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If it does get things wrong or your typos are too hard to comprehend you can edit with a quick flick of the finger.

The app also supports emoji and text shortcuts for even faster input. And it is very, very fast, with impressive accuracy. Telegram is a secure instant messaging service that works on iPhone, iPad and once again, Apple Watch. Microsoft earned well-deserved death stares from many Watch users when it bought and retired the excellent Sunrise Calendar iOS app, but its Outlook app is worth adding to your wrist.

Outlook is a combined email and calendar app that connects to Microsoft Exchange, Office , Outlook. The Apple Watch app is as well thought-out as its siblings, with the ability to use Messages-style quick replies as well as emoji and dictation. The main selling point for Spark is its Smart Inbox, which groups messages from multiple accounts into personal, notification and newsletter categories. You can pin messages for quick access, and you can snooze them to hide them for a specified period of time. If you have to handle a lot of email Spark is a massive time saver.

There are lots of reasons to love Twitter, but there are lots of reasons to find it annoying too. Go for Twitterrific instead. Now in its fifth incarnation, Twitterrific on iOS is a superb Twitter tool.

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If you're struggling with anxiety, stress, depression, or any negative emotions due to the virus's effect on our lives right now, you might find some solace in meditation. With group chats, arguments tend to devolve from a dispute between two people to a giant debate amongst all members.

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But before things get out of control, Telegram has a feature that can help. Just as predicted but perhaps with less fanfare than usual , Apple has made the move of adding a depth sensor to the rear camera of its latest edition of the iPad Pro. These are scary days, and there doesn't seem to be any end in sight. If you're having trouble coping with the stress and anxiety the virus brings with it, know that your iPhone or Android device can actually help you, rather than just bring you further down.

With many office workers in the US being asked to work from home if their job allows, Magic Leap's customary updates for the Lumin OS and Lumin SDK brings some help to keep distributed workforces connected.

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That means no dining out, no going to bars, no live music, and, sadly, no movie theaters. While you might think that means you'll have to wait to see movies like "The Invisible Man," "Emma," and "The Hunt," think again. Because of the pandemic, you'll be able to watch these movies on your phone earlier than ever.

One of the scariest things about the COVID virus is that you can show no symptoms but still be infected and contagious. Naturally, we all want to know whether we're carrying the new coronavirus, but if you're showing signs of COVID, how can you be tested to know for sure? Websites are popping up to help with that, screening for symptoms, and directing you to a testing site if needed. Staying inside during the coronavirus pandemic isn't easy for most of us. As important as it is to keep away from others, it can be challenging to keep to ourselves day after day. That's why mobile game developers are stepping in to help; many are making their games free for a limited time, to provide some much-needed fun during scary times.

In the last decade, the number of people working remotely in the US has increased dramatically, and so has their need for technology and software to supplement that remote work. Whether you work from home or a coworking office space, the requirement for highly compatible and helpful productivity apps is a must if you want to get things done successfully. While the airline, casino, cruise, and hotel industries are asking for government bailouts during the COVID pandemic, companies around the US are giving away its apps and services for a limited time.

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So while you're stuck at home, keep your mind off of coronavirus with free movies, TV, music apps, concerts, internet, fitness sessions, classes, and more. As the COVID virus continues to spread, counties, cities, and states are closing down businesses, events, and schools that aren't absolutely necessary.

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Some companies around the US are recommending or requiring employees to work from home during the coronavirus pandemic. If you're stuck at home, there are apps and services to help you make it through a lockdown. As government officials scramble to contain the new coronavirus outbreak with bans on large gatherings, travel restrictions, and school closures, the rest of us have to worry about how we're going to safely purchase water, toilet paper, groceries, and other household goods during the global COVID pandemic.

If likely infected, the site would also include the location of a local drive-through testing site to visit. So how can you access the screening website? With the whirlwind of noise surrounding the COVID virus sweeping the nation, it's not hard to default to panic mode. One of the best ways to avoid panicking, however, is to follow trusted sources of information and avoid all of the opinions and trolls that don't reflect reality.

Whether you were exposed to the COVID virus or just taking precautionary measures, self-quarantining is a tremendous disruption for anyone.

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Still, we all have to eat, pandemic or not. But unless you like eating canned food for two weeks, you're going to want to explore other options.

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That's why food delivery apps are going to be so necessary during such a hectic and uncertain time. For enterprise augmented reality platform makers, remote assistance apps represent one of the greatest opportunities to show off the power of immersive computing.

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These apps enable experts to guide front-line workers or customers with AR prompts and other content in the field of view of their smartphones or smartglasses. The World Health Organization has declared the new coronavirus a pandemic, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends video visits with a healthcare professional to reduce the risk of being exposed to the coronavirus that causes COVID If you are experiencing mild flu-like symptoms, virtual doctor visits may also prevent you from endangering others.


Smartphones are inherently bad for privacy. You've basically got a tracking device in your pocket, pinging off cell towers and locking onto GPS satellites. All the while, tracking cookies, advertising IDs, and usage stats follow you around the internet. The rumors have been circulating for months, but now there's a source attached to the notion that Magic Leap is looking to sell itself off after a rough couple of years following the launch of its Magic Leap 1 augmented reality device. Apple's first AR wearable might not arrive until , but we may have an early preview of what it will be like to wear a pair of its smartglasses via iOS The still-unfolding story of China's Nreal augmented reality startup continues to develop, with each turn uncovering another unexpected wrinkle.

Alternate US history is the go-to move for hot new cable and streaming shows, from HBO's Watchmen to Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale, reimagining how things might have turned out is an endless well of narrative inspiration.