ultra-wide degree wide-angle lens with 8MP is especially interesting. It's debatable whether this last sensor is really useful, since other Samsung devices use the wide-angle sensor to calculate the depth for portrait photos.

So you might not need this last sensor, but hey, three cameras sounds better than two, right? We should add that the third lens is also used to implement an optical zoom, which is also the case for the Huawei P20 Pro. There's even an option to take panoramic selfies, even some that are out of focus. The AR Emojis will keep you entertained for a while In general, the Galaxy A7 is a great device for taking photos. It's not one of the best cameras of the year, but it covers practically all your needs, and yields great results in good lighting conditions.

The ultra wide-angle lens is perfect for taking panoramic photos.

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Although the quality isn't always perfect, it's great to see this feature in a mid-range device. The results are optimal in good lighting. You'll get quite realistic colors, but be careful when you use HDR, since it can alter the original image. It's better to have this feature deactivated. If the lighting conditions are very different from one area to another, then it's a good idea to use this feature.

The Galaxy A7 can also give you a nice bokeh effect, either with the rear camera or the front camera. At mAh, the Galaxy A7 offers quite generous battery life.

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  7. You can easily use it throughout the day with peace of mind knowing that you'll make it through the day. But you won't make it two consecutive days without plugging in our device. Samsung hasn't done a good job when it comes to charging options. The device has a fast charging option, but there's no wireless charging available. Samsung has instead opted for a Micro-USB charger. What year is it, Samsung? So is having three cameras necessarily better? No, since each of them is dedicated to one thing in particular. However, this setup will give you more options than any other mid-range mobile device.

    And sure, the Galaxy A7 won't be on the list of the best smartphone cameras this year, but it covers practically every photographic need you'll have. If you're looking for a phone with powerful performance, the Galaxy A7 shouldn't be your first choice.

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    Samsung hasn't done nearly as much as Xiaomi did with the Pocophone F1, which costs more or less the same. If you're a Samsung fan but don't really care that much about the camera's capabilities, you should opt for the Galaxy A8, which only has one camera but has the same processor and memory and is a bit smaller. In every other respect, the Galaxy A7 has impressed me.

    It has an elegant design, it's pleasant to look at with a large screen and clear colors, more than sufficient battery life, and a great camera.

    Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) review

    If you have faced any issues while trying to disable the high music volume warning from your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone , please feel free to post it in the comment section below, don't worry I will help you as fast I can. Name required. You May Also Like. Will this work for the Galaxy A50? Thomas Quoting Robert Reilly: My s7 nougat does not have a samsung music player, what can I do? More memory allows you to store more songs, videos, photos and install more applications.

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