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For example, if you choose three months, any information older than three months will be deleted immediately. To make sure your location data really disappeared, start over with Activity Controls in step 2, then after Manage Activity in step 4, make sure the timeline in the upper left corner is empty and there are no dots on the map indicating your previous locations.

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YouTube saves your search history as well as a list of every video you've ever watched while signed into your Google account. Of all the personal data that Google tracks, your YouTube search and watch history is probably the most innocuous. Not only that, allowing Google to track your YouTube history might have the most obvious benefit of all -- it helps YouTube figure out what kind of videos you like so it can dish out more of the type of content you'll enjoy.

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Here's how to get a look at your YouTube history and, if you want, how to delete it, either manually or at three- or month intervals. That's just long enough that YouTube's recommendations will stay fresh, but doesn't leave a years-long trail of personal data lingering behind. To see a list of all your location data that Google has logged, scroll to Activity controls and select YouTube History. If you want Google to stop tracking your YouTube search and viewing history entirely, turn off the toggle on this page.

This is where the list of every search you've ever made and every video you've ever watched is listed. To delete part of all of your activity history, on the navigation bar choose Delete activity by and choose either Last hour , Last day , All time or Custom range. Once you choose which data to delete, a popup will appear and ask you to confirm.

Select Delete. To make sure your YouTube data really disappeared, start over with Activity Controls in step 2, then after Manage Activity in step 4 make sure whatever's there if you deleted it all there should be nothing only goes back the three or 18 months you selected in step 5. Google is adamant that no one at the company reads your Gmail unless you ask them to, but Google software continues to scan Gmail users' email for purchase information.

Be forewarned, just because you set Google not to track your online or offline activity doesn't necessarily mean you've closed off your data to Google completely. Not to mention, there are sometimes seeming contradictions between Google's statements on privacy issues. The point is, it's ultimately up to you to protect yourself from invasive data practices. These eight smartphone apps can help manage your passwords and obscure your browser data , as well as attend to some other privacy-related tasks.

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If you have any Google Home smart speakers in your house, here's how to manage your privacy with Google Assistant. One US senator has proposed a bill that would hold tech company executives like Mark Zuckerberg criminally accountable for privacy breaches. California's already one step ahead, having already passed legislation that gives users more control over their private data.

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Learn how closely an app sees your phone’s location

Just set a reminder with Google Assistant, and you'll never forget that date again. To set the reminder, you can say, "OK, Google, set a reminder for my wedding anniversary," and it's done, other than thanking Google Assistant for maintaining your wedded bliss. By the way, Google Assistant will reply with "You're welcome" should you thank it. When in the grocery store, the last thing you want to do is fumble for your grocery list.

If you've been using Google Keep, no worries: Google Assistant can grab your shopping list. The Assistant will enter into Google Keep and retrieve your list.

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Who knew hiring a professional shopper could be so fun, easy and free? For the holidays, you can also add gift ideas to a gift list. Say "Hey, Google, add a t-shirt for Joe to my gift list. Google Assistant can answer all of your questions about finding and paying back a loan with Leslie, its artificially intelligent loan expert.

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Say "Okay, Google, talk to Loan Finder," to take advantage of her knowledge. You can ask Leslie your own questions, or ask for her answers to the most popular ones. After you answer a few questions, Leslie can redirect you to a listing of loan offers suited to you via a partner website. For existing loans, Leslie can spit out the amount you'll be paying over the length of your loan term. No need to fumble with the snooze button on that alarm clock in the morning when you can trust Google Assistant to wake you up on time. You need only tell Google Assistant, "Wake me up at 8 a.

If you're bored with the regular alarms, you can even say "Wake me up at 8 a. You can pick any song, artist, or playlist, and Google Assistant will draw from the default music service you specified.

Here are the best Google Assistant skills

Using Google Routines, you can also set an alarm to trigger other actions. For example, Google can read you the news, or turn on your lights after you've dismissed your alarm. Some people want to plan their travel down to the smallest detail, including learning the fastest route to their destinations. If you're looking for the fastest way from Point A to Point B or you just need to get home from a place you've visited for the first time, ask Google Assistant to tell you. The trip from Florida to New York isn't as long as you'd think.

Google Assistant works with both Google Maps and Waze. New York City residents can also use Google Assistant to check public-transit schedules, using either an Android phone or a smart speaker. Ask "Hey, Google, when is the next F train? You'll get your train's ETA and walking directions to the nearest station.

Need to send a text message telling a friend or loved one you'll be late to dinner?

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No problem. Just say, "OK, Google," followed by, "Send a text message to the person's name. Google Assistant will then ask you whether you want to edit the message or send it. You're cooking at home for the first time in months, and you're enjoying a simple evening with your spouse. Make sure to set your baked chicken on a timer by saying, "OK, Google, set a timer for baked chicken for 2. Plus, you can set multiple timers, naming each, so you know when to take the side dishes our of the oven, too.

Instead of scrolling through the listings grid, you can ask Google Assistant when specific shows are playing, and on what channel. You've got this! Way to go!

Here’s how to actually stop Google from tracking your location

Sometimes, a good motivational quote can help inspire you to push on just a bit more. Google Assistant can help you take a step back and keep going with famous motivational quotes.

Just ask. This Google Assistant skill can also deliver quotes on any topic of your choosing. Try asking for a music quote or a space quote. Traveling to a foreign country where you don't know the language? This is the best Google Assistant skill to help you get around. For example you can say, "How do you say 'dinner' in Spanish? The assistant will speak the translated phrase for you. If you need to hear the phrase again, just say, "OK, Google, repeat that," and Google Assistant will do as you command. This Google Assistant skill is similar to the translation skill, but Interpreter Mode can translate a conversation in real time between 44 different languages.

Say "Hey, Google, by my French interpreter" to start up a bilingual conversation. Google will translate what you're saying into French in real time, and can translate your partner's response back into English as well. One of the best Google Assistant skills leverages your smartphone's camera to help you translate signs. Just point your phone's camera at an object and Google Assistant will overlay the text with a translation in the language of your choice, complete with contextual responses.

Snap a photo of a concert marquee, and Google Assistant will be able to parse out the name of the band and offer links to play their songs or buy tickets to the show. After debuting on the Pixel phones, Google has since rolled out Lens to other devices. Practicing a new language or dialect for a business trip?

You can use Google Assistant to help with your language skills. Tap the white software home button at the bottom of the display until you see Google Assistant appear. So you can rest easy. Android devices already get regular security updates. And in Android 10, you'll get them even faster and easier.

With Google Play system updates, important Security and Privacy fixes can now be sent directly to your phone from Google Play, just the same way all your other apps update. So you get these fixes as soon as they are available. Quality time. Android 10 gives you the tools to find that balance. An Android device using focus mode to select Youtube, News, and Gmail apps and designate as distracting. Focus mode pulling down and activating from the top of the home screen, temporarily blocking notifications from Youtube, News, and Gmail apps.

For getting in the zone and blocking out distractions. Focus mode lets you select apps to pause temporarily. So if you want to turn off a distracting app to get something done, all you have to do is tap. Help guide your kids as they learn, play and explore online. You can set screen time limits, view app activity, manage apps and content restrictions, and see where they are. Android has new features across everything from your camera to your settings. Live Caption With a single tap, Live Caption automatically captions videos, podcasts and audio messages—even stuff you record yourself.

Hearing aid support Android 10 now has built-in support for streaming media and calls directly to hearing aids.