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All you have to do is select an image, and download it.

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Or, you can set the home screen and lock screen wallpapers directly from within the app. From organizing your text messages to different tabs and reminding you about payment dates to scheduling messages, this humble SMS app is many apps rolled into one. What's more, you can also backup your messages to Google Drive. Also, you won't be bothered by silly promotional messages. What I am sure you will love about this app is that you can see all your transactions and account balance in one place. When compared to its predecessors, the audio quality of the current OnePlus flagship has improved a lot.

So, all you need to do now is get hold of a few offline tracks to listen.

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There are many music apps for offline music. However, the app worth taking a look at is the Stellio Player. It's a comparatively new app and boasts of many interesting features such as a band equalizer, a set of 10 preset, contextual controls, and supports a variety of formats including lossless ones FLAC. The Stellio Player couples all these features in an intuitive and user-friendly interface. This app is for Instagram lovers. Instagram has just five fonts, and yeah they are pretty boring.

Typography Master lets you play around with different fonts and styles, and undoubtedly adds a fresh breath of air to your Instagram Stories. Also, the app is pretty much easy to use. Simply upload a picture. The Typography tab lets you choose the font style. Just tap on the icon, and you'll be good to go.

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Adobe Spark Post is another alternative which you can consider. Unlike Typography master, Spark Post needs an Adobe account to log-in or you need to create one. Many sketchy looking Android apps on the Play Store are notorious for exploiting user data and privacy.

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Here's how it works. It even has a Night Sight mode that makes night-time selfies and other shots in very dim lighting conditions possible. But now the base prices have dropped, and you can almost always find the phones discounted on Amazon. Prepare to make a few sacrifices. The display doesn't stretch as close to the edges as many flagship phones, it's not waterproof, and there's no wireless charging just fast wired charging.

It's also covered in a classy polycarbonate shell instead of glass and metal—this actually makes it more durable, but if glass is your jam, take note.

Here are some other great phones with headphone jacks. If you're going to buy a Pixel, get this one, although do be aware there are reports aka rumors of a potential Pixel 4a arriving in May. The Moto G7 continues that trend. It's more than adequate for a teenager or casual phone user.

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There is also the more affordable Moto G7 Power , which has a massive battery, and the ultra-affordable Moto G7 Play that I don't recommend unless you're a very light phone user and are OK with a device that shows some lag. Read our full review of all three Moto G7 models for more information.

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The Nokia 7. It's similar but has double the storage and a larger display—with a smaller notch cutout for the selfie cam. It's a step up from some phones in its price bracket, with a reasonably fast midrange processor, dual rear cameras, and GB of storage. It's also an Android One device, which means it gets two years of software updates directly from Google, including regular security patches. This makes it one of the only Android phones that will remain as updated and secure as possible outside of Google's Pixel phones. On the downside, it's not rated for water resistance, and you'll need a case this appears to be a good one.

The glass back, though attractive, is very fragile. The Nokia 7 series usually gets updated closer to the end of the year, so don't expect a Nokia 7. Expect to see some cheaper or more expensive Nokia phones arrive soon. Nokia 7. Still lamenting the loss of the headphone jack?

Not only is it a flagship Android phone with the 3. Wireless audio sounds fantastic as well, thanks to its support for the immersive DTS:X 3D audio spec. The G8 is also faster than many of the phones listed above, because it comes equipped with the flagship chip of , the Qualcomm Snapdragon It's a capable shooter too.

The main megapixel camera is paired with a MP ultra-wide-angle one, giving you some versatility. If you shoot a lot of video and store a lot of files locally, opting for a higher-capacity model is a smart investment. They all have a triple-camera setup on the back, consisting of a megapixel main camera, a megapixel super wide angle camera and a telephoto camera. The 7T, however, has a megapixel telephoto camera, while both Pros have 8-megapixel telephoto cameras. It may seem odd that the telephoto resolution on the Pro models is lower, but they do offer 3x zoom, instead of only 2x.

In my testing, images from all three phones are sharp, with decent exposure and accurate colours. They all have a dedicated macro mode too, which lets you focus on objects close to the lens. It's great if you want to take up-close shots of, say, insects and flowers, when you're out and about.

The overall camera quality is good, but it's not quite up there with top models like the Pixel 4 , iPhone 11 Pro or Galaxy S10 Plus. If photography is of the utmost importance to you, it's worth considering spending more cash. The OnePlus 7T has a 3,mAh battery, which survived an impressive 16 hours on our battery drain test. The Pro models have slightly larger 4,mAh batteries, which isn't a huge step up. I don't expect much difference in battery life, particularly when you need to take into account the slightly larger displays that suck up more battery.

Anecdotally, I was able to get a day of mixed-use from the phones before they needed a top up. Like all smartphones, I'd want to give them a full recharge overnight. This is great if you forgot to give your phone a boost before heading on a night out. Currently, these three phones do not have a 5G version. The 7T series isn't the only phone range the company launched last year. The OnePlus 7 has a smaller 6.

It also has a screen notch to house the front-facing camera and a dual camera on the back with a standard and telephoto lens.

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The OnePlus 7 Pro meanwhile has a 6. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.